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    hp needed

    Honestly I don't see what the problem is. I'm mowing with 5.6 hp/foot (28 pto hp/5 = 5.6, 35 engine/5 = 7) and it's very adequate for what I'm doing. You are mowing with 9.7 hp/foot (68/7 = 9.7). And yes the first time I go through stuff it's slow going but as you keep up with the mowing you...
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    JD2320 transmission range lever engagement stalls engine

    On my 4410 the seat switch wiring connector between the switch and the wiring harness separated. I had the same issue. The tractor would start but as soon as you tried to move it the engine would quit. Plugging the connectors back together solved the issue along with slightly moving the wires so...
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    Hydraulic Top Link? Moving Hay~UPDATE! Problem Solved!

    It\s hard to see on your picture but if the bale fork has a hole above what you are using now use it. Usually there are three holes for the top link on the tractor. Make sure the top link is in the bottom hole. Setting up the top link like that will tip the bale fork forward as you lift which...
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    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    I looked for about half an hour and then figured that since I didn't know how how interested you would be, I was maybe just wasting my time. As for viable options there wasn't much. Nobody mentioned 3 cylinder engines so lets hope you know how to McGiver things. The easiest would be a 6...
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    PEX & Kinks

    I just pulled about half the copper out of my house. It took me about a day working by myself. Copper would have taken considerably longer. The line to the cold water on the kitchen sink now has no elbows. With the copper there was six 90 degree elbows. The next water project is going to be to...
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    MF 135 Perkins Gas 3 Cylinder Backfiring no Power

    I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't end up bring more cost effective to install a distributor less ignition system and just do away with the distributor. I looked for a bit this morning but didn't find anything that was adaptable with a reasonable price.
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    I personally wouldn't bother with an engineering review. What are they going to tell you? That the trusses suck? You already know that so why bother spending the money. After some of the comments here and after having a good second look at the pictures I've changed my mind. You could...
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    Ugggg Truck problems

    If I was looking for a used vehicle, A V8, standard transmission , 2 door would be exactly what I would be looking for.
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    If the beam on the other side is not broken then I wouldn't replace the broken one. What I would do is see is you can jack and pull everything into place. If you can then fill the joint with glue and clamp it till it's dry. Run a few GRK screws into the break while it's drying. After your sure...
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    Who is excited for snow season?

    I have a Milwaukee jacket and a hoodie. They both work really well but I wouldn't by the jacket again. The hoodie is easier to wear under coveralls etc. And it has a hood which I prefer.
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    Where Does Your "Handle" Come From?

    My last name is Peters and when I started my business as a mechanic I debated for a long time what to call myself. In my case PMS stands for Peters Mechanical Services. A humorous substitute for an otherwise unloved acronym. I've often debated the wisdom of my handle as sometimes it garners...
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    New garage time!

    M thoughts are that since you are converting one form of energy into another, you are gong to loose some energy along the way. This needs more study to see if it's a good idea, but why not just lay some black plastic pipe on the roof and pump antifreeze through that into your pex? Or put a...
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    Yes I have a S9 now. Someone here kindly sent s link so that I could download the clinical manual and get into the appropriate menus without making a mess of things. My issue isn't with the mask but about once a week I end up sleeping with my mouth open for a while. When I wake up my mouth is...
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    Like I say I'm due for a new machine but if it's not an improvement then what's the point. As others on this thread have done I've gone into the machine and changed some of the parameters. That has definitely been an improvement. I will talk things over when I get my new machine but I'm not...
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    I'm due for a new machine so my thoughts were to keep the old one and eliminate their interface on it completely and design my own. At this point I'm frustrated enough that I really don't care if it's certified or not. I know I need it though as I'm loosing weight the need is definitely less...
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    Has anybody one this forum used a Raspberry Pi to control the CPAP because you didn't like the menu selections offered by the manufacturer? For example: I hate when my mask leaks and the machine goes to full air pressure. I would far rather have it lower the pressure till the mask isn't leaking...
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    Need help figuring out which Oil/Coolant to use - Please and Thank You

    If you are going to sell the tractor I would just add some green coolant and be done with it. The new owner if he is a member of TBN is just going to go and change it all again anyways.
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    Need help figuring out which Oil/Coolant to use - Please and Thank You

    Are there no oil/antifreeze jugs sitting on a shelf that would give you a clue as to what your fil was using?
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    Rotella T6 gallons

    I keep my main funnel in a 5 gallon bucket with the lid on to keep it clean.
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    Should limited hyd. top link range be biased to longer or shorter?

    I don't remember how I came up with the measurement but when I modified an agricultural cylinder to become a top link I didn't worry about that at all. So far I haven't had any issues with length. What I did was drill another hole in top of my quick-tach to enable a bit more range.
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    Rotella T6 gallons

    Now you have me thinking. Would just straight water work in place of DEF.
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    Ever break a tap?

    For what the op is doing I would take a punch and just push the tap out the rear of the hole. Then start over with a new tap. He isn't holding much and that will work just fine. You could always use a Heli-coil if the hole has to be perfect.
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    Brakes Locked Down When pushed too hard?

