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  1. jaydee325

    Your Cardiologist Will Not Approve

    This all started innocently enough for tonights dinner. We had a pound of bacon that we got from our local butcher, but we did not notice it was not cured/smoked. My wife asked if I could smoke it. Sure I says. Decided to get the charcoal grill going at a low temperature and put the bacon in a...
  2. jaydee325

    Free Credit Scores

    Not the ones you can get one per year of. These are the ones that Credit Unions, Banks, or Credit Card Companies sometimes provide on the on-line accounts each month as a service. I had a conversation with the Branch Manager of my Credit Union yesterday and asked why the CU score was...
  3. jaydee325

    Antique Furniture Care

    My mom is giving my daughter a cedar chest that belonged to her mother. I'm guessing it's maybe 1940's vintage. Pretty good shape but needs a cleaning. Finish could also use some help but not too bad. I've seen the shows (Antique Road Show for example) and they all say only let a professional...
  4. jaydee325


    Found this in Stepdads tool box while going through things to have an estate sale. Anyone heard of GAT? My first thought is that this was a novelty item. It is 0" to 0.5". Seems to be off 0.1" over full range. There is a screw on the end that might allow adjustment, but the barrel rotation is...
  5. jaydee325

    New Forum Category Suggestion

    I think a Category about generators would be a nice addition to the site. Discussions of generators are spread all over the site (there is even a misplaced one in this category!) Would be nice to have a separate area to discuss.
  6. jaydee325

    Squirrels Took Out Our Internet

    We had been noticing degrading internet performance for several weeks. Finally got so bad that I decided to contact the cable company. To my surprise, everything, (on line chat, discussion on the phone, and the tech that came out to repair) exceeded my expectations! The tech found that...
  7. jaydee325

    Cold Rolled or Hot Rolled

    I want some hydraulic cylinder safety props. 2 - 2" X 16" pieces of angle should do the trick. What would be better to use, hot rolled or cold rolled?
  8. jaydee325

    Manual Can Opener

    Anyone know of a good manual can opener that will last more than a few months? We've gone through probably 4 or 5 in the last year.
  9. jaydee325

    RC Farm Models

    This was fun to watch. Sometimes you would not know they were models until you see the people near by for scale! RC Farming
  10. jaydee325

    Getting Back Into Welding

    Last time I struck an arc was at least 40 years ago. I'm retired now and would like to get back into it as a hobby. Planning on staying with stick as that is what I know. Anyone been in the same position? What was your experience striking that first arc again? I'm hoping it's a lot like riding...
  11. jaydee325

    Nut Gatherer

    Do these things work as advertised. Walnuts are driving me crazy already! I just linked this brand as an example. There are lots of other brands out there, some for ridiculous money. This one is less than $30 at the local big box store. Weasel Nut Gatherer - Garden Weasel
  12. jaydee325

    Household Batteries

    This is about AAA, AA, C, and D household batteries. I've got a LED flashlight in the shop. Obviously, the AA batteries last a looong time. Couldn't remember when the last time was I changed the batteries. Still bright light. Upon checking them, I saw they were starting to leak. Fortunately, I...
  13. jaydee325

    Forum Jump

    The old format had a function in the lower right corner where you could select a forum and just jump to it. I've tried to find a similar function to no avail. It takes 2 clicks now for what used to just be one. Any suggestions?
  14. jaydee325

    A One Jug Solution

    I was looking around the Kawasaki website and noticed they have motorcycle specific oils and UTV/ATV oils. The question hit me as to why would they have different oils, so I looked into the details. The motorcycle oils have the JASO classifications covered (of course) as well as API service SL...
  15. jaydee325

    Gloves or Mittens

    My favorite Gortex gloves have seen better days. I'm considering trying a mitten. Anyone changed over from a glove to a mitten? How do you like mittens?
  16. jaydee325

    Miter Saws

    I'd like to get a power miter saw. Strictly occasional home owner DYI use. Prices range from about $100 and up. So, what should I expect to spend? Unfortunately, I'm not sure of which features are important that I should get in a saw, so looking for some information in this respect as well...
  17. jaydee325

    Maple Syrup

    I'm in SW Michigan. Totally off normal winter so far. A buddy of mine has a hobby setup to make maple syrup and taps trees on his property. I texted him today and asked what he was thinking as far as getting started for this year. Said he was unsure but thought he would tap a few trees and see...
  18. jaydee325

    Washable Furnace Filters

    I have a geothermal heat pump. The air filters are an odd size and pricey! I ran across a filter in the size I need that is washable. Info says wash every 6 to 8 weeks and specifically mentions they are suitable for a geothermal heat pump. Has anyone had experience with the washable furnace...
  19. jaydee325

    Disturbing Trend?

    I had a project I wanted to do that was going to require the purchase of a particular widget to get the job done. I identified what I needed on a big box retailer website. I wanted a little more info than what was available and tried to find the manufacturer of the widget on line. I could not...
  20. jaydee325

    Nicholson Files

    I need to replace several files, which are Nicholson Files. What is the general consensus on the quality of this brand nowadays? Nicholson Files are now owned by Crescent. The website says they are from the Appex Tool Group. Are they still made in America? The Crescent website is not clear on...
  21. jaydee325

    Toro Walk Behind

    Found myself in a bind at peak mowing season. My John Deere 325 that I've owned for over 22 years broke down at the peak of mowing season. Looked as though I'd be without it for 2 weeks minimum. On one of my visits to check on my folks (Mom is 83, Step Dad is 92), I asked about a walk behind...
  22. jaydee325

    Ad Blockers

    I've been running Adblock Plus for Safari on my MacBook Pro. The problem I'm having is more and more websites are detecting the ad blocker and prompting me to turn it off, register, or purchase the premium version to go ad free. My question is, does anyone know of an ad blocker that will run...
  23. jaydee325

    2011 Deere X360 Lawn Tractor

    Going to go look at this later this week. We've down sized and will be mowing a flat 1/2 to 3/4 acre and snow blowing a paved drive approx 200' in length. Hydro is a Tuff Torq K58H, which I'm told is serviceable and will verify upon inspection. Any experience with this transaxle? Anything...
  24. jaydee325

    Motorcyclist Prevent Spreading Coronavirus

    Hopefully all with take this as a little comic relief. I think we all need some! Avoid crowded spaces: Ride motorcycles. Do not use public transportation: Ride motorcycles. Well-ventilated spaces are virus free: Ride motorcycles. Wear gloves: Ride motorcycles. Keep at...
  25. jaydee325

    Raised Bed Garden (perhaps a little unusual)

    We just moved to a new place. The previous owners have kids so they had a sizable sand box (16'x16'). With everything on our plate this year, we won't be able to have the garden we are accustomed to having, so I was thinking about getting along with using the sand box for a small raised bed for...
  26. jaydee325

    All Wheel Steer

    I'm thinking about retiring my trusty John Deere 325 garden tractor after 23 years of great service. So, just starting the research into a new tractor. The All Wheel Steer models in the X5XX range are interesting and appear to be quite handy. I'm concerned with the added complexity of such a...
  27. jaydee325

    Pole Barn Door Placement

    I'm going to put up a building next summer. Have not settled on a size yet, but I'm pretty sure 32' will be the widest width. I'm planning on either roll up or sliding doors on either end to be able to drive through. Looking for input on what location is best, either centered or offset to one...
  28. jaydee325

    Steel Buildings

    I'm planning on putting up an equipment storage building within the next year. Interestingly, I got an unsolicited e-mail from Southern Steel Buildings. Initially, I'm seeing red flags since the website only has contact info in the way of a phone number (800) and they cover a significant area...
  29. jaydee325

    My Wife is a Dr and Professor!

    Well, not really. This is pretty humorous, so I thought I'd share. A couple years ago, one of our dogs became infected with a nasty parasite. My wife does work at a veterinary clinic, so she reached out to several other vets in an attempt to identify the parasite in order to rid it from our...
  30. jaydee325

    Cool JD 4020

    I posted a link since I did not know if actually posting the picture would run afoul of copyright rules.
  31. jaydee325

    Big Crane

    This was too cool! Liebherr - LR 1500 crawler crane - YouTube
  32. jaydee325

    Contemplating and SCUT

    This would replace my aging garden tractor. But, I'd like a factory cab! My initial internet search finds only Deere with an SCUT with factory heated cab. Anyone know any others?
  33. jaydee325

    Ethanol Free Gas

    I'm probably late to the party here but, I'll share anyway since I just found out about it! lists stations in the US and Canada that sell ethanol free gas. It is a website that is updated by users, and many of the listings have not been updated recently, but it is worth a look and...
  34. jaydee325


    Anyone else interested in scooters? I’m considering an early 60’s Cushman Super Eagle! I’ve been a motorcycle guy forever and thought this would be fun. Thoughts/tips??
  35. jaydee325

    Barn Bat

    Finally figured out what was pooping in the barn. This has been going on several months and my wife finally spotted the culprit!
  36. jaydee325

    Can't Believe It's Been 6 Years!

    July 2, 2013, I took delivery of my R3039H! I've not been disappointed in any way. Boy has this thing done the work. I've been around tractors all my life, but never owned anything larger than my garden tractor and I was surprised at the utility of this thing. I've only had one issue that was...
  37. jaydee325

    Better Hurry

    I realize this may not be big enough for some of your needs. But, if it is, better hurry, offer ends June 30! (Caution: this was definitely posted tongue in cheek!!!:laughing:) Mid-Size & Large Wheel Loaders for sale | John Deere US
  38. jaydee325

    Today in History

    April 9, 1865: Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders his 28,000 troops to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Virginia's Appomattox Court House. The American Civil War finally begins its end.
  39. jaydee325

    Snowblower Linear Actuator on Snowblower

    I have a 42” snow thrower on a John Deere 325 Garden Tractor. The chute deflector is controlled by a cable but it is a weak design. This is the second or third time it has failed. They now go for $140!! I replaced it with a linear actuator. Sourced from Amazon for $35. Maybe another $20...
  40. jaydee325

    Bonus Day in SW MIchigan!

    Mid-40's, sunny and little wind. Perfect day for my wife and I to get out and do some brushing with the LS and ratchet rake! Pict is from my oid trail cam, hence the poor color balance at high sun. Normally, if I'm using the tractor this time of year, it is moving snow.:eek:
  41. jaydee325

    Standby Generator

    We finally bit the bullet and installed a standby whole house generator last Friday. Interestingly, we had a power outage the following Monday! My wife said, "worth every penny". I agree.:thumbsup:
  42. jaydee325

    Massey Ferguson 35 Transmission Oil Level?

    I'm helping my neighbor to get his old Massy 35 gas tractor going this spring. I can't find where to check the transmission oil level. I've found the fill cap on the top of the transmission, but there is no dipstick. I searched on the sides of the case for an oil level fill plug, but found none...
  43. jaydee325

    Blueberries and Raspberries

    We live in SW Michigan. My wife and I have enjoyed our vegetable garden for decades now. Purely a labor of love. Recently, we have been discussing getting some blueberry and raspberry/blackberry bushes. My question is, how many bushes would I need of each variety to yield enough fruit for the...
  44. jaydee325

    Electrical Stuff

    I ran across this site and thought I'd share. Not affiliated with them, nor have I made a purchase (yet!) While not the cheapest, this stuff looks to be of good quality. Even some links about 12VDC wiring. Enjoy OTRATTW
  45. jaydee325

    Where are the "older" LS Tractors?

    It is understandable that as time moves forward, the newer tractor experience and questions predominate. I'd like to hear from the several year old crowd. Purchased my R3039H in July of 2013. It has been a great tractor. It does everything I need it to and I've not had any major issues. Only...
  46. jaydee325

    LS Ranking

    This was nice to see as a happy LS owner: Survey
  47. jaydee325

    325 Garden Tractor Leaking From Hydro

    I have a 325 Garden Tractor John Deere 325 tractor information that has started leaking hydro fluid from the transaxle. The tractor has about 1000 hours on it. I know this was not a popular tractor so experience is limited. But, I'd like to hear from anyone who has possibly...
  48. jaydee325

    Fuel Caddy

    I'm looking for a fuel caddy to ease fueling of my CUT. Ran across Flo-fast and they look pretty good. They look to be a quality setup and their website says they are American made. Anyone have experience with this equipment?
  49. jaydee325

    Learn about hydraulics?

    John Deere publishes a series of manuals called Fundamentals of Service, covering all facets of equipment repair. These manuals are not make or model specific. They cover the basics and beyond. As a student back in the late '70s (yikes!) at Ferris State College Heavy Equipment Service school...
  50. jaydee325

    Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stops

    Does anyone have a source for cylinder safety stops? I've searched on line but can't find any. I want them so I can raise the loader out of the way and safely work beneath it.