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    Mexican restaurant ground beef

    This afternoon my wife and I had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and as usual had their beef nachos for an appetizer. I don't know what they do to prep their ground beef, but it is to die for. I've tried numerous recipes I've found online and nothing even comes close. Anyone here...
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    GPS recommendations

    Wife's been bugging me to do a road trip, we're figuring on taking it next year and I was considering getting a GPS. Usually I just go with a road atlas (and still plan to use that over the big picture) but they don't show much detail beyond the state/federal highways. I've seen off brand ones...
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    Has anyone ever tried this stuff? Zo-Tite Blocksaver Powder Repair for Block and Head Cracks Ztite zotite zo-tite z-tite ztite zo-tight I tend to lean towards snake oil, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. Considered use is for a classic car with a suspected cracked...
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    Fuel pump rebuild kits

    Does anyone have experience with fuel pump rebuild kits where you can buy just the pump and pressure regulator? About 1/3 the price of the whole assembly. It's not like the frame or the gas gauge part was bad. Had the one die on my CanAm over the weekend, needed it back up & running asap so I...
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    On-line manuals download sites

    Anyone here have experience with manuals download sites? The one I'm looking for is for a snowmobile, not a tractor but I'd imagine the same principles apply. I found what I was looking for at a site called In order to d/l you must create a login. OK, not a big deal, I just used...
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    Tongue length and maneuverability

    I have a 4x8 utility tilt trailer that was given to me a few years ago that I mostly use to haul a snowmobile. Does the job, but is the most miserable thing to back. Hard enough to make it go straight, turning is a major exercise in frustration. Goes kind of where it wants, is slow to respond...
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    Lovejoy couplers

    Not really sure where to post this, hope it's semi-appropriate here. Had to replace the engine on my 25 year old log splitter last week. I noticed that the plastic "spider" in the lovejoy coupler was gone. Put it back together without it, but the owner's manual has dire warnings about running...
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    Old Polaris ATV question

    I have an early-90s vintage Polaris ATV...350 2 stroke engine. Recently I noticed an oil stain on the ground where I park it. Some investigation showed a small crack in the engine casing, in the area of where the crankshaft would be. Not sure how it happened, I'm guessing I hit something a...
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    Mystery sound

    There is a weird "earth" sound that I hear, most often in the spring and wondered if anyone knew what this could be. It seems to come from the small mountain/large hill across the road from me. Almost sounds like an old diesel tractor starting up, running for 5-6 seconds or so then...
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    VW to end production of classic bus

    VW has announced that after 63 years, production of their type 2 bus will end this Friday in Brazil. Full story is here. I never really got into the whole VW thing, but my wife still gets misty when she sees the occasional old Beetle on the road.
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    White FST-16

    I just bought a used White FST-16 rider mower. Runs good except for one very annoying "feature"...there seems to be some sort of centrifugal brake in it that engages very abruptly when going down a slope. By "abruptly" I mean that it actually locks up the drive wheels so that I either skid...
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    I have a 90s vintage Agway riding mower (I believe it was made by MTD), 12 hp B&S engine. Does anyone know of a better muffler for this (1" thread) than the ones sold at Lowes. HD, etc? They just don't seem to muffle very much....this thing is still so loud I need ear protectors when I mow.