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  1. GSVette

    Are diesel conditioners needed for new

    I treat my tanks with PS and an algaecide every winter as a precaution. Even though tractor and fuel caddy are stored indoors. Ounce of prevention and all that
  2. GSVette

    Overhead Door Openers

    I have a Liftmaster unit on my 16x12 shop door-really like it. I have 3 of the units at my main house as well. It’s nice having the deadbolt locking mechanism-makes the doors feel more secure. About the only thing I don’t like is the failure mode on the wall control- when mine have failed (...
  3. GSVette

    Diesel fuel storage options

    I love mine-probably be buried with it! Or my ‘66 Mustang ( or maybe both??). It’s nice to have a car that only a few (1000) were built and are individually numbered.
  4. GSVette

    Diesel fuel storage options

    I use a 25 gallon fuel caddy with a crank type barrel pump. Have a water/fuel separator on it as well as a low micron sediment filter. Generally use about 30-50 gallons/ year- will go up when we permanently relocate.
  5. GSVette

    Well&pump questions

    Wow 8 gpm and it barely passed? Iirc around here it less than 1.5gpm that is deemed inadequate for domestic use and then requires the installation of a cistern if sufficient capacity. I lucked out in our little, large parcel development-my well came in at 10gpm ( at 220’)- most of my neighbors...
  6. GSVette

    Nail Gun Opinions

    I’ve found it amusing myself- I started out with the 9.6v Makita and probably would have stayed with them had they kept up. Moved to DