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    Malwarebytes and advertisers

    For a few days now several of the ads show as coming from a compromised website. As an FYI.
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    Cleaning woodstove glass

    I found a solution for cleaning the glass in the door. Purple Power degreaser. I'm probably in the last group people on the planet that knows this, but the stubborn soot washed off without effort. I have the door off getting ready to reseal the glass and door. Here's my share.
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    I have a water leak to or at my yard hydrant

    I suspected a leak and confirmed that it does....somewhere. It is plumbed w/ ~200' PVC and put the whole works in ~ 7 years ago and mostly runs the edge of the driveway. There is no outward signs of leakage. Do hydrants themselves somehow leak or is it more likely a plumbing problem?
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    Yet another oil filter comparison, but a good easy watch.

    When you have 15 minutes to relax and watch a video, it makes you wonder what you just screwed on your vehicle, tractor, bike, mower. How many here have filter cutters?
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    Can someone suggest a primer or sealer for metal?

    I have one of those trucks that the paint falls off the hood. So I stripped it down to the metal mostly and need a good sealer / primer. The end game here is to do a vinyl wrap on the the hood to make things easy. What I need to do is protect the metal and give a place for the wrap to bond to...
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    Anyone fix up their Milwaukee drill?

    My M18 2611 hammer drill seems kind of wiggy lately. The trigger feels normal, but many times you squeeze it and it starts up slow. Or then goes normal and then slows down. Next thing you know it runs up normally. Anyone ever deal with that? I've taken A couple Milwaukee things apart. This is a...
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    Anyone added insulation for sound deadening?

    Our interior walls are 2x4 and uninsulated. Right now I'm redoing drywall in the laundry room that backs up to our master closet and part of the master bath. The wife runs one of those food dehydrators with a constant fan running. My thought was this laundry room is nice sized and could be a...
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    Have any strange delivery experiences being rural?

    Had kind of an odd experience today, at least my wife did. Home Depot apparently sublets their deliveries now? Anyways last week got a call on delivery day from a driver asking if she could get in and out with a tractor trailer. Nope was my reply and thought darn I should have noted that with...
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    Motor oil $$ Up or down?

    I use a fair amount of engine, transmission oils etc. With the uncertainty of availability and pricing , I bought it all last fall which turned out to be a good thing. Has anything really changed on that front this fall? Pricing is still at a much higher level than last fall for me though. I'm...
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    Well Pressure tank sound like?

    The misses gave me shout today saying no water. She had been watering a lot this AM and pressure went away. Smart girl that she is, she hit the web and looked for things to check. In January I put on the Square D pressure switch new that had the arm on the side and the feature to shut the pump...
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    E-15 fuel in your area?

    I haven't seen it around me. It seems to be a resoundingly bad idea. Our Kohler engine distributor reiterated that it was not suitable in OPE. E15 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines E15 as gasoline blended with 10.5% to 15% ethanol. In 2011, EPA approved E15 for use in...
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    Yellow or Dijon?

    Informal poll. What's your go to mustard?
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    Pothole advice

    I The above picture is where my drive meets our road. It is hard to get a good pic of what is really happening here. Every delivery truck seems to find it as they cut the corner to zoom up the drive. Everything to left of the shiny stream of water is my driveway apron, to the right the road...
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    Metal roof spot seals

    Everybody gets that pole buildings and their roofs are kind of good for a few decades or so. I have a ~ 25 year old pole building that I went up top with a bag of new longer screws to seal what have come loose etc. and might leak. This seems to happen more on the wind prevailing side. No problem...
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    "An Englishman's home is his castle"

    Martin Evans Fri, February 4, 2022, 8:35 AM Robert Hooper used a forklift to remove the Vauxhall Corsa from his land - Crown Prosecution Service/PA Wire A farmer who wrecked a car parked on his land with a tractor has been cleared of criminal damage after he successfully used the 400-year-old...
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    Need a nice battery powered walk behind mower?

    By me the local Home Depot has a nice stack of Toro Battery mowers in the box at 1/2 price. 225$ I think. These are steel decks. ++
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    Real interesting. To catch a thief on rural property.

    Stumbled across this on YouTube. ~ 20 minute video of a guy catching someone who stole from his property, the involvement of the Sherriff. A good watch.
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    Thanksgiving turkey? Smoked punk'n pie?

    How's everyone cooking the bird these days? I get it cooked for me this year. MY BIL was ready to do it on the Traeger, but my sister said not this year. Instead, we get smoked pumpkin pie. Sounds good!
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    This is a stainless steel ____________.

    Does anyone know what this is used for? Or even likely what grade stainless it could be? I inherited a handful of these shorter pieces and a longer length, that I'm sure is going to be useful for something someday...
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    One step closer to zero emission power equipment

    California moves toward ban on gas lawnmowers and leaf blowers California sales ban in 2024 for much of the OPE market. Battery trimmers, blowers, riders, walk behinds, ZTRs are here now. The generator aspect a larger learning curve? I'm still guessing that those manual grass scissors won't...
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    An 8000$ Pyrex bowl?!

    Wife just slid a bowl off the counter into smithereenland. This set was gift to her 40 years ago and the next to the largest bowl makes it an awkward set of 3. So being Mr. Helpful, figured out she needed the Pyrex 443. First thing I see is a bowl on EBay for 8k. It ended up being another...
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    Better shock absorbers for towing?

    I was having this discussion with my BIL. He has a mid 2000s Silverado Duramax 2500. He tows a couple of Genie lifts for work off the frame hitch sometimes long distances at times. SO they get this new RV. I think it is ~ 8000 pounds off the frame hitch. They used to tow an 11,000 pound 5th...
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    Any of you air fry in your oven?

    I recall an air fry thread a while back, so it seems that just about all would have more air fry experience than me. We have this new oven that you can air fry in. Our first air fry experience was dismal, and I'm sure that the the issues were mostly because we didn't brush oil on stuff first...
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    An interesting overview of engine oils- Kohler

    Kohler has a few new videos relating to oils in general and air cooled oils.
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    For you blade fanatics...

    Saw these. What do you think? Anyone tried them? Kind of refined brush hog type blades for rotary mower decks.
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    3D Printed Steel ?

    This is pretty cool. Any other examples of what the process might be? Dutch queen and robot open 3D-printed bridge in Amsterdam
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    How big is the leap to stainless?

    I've done so little with stainless steel really. I stumbled across a bit of stainless steel. Everything from channel steel, angle ,solid bar, tube, brackets, strut- and the list goes on. Lots of pipe and a pile of fittings too. Heavy and light. So far besides regular carbon steel repairs- I...
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    What was you experience with Dog rescues?

    SO a little while back I posted a thread about what was everyone's best canine friend. It went well beyond what I thought it would and had great insight about breeds that had piqued our interest before and some we never even heard of. Hopefully the group got lots out of it. Now it is to the...
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    How do you know when the ground is settled enough for concrete?

    We had a sloped area of the yard that was partially an old building torn out which had just a gravel pad. Last summer, we filled over this with close to 3' of mixed dirt that had a fair amount of clay and expanded that area. Built a solid 60# block retaining wall around that. The goal is to...
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    What was the best dog you've had?

    Sure, this is like asking what is your favorite sandwich... I'm just hoping someone can spark something in our search for a new family dog. We are more small to medium size dog folks, but that doesn't matter here. Breed if you know it. What made him or her special to you.
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    Caulk / sealant compatible w/ Rustoleum?

    I made some heavy duty legs for a landing awhile back, slathered the whole thing with Rustoleum. Turned out great. But what I did was set the legs onto some metal plates to distribute the weight rather then bother welding a constant bead. I'm getting just enough moisture in the legs that wants...
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    Dif lock when in 4WD

    I saw in the owner's manual not to use the differential lock when in 4WD. It's not something that I've ever thought of in the past, though I very rarely ever lock the rear end. Thoughts?
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    Thoughts on platform legs

    I need to get some 30" legs under a heavy, 2 ton platform. It is basically built out of 4" channel , 8 x 15 with 10 legs underneath. My first thought was to stitch some 4" channel that I had for legs , but then thought I may be best with some heavy box or round tube. Dare I consider schedule 40...
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    Smaller metal cutting bandsaw thoughts?

    It seems like a metal cutting bandsaw could be good thing in my future. My bigger projects tend to be working with 3-4" c channel, up to 1/2 thick flat bar, some tube. When I need a better cut, the dry cut chop saw is the go to, but it lacks precision and versatility on angle cuts plus the...
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    Submersible well pump health?

    We're not having any apparent issues with the pump. Are there indicators that I can check to determine health of the pump? Like amp draw as an example? Our well is 160' deep and 25 years old. I've no clue if anything had been done with the well itself since. If logic says to replace it, what do...
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    WiFi virtual gunshot....

    So, you want to press a button- maybe an app or physical button.Not just any button. One to trigger a bang / loud noise a hundred feet away to haze birds of prey. Have WiFi. Have cat5 out there too. Don't really want to run a wire. My deal is we've been having hawk visits and chicks that we'd...
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    What do you use for a whole house water filter?

    We like the taste of our well water, the stains from iron /manganese not so much. In the pump house we use a basic 5 micron spun W/H filter which I'll admit needs to be changed out more often. I see that one can buy some pretty elaborate systems, but then again- I don't want to turn it into city...
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    Moving a well pressure tank

    We need to temporarily move the well pressure tank to facilitate building of the new pump house. Like 10 feet. Our well is ~ 160' deep with a 6" casing. Submerged pump. Obviously I'll pull the breaker and drain the water out. What isn't so obvious is do I need to relieve the air pressure from...
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    Cutting thick copper plate?

    I want to cut out a custom floor register out of copper. ~6" x 12" in an area with foot traffic. I've never plasma cut thicker copper before. Does it cut similarly to plate steel? I'm weighing between getting 1/4" or 3/8" and laying a steel plate under it for support. It would be great to have...
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    Spot putty?

    I'm in process of repainting the outside of a 1909 cast iron bathtub for the misses. It's is pretty much stripped and it is not necessarily a smooth surface. Some pits in the casting , seams etc. I find that I can blend the seams a blemishes with flap disc pretty well, but would like to smooth...
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    What makes for good access in a pump house?

    Time to rebuild the pump house. The current one had a rotting greenhouse attached to it and I tore that out and enclosed the well components for winter. The goal is to rebuild it either as one or two buildings so that we can can have a nice clean room with a freezer and prep area on one side of...
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    Deep cycle /marine battery question

    I have a service truck that has a 5000 watt power inverter in it. It is ready for new batteries soon, so I was cleaning stuff up, checking the system and found something peculiar, at least to me. As I have an extra core, I wanted to save the best one if the need for one came up and return the...
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    Ever buy a toaster?

    It is a sad state of affairs really. The old toaster has this habit of not shutting off, plus because I mainly toast sourdough pieces that are too long- thought it time for an upgrade to a long slot model. With my cup of joe and a laptop found this is a rabbit hole and there ain't nothin' shiny...
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    Trick ideas for paint storage containers that are in it for the long run?

    Inevitably that paint can that you kept clean had to be reopened and the lid just doesn't fit quite right or there is a 1/4 of a can or something that you don't want to waste. We had painted the house this fall, so I probably want to get the remaining house paint out of the bucket, trim cans...
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    Anyone do a security camera type system based out of home and shop?

    I think that I may be making this harder than it needs to be. Our layout: At the house we have 24 gig broadband internet. Our wireless we use is an Ubiquity station on the outside of the house. One CAT 5 runs underground to the shop which is 225 feet away. At the metal pole building shop I...
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    Interesting T4 vs T6 video

    Project Farm has many rounds of oil testing. Today the subject was "Would switching to synthetic oil cause leaks?" The video did interesting comparisons between the two oils. Will Synthetic Motor Oil Cause Engine Seal Leaks? Let's find out! - YouTube
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    Cast iron cooking on electric stove

    So, I'm not sure if you heard- but wives can sometimes make things interesting. Our stove of the last few years has a warped black porcelain top, coil burners. We use either Stainless (non magnetic) or cast iron cookware. Sometimes big, big pots too. In practical experience, have you used cast...
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    First BLTs of the season

    Not quite all homemade but awesome none the less. Home smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, butter, mayo and avocado on jalapeno sour dough bread. Hopefully tomatoes out of the garden next weekend.
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    Crap pipe

    No really. Some lady had a 10' piece of pipe laying by her garage that she said she wished get husband would get rid of. I volunteered to help as I rarely let free steel go. Threw it on the rack and just had a look. Had some black coating and some writing on it. Turns out that it is 3" cast...
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    Table saw stand?

    So I seem to have inherited an older Delta table saw. I spoke up for it if no one else wanted it as mine is one of those plastic deluxe models. It is a pretty heavy saw and will need to be rolled in and out of the corner of the shop and of course have lockable wheels. When I look at the basic...