    Push down on the master brake pedal and lift the red knob by the key and hook it in it's slot. It sounds like you have the park brake engaged.
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    Importing and modifying a new mini excavator from China

    Honestly I've found the best thing to do is turn the gas off with the engine running and let it run out of gas.
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    Should limited hyd. top link range be biased to longer or shorter?

    I made my own flow restricters and used one in each line. I used the smallest drill bit I had had it's still a bit fast. There has been no problems with the cylinder "resonating". Just a smooth slightly fast extension and retraction.
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    Tires Turf tire to Ag tires

    I appreciate what you wrote on here but keep in mind this is a 17 year old thread. I also read the above referenced article. It has many inaccuracies in it. So I clicked on another article. It was just a full of inaccurate statements.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    That's assuming they were aligned with something to begin with....
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    Frozen Tires

    Sounds like your tires have water in them. Or else a very weak calcium chloride solution. There is a product called Rim Guard that is a sugar based solution. Or others use an RV antifreeze. The easiest way to remove solutions on such small tires is to take the tires to a tire shop and let...
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    Oil & Fuel JD 4200 MFWD has gear oil

    It's almost as if Spicer designed the front axle to cause problems. Grrrr!
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    The Life of a Custom Mowing contractor

    The UAW just put another nail in that coffin.
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    Another thing to keep in mind is that propane and natural gas are only explosive between 5% and 15% mixed with air. Above or below those levels it won't explode. (So I've been told.) You can smell Mercaptan at .0005%, so there is a wide safety margin there.
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    Should limited hyd. top link range be biased to longer or shorter?

    I have a quick-tach on my tractor and I drilled a second hole so I could either have it "short" or "long". Most of the time I'm in the "short" position. YMMV
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    Mercaptan is the odorant used both in natural gas and propane.
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    I have welded on old propane tanks. In my case I removed the valve and let it sit in the sun for a few years.
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    The guy that put the engine internals together says "The rings are not seated yet end the smoking is normal. Just give it a couple hours of work"

    Also breaking in an engine goes not mean taking it easy on the engine. It means warming it up slowly and cooling it off slowly under a moderate to a heavier load at first, say for half an hour. Then onto a more full load. The engine needs to work to seat the rings. I agree with you on the...
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    Engine heater

    I keep this type of heater in stock so I have one if I need it. This type is very common on 99 - 06? diesel VW's.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    What a friend of mine did was buy an older stock trailer and modified it. He put a 3/4 inch piece of plywood across the rear to hold the feed in and closed up the side openings. He cut large openings in the roof and installed lids on them to keep the weather out. He'd go to a feed mill and open...
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    Who is excited for snow season?

    Around here if you want descent sledding it's a 4 hour trip to the mountains. Then at the end of the day it's 4 hours back.
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    House Build 2023

    I have a 20x30 garage that I work in. I dug 2 feet down all around the outside and installed 2 inch closed cell foam. It was well worth it. The floor is a lot warmer. It probably helped a lot that I sealed the foam to the house wrap.
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    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    Do some reading on the subject. Gale Banks has good articles.
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    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    The further north you live the more the ribbon heater is used for cold weather starting. Believe me on this. Crank time on HPCR is longer because the engine needs to crank over enough times for the computer to figure out where tdc is. Once it knows that then it can compute the injection timing.
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    Is DEF that bad?

    What some of you are saying doesn't make sense. More HP does not equal less fuel economy. We have fuel economy records on 2 different TDI Jettas. One with 120 Hp and one with 160-170 HP. The higher HP Jetta consistently delivers 5-7 mpg more than the lower one did. My wife drives about 45 miles...
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    Pole Barns Basics - what to do, what to avoid

    Where to start? These are my thoughts only. If I was to see the building in person my thoughts could very well change. With a roof pitch like you have do you really need to be concerned about snow load? I would just add fill where ever you have erosion issues and add a gravel trench on the...
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    Is DEF that bad?

    True... But it sure is nice and makes a vehicle a lot more fun to drive :).
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    Kubota Hydraulic cylinder with broken piston rod

    I'm thinking that a competent machine shop could build a replacement rod for a lot less than $400.
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    Kubota Hydraulic cylinder with broken piston rod

    Obviously the nut isn't going to turn off again. I think you've made a perfectly acceptable repair under the circumstances. And if you need to disassemble the rod for repairs I would take it to a lathe and machine the weld off and re-weld once repaired. $400 is $400!
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    What is a G7?
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    Stuck in gear until engine is off, Ford 3600

    The combine that I had to take the clutch apart on to free it up wasn't rusted. It was like you had glued the friction plate to the pressure plate. There wasn't a spec of rust on it. I had to take and hammer a flat screw driver between the plates to get it to release. All the owner had done was...
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    PTO powered stump grinder build

    I built a new impeller for a snow blower and took it to a tire shop for balancing. They were so intrigued by my idea the balancing was free. Just putting out another idea for balancing.