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  1. yomax4

    Harbor Freight Titanium 125 Flux Core Welder

    Hopefully you are trying to spot with 030 wire not 035.
  2. yomax4

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    I'm hoping a new administration creates a billion new unemployed IRS agents.
  3. yomax4

    Who is excited for snow season?

    Sold the F250 with Boss V. Sold acreage and moved north but Will be dreaming of a White Christmas with Margaritas by the pool in AZ. Every winter going forward.
  4. yomax4

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    They haven't figured out how to eliminate the penny yet so cash should be safe for a long time.
  5. yomax4

    cracked housing on tc29

    What is the material and what did you use to do the repair?
  6. yomax4

    What did I end up with?

    The Victor style cutting torch is their Weldskill or Fire Power version. I can tell from the knobs. Not all that old due to built in flash arrestors and around $100 new. Made in China but very functional.
  7. yomax4

    Stihl MS250C parts?

    Amazon or Ebay. dirt cheap.
  8. yomax4

    Steel for DIY Fire Pit - Advice Needed

    I cut the end off of an old 200gln propane tank. Set it on a truck rim and welded it. Plaz'd a few holes in the bottom and threw in a hunk of heavy rock quarry screen. Never painted it and it's 15yrs old.
  9. yomax4

    Bronze Brazing Nuts to Plaque

    If you have to use nuts you can use a carbon stick instead of the bolt. Low fuming bronze won't stick to it. Silver solder would work as well or Phos Bronze if you want to use Mig.
  10. yomax4

    How long does an engine coolant heater need to be plugged in?

    I tried to install a frost plug heater in my little 3cyl Iseki diesel and after popping all of the plugs I couldn't find a jacket that was big enough for the heating element. I had to put in all new plugs and go with a lower hose heater that I usually plug in for 3-4 hrs prior to use. When it's...
  11. yomax4

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Hopefully the folks in their 40's and 50's are preparing for the day when the corrupt Gov says they will no longer get their SS that they have been paying in their whole life. They are starting to get people used to the term Entitlement which they tie welfare and SS in the same group even though...
  12. yomax4

    Chinese knockoff saws?

    It's Very difficult to source everyday needed products without them coming from China. Over on the welding side there are a lot of people who still think Lincoln and Miller are made in USA.
  13. yomax4

    Have you ever paid someone a lot of money to do a job and ended up screwed.

    I had a blacktop guy stop by one day and mentioned that he was booked out the rest of this fall but if I paid in advance for next spring he would knock off 15%. I'm starting to think that somewhere out there they all follow the small contractor hand book.
  14. yomax4

    Have you ever paid someone a lot of money to do a job and ended up screwed.

    Going through something similar. Winter is near and my contractor and his 2 man crew have only showed up 3 4hr days out of 19 working days. 3K sq' concrete and a 40x48 shop. Poor workmanship, same dips in concrete and the water runs away from the drain. They just put in 3 windows and 2 were...
  15. yomax4

    Older Lincoln welder at work having issues

    I had a service tech friend add a thermostat to one of my Migs back in the 90's to create fan on demand. The part was pretty inexpensive so he installed the thermostat and another one right with it in case the 1st one failed. Still working fan on demand to this day.
  16. yomax4

    Talk Me In/Out of the Stihl MS261

    My 2 cents. The 250 or 261 is really not a 20" bar saw. I have an 026 pro with a muff mod that I use a 20" bar on that I use strictly for limbing. Works great for that but falls off on 10+" hardwood. It comes into it's own with a 16" bar for firewood cutting and is a little beast. I also use a...
  17. yomax4

    Bought a portable oxy/acy setup and need help understanding

    If you want to heat with the small tanks ( MC or B ) I suggest only using your cutting attachment. I don't think you should light a rosebud. It will take about 20 seconds and you'll have acetone in your regulator, hose and torch. Nasty stuff when in the wrong place.
  18. yomax4

    Stihl recommendations

    My cutting buddy has a new 362 and would rather cut with my muff modded 361. Mine with a 20" cuts at least as fast as his with an 18".
  19. yomax4

    Bought a portable oxy/acy setup and need help understanding

    The acetylene is actually an MC size and the oxygen is an R20. 20cf. These are customer owned tanks and can be swapped at any LWS. Use sparingly. The cost to fill the tanks is astronomical. Probably $20 per tank these fine days.
  20. yomax4

    Tanks, Rental, Customer, Throughbreed

    Although the distributors have to pay labor to fill and maintain their cylinders, they only have 10-15 cents worth of gas in them except for acetylene. They make a pretty good profit. I'm one of the few who were a sales rep to the distributors in 5 states for many years. Lucky for me they give...
  21. yomax4

    One way to repair cast iron.

    The old Carbon Arc takes me back. Used to sell a lot of carbons to the carbon arc welders. Pretty cool how it all worked.
  22. yomax4

    Welder's eraser

    That's about 8x more per# than Harris or Weldcote.
  23. yomax4

    iseki seal

    Lens12 on here is the guy for this.
  24. yomax4

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    Personally I think a true 20" saw would need to be in the 60cc family. I do have an 026 Pro with a muff mod that I have a 20" on. I use the saw for limbing 10" and less. It will cut thicker with the 20" but falls a little short compared to my 261.
  25. yomax4

    Welder's eraser

    This simply a Champher Arc rod. Been around for Eons. They actually do work and require low amps. The guy in the video is trying to spin it as some new miracle product.
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    I would also like to know if he's still on here.
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Does that 090 have a kick start? Wow. Whatta monster. I ran an 075 once on some walnut. I had to hold it back.. Beast as well.
  29. yomax4

    Battery powered chainsaw

    Yes it's in great shape and no saw out there is tuned better. 20" bar and a couple mid aged chains. The 036 is a great saw too but sat too long without use so I need to throw a new carb on it. I'm not sure what I would ask for the 361 I really don't. People are nuts. I see them from $250-$400...
  30. yomax4

    White Ash Lumber

    Used to burn a dozen cord per year. Ash borer made it easier but too much to cut and stack. I'm moving so a lot of dead ash will likely rot when I leave. The sad art is a bunch od Red Oak got the wilt and they are ready to harvest as well as a fresh 23" Cherry blow down. It's straight as a n...
  31. yomax4

    Everlast PA160 Plug end wiring confusion

    Many Chinese welders use those color configs. As long as green is ground you should be safe. Don't run white and green together. Often the red is for 3 phase and you cap it off for single phase operation. I can't speak for Everlast but it might be best to contact them. They would know best. Good...
  32. yomax4

    Argon gas supply for aluminum MIG

    Search the sale sites for helium and nitrogen tanks too. They have the same valve (CGA). The last 2 tanks I picked up didn't contain argon. Then have them tested if needed and filled.
  33. yomax4

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I just retired and no longer will be heating with wood. My only wood cutting will be for sitting around the fire pit. So I sold my 044 and will be selling my MS361 and 036 and buying a Milwaukee electric due to already having batteries. I'll keep my hopped up 026 pro for cutting campfire wood. (...
  34. yomax4

    Stihl KM94r or Echo PAS-2620?

    I have the big Stihl telescoping saw. I forget the model but it was around $550. Cuts like a dream but after 1 tank of gas you need the rest of the day off. I'm going to sell it and get something more manageable.
  35. yomax4

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I was considering a Milwaukee saw due to already having batteries. I'd only use it to keep ATV trails open. The local fire dept. uses them and although they don't brag about them they do say that they are adequate for cutting holes in roofs and several of the guys have bought them for light home...
  36. yomax4

    Just another junk chainsaw

    Curious about this stuff. Always looking for a better way. I've been using Dawn spray on degreaser and it works ok but not as good as carb cleaner. I'm running low on the last 5gln can of the banned Trichloroethylene. TCE. It's non flammable.
  37. yomax4

    milwaukee battery 1/2" impact question

    I love my 18v 1/2" Milwaukee. I'm not tasked with anything over 1.25" and hopefully don't bust anything off. It is awesome for travel for trailer tires and average Joe stuff. Way better than any Air Impacts I have or had over the years. But I can certainly appreciate the need for something more...
  38. yomax4

    which mig?

    Older Hobarts were Troy Ohio. Miller hasn't made Mig machines in the states for over 15 years. Some of the Dynasty board configuration is USA but most everything else including Bobcats are only assembled here. No-one is make a Mig machine in the USA anymore. Sad state of affairs I know.
  39. yomax4

    Lincoln AC/DC question

    Couple things here, Harris is owned by Lincoln not ITW/Miller and Until recently ESAB didn't even own themselves so they don't really own anything. ESAB sure was happy that Colfax put Victor in with the ESAB umbrella. Kept them from hemorrhaging $50 million for a 3rd year in a row.
  40. yomax4

    Cyclone 200ES attached to generator?

    Lots of variables to this question. Depends some on if you want to run the welder at 1/2 or full capacity. I do a reasonable amount of 14ga tubing out in the woods at 16-18v on the welder running off a 6K watt inverter generator. If you want to weld 3/8 you will need 8-10K watts. Big difference...
  41. yomax4

    Educate me

    I started out building tree stands because I couldn't buy what I wanted. Then a small utility trailer then small implements and repairs. It all happens fairly quickly so you will indeed be a good welder in not too much time.
  42. yomax4

    Old Window Greenhouse

    I built a lean-to type of greenhouse off of a shed. I used reclaimed patio slider thermal pane door panels. They were free and will hold a snow load in the winter.
  43. yomax4

    World Ag Expo aka: Tulare Farm Show February 14-16

    I worked that show several years with a welding supply distributor. Being from the mid-north of the USA I was very surprised at the implements they show there. I had no idea what any of them were. Multi blade tree saws? Tree shakers? wow..
  44. yomax4

    Error correction

    I use a choker cable as well. That tree isn't really that big so rip it out of there with truck or tractor.
  45. yomax4

    Ms 500i

    I can't even imagine running an 090. My big saw is a meek muff modded 044. It's beastly. 090 would be a hand full. Bet it sounds awesome.
  46. yomax4

    Ms 500i

    I'm nearly done with my last year of wood cutting. I burned 10-15 cord per year (20 years) to smoke up the area with my outdoor stove. If I was a little younger with a few years left. I'd buy one. Plenty of mixed reviews on here for that saw.
  47. yomax4

    Protecting top on a new welding table

    You could give it a wipe with some of that shotgun bluing repair liquid. It will stain it a little and not totally prevent rust but it works pretty good.
  48. yomax4

    Cheap Wedling Helmet or Scam?

    It is stated by most manufacturers that UV and IR rays are blocked to the equivalent of shade 16 even if the lens is in the light state. That doesn't mean you won't get major eye fatigue from using too light of shade. As stated above. You only get one set of peepers so choose wisely.
  49. yomax4

    Just another junk chainsaw

    Back pressure or no back pressure. I did muff mods on 3 saws. 026 pro, MS361 and an 044 mag. After the mods each of the saws were tuned and were a bit louder but each performed like the next larger saw than what they were. No regrets.
  50. yomax4

    Thinkin about..

    How about any of the suggested saws used in great condition? Half of the saws out there get pretty light use. I bought an MS361 for $175 opened up the muff and she is a screamer..