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  1. PCABE5

    Mahindra 7520 beeper mystery

    Looks like your "hooter" is tied to the implement or independent PTO switch. Might look at the switch for an issue. Obviously the PTO still works but the diagram shows it with the switch. So if the hooter is beeping wouldn't that be a honker?
  2. PCABE5

    PTO or portable generator for whole house generator backup ?

    I know this might dredging up an old post but I thought I would update your list of generators. PTO generators and where are they made This list is updated from 2023,. 1. BaumaLight These generators are Italian heads made by Mecc Alte. They have clean power. 2. Harbor Freight Chinese, made...
  3. PCABE5

    JD 4052R third remote add on kit

    I ran hoses from the rear 3rd SCV to the mid SCV bulkhead. From there I used the JD loader 3rd SCV hardlines and hoses.
  4. PCABE5

    John Deere 4066R Cab

    No major issues with mine but no brand is immune to having a bad component. If the dealer can fix it and your happy with the repair all should be good. If not then trading might be an option as well. Never heard that loader and backhoe work was really ever working a tractor that hard as it...
  5. PCABE5

    Steering wheel height

    I also bought a steering column from the open station and installed that as well. The cab version is about 1 1/2" shorter than the open station.
  6. PCABE5

    Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel)

    Those are it as PTSG posted. They are hydraulic unions and not a hardware store item. If you follow the existing pressure lines you will find a couple factory unions.
  7. PCABE5

    Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel)

    I was never able to get my hands on one due to the crazy parts shortages. I believe that the pressure side is similar to the suction side of the power steering pump. Two bolts and a o-ring seal. My thoughts were to get the MT4 pump and the section of pressure pipe that comes off the pump. The...
  8. PCABE5

    Hydraulic Pump Upgrade (Deplorable Diesel)

    It is a 12 spline shaft. Clockwise rotation. I looked at the MT4 pump and initial thoughts were it would work but the pressure line would have to be modified which is not hard to do.
  9. PCABE5

    MT3 57 OBD II connection

    Mine pretty always stayed at 176 no matter what I was doing. If it were to get hotter I'd check your radiator screen. I found OBDLink to be a great app for the LS but you need their connector I believe. You must be using Torque? Is your boost reading at 2400 with no load? It will be higher...
  10. PCABE5


    I don't believe that the Workmaster 50+ series is made by LS.
  11. PCABE5

    MT3 57 Delivered

    The circumferential groove was to provide an additional biting edge for lateral stability on the rear and for turning on the front. I used a 3/8" blade but I think 1/2" would work as well. I feel I had better traction all around but no hard data just seat of the pants which is subjective. R14's...
  12. PCABE5

    2022 MT357 Cab Hitch

    They use CAT 1 on the tractor side and CAT 2 on the implement side. So your top link should be 3/4" for the tractor side pin and 1" at the implement side. Sounds like the factory may have put the wrong top link on but the dealership should be able to fix that pretty easy.
  13. PCABE5

    MT3 57 Delivered

    A tire grooving iron. Deluxe 110 Volt/250 Watt Tire Grooving Iron Tool Patterns are completely up to your own creativity. This worked well for me.
  14. PCABE5

    MT3 57 Delivered

    The refresh rate was fine. I noticed no issues with movement or stationary. I don't think they removed it so someone didn't sit in the seat with grease on their pants. I don't think I've ever bought a tractor that had air pressures adjusted. They are usually maxed for shipping purposes.
  15. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Have you ever checked out these, they are somewhat close.
  16. PCABE5


    JCoastie do you have any updates on the latest repairs?
  17. PCABE5

    LS XJ2025 Service Manual

    Now that was quite the road trip.
  18. PCABE5

    LS XJ2025 Service Manual

    No the LS was a great tractor and no complaints. I wanted a few different features so I changed out. By the way how was the trip?
  19. PCABE5

    LS XJ2025 Service Manual
  20. PCABE5

    Is Availability Coming Back?

    If the open station is like the cab version of the 4066, the tractor may be on a lot but there are no hydraulics available at least for the cab versions. I know of one 4066 cab that has been sitting at the dealership since 28 April waiting for hydraulic parts. All of them show as backorder with...
  21. PCABE5


    I wouldn't worry too much about that the thread was already hijacked when posters started comparing older LS regens to newer models. Two completely different regen systems used. I cannot agree with all the advice given to you as a lot of "I was told" statements don't match reality or the...
  22. PCABE5

    Some mods to my new LS

    Practical and useful, win win.
  23. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    It cost me around $130. You have to take all the plastic off the dash to get to everything. This is not covered in the service manual so it took a while to figure it out as I went. The hardest part was getting a rubber boot off the old column and putting it on the new one.
  24. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Changed my cab steering column out for one that is for an open station model. Raises the steering wheel 1 1/2 inches.
  25. PCABE5


    Most temp gauges won't be the same tractor to tractor. Do you have a OBD reader you can use? That will tell you what the temperature the ECU is seeing.
  26. PCABE5


    The LS software should be able to read the soot load. It's a pressure differential sensor and they tend to be pretty reliable.
  27. PCABE5


    So it appears that after the 100 hour mark something changed. Two things, first I would check EGR operation. Too much EGR can clog a DPF. Second would be an injector leak down test. Since you are smelling a slight smell and increased regens I would lean more in this direction. Both of these...
  28. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Strange. Must have been stressed somehow but who knows. The bad thing about tempered glass is it explodes into tiny shrapnel and the slivers are so tiny you wouldn't want it in your eyes. Wish they would use safety glass instead. Check your New Holland dealer as you should be able to get the...
  29. PCABE5

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    One of the benefits of the XR31/41xx over the older XR30/40xx was the Regen interval.
  30. PCABE5

    XR3037H RPM up and down after a few minutes of operation.

    It shows an electronic throttle in the parts page. You should see wires at the base of the throttle.
  31. PCABE5

    New XR4155HC on its way!

    It's an Apple store or google play store app you use with a Bluetooth device attached to the obd port. Torque app is just one of a few apps that can be used to monitor the engine.
  32. PCABE5

    LS MT352 filter kit?

    The kit doesn't seem to be a deal. I paid approximately $170 for fuel, engine, hydraulic, and S-HST filters. The air filter can be lightly blown out and reinstalled otherwise there is an electronic restriction sensor that will tell you if it's too dirty. Also the air cleaner is a Donaldson...
  33. PCABE5

    Mt 240he hydro cavitation?

    Good news.
  34. PCABE5

    Eau Claire Farm Show 3/1-2/2022

    Me too. Never too old for learning.
  35. PCABE5

    Eau Claire Farm Show 3/1-2/2022

    Thanks for the reminder.
  36. PCABE5

    Mt 357 instrument panel froze

    Haven't had that issue. Hopefully it won't return for you.
  37. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I agree. Many Amazon/eBay cheap LED lights cause interference and I personally bought a cheap set a few years back and they totally wiped out the radio. Instantly returned. The set I run now isn't cheap, about $240 for 4 lights, but they are EMI shielded so no interference and are very bright...
  38. PCABE5

    LS Facelift

    I caught a glimpse of what I think was an MT5 on someone's national farm machinery show video and it appears to have a facelift.
  39. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    They are all the same PGJ13 base. Pick the wattage you want and go. You can do better than the stock halogen bulbs.
  40. PCABE5

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Should be a 881/886 halogen or led bulb
  41. PCABE5

    Coolant temperature?

    It opens at 169 +/-2.7°F and is fully open at 194°F. Mine has the same thermostat and normally runs around 176°F.
  42. PCABE5

    LS MT225HE

    New or used? When you buy a new LS you get your choice of tires, R1, R3, R4. So if you want R4 the dealership can swap them out for no charge. Swapping out wheels and tires on your own will be cost prohibitive in that you will have more invested than it is worth.
  43. PCABE5

    Loader Joystick upgrade

    Right now I'm using a handle grip for a 3rd function and it just screws on. Prior to that I used the handle grip off a New Holland Boomer or Workmaster open station.
  44. PCABE5

    MT240E – 40HP

    It's a good tractor and should be more than enough tractor for your 3 acres. I see you soliciting inputs on TYM, LS, and Branson and I would say that the dealership is a huge factor. Service and parts after the sale are very, very important. Also as you shop around know that probably less than...
  45. PCABE5

    Loader Joystick upgrade

    Not sure if his open station and the cab model share the same armrest. It appears that one is adjustable and one isn't.
  46. PCABE5

    Loader Joystick upgrade

    I bought mine. Depending on where you position it, the handle is angled back and to the left making it an easier grab. But you can adjust it to the angle that suits you best.
  47. PCABE5

    Loader Joystick upgrade

    I changed the "stem" to a curved style. With that you can adjust to a position that fits you better. You would also need a new knob more than likely as the factory one is not a screw on style.
  48. PCABE5

    Installed a calc-an-acre II in the XR 3140

    Nice addition. Sounds like it is going to work well for you and your planter spacing.
  49. PCABE5

    Finally The MT342 & Snow-Blower Is Here.

    We had a quack digger when I was a kid. I think the newer name is a field cultivator.
  50. PCABE5

    MT3 reliability

    I looked at the LS for about a year. Since I waited the MT3 came out and the PTO neutral was a big deal for me. I have about 120 hours and have no mechanical complaints. It starts and does its work every time. I did have some warranty work done last year, 3pt valve, PTO and 4wd seals. Still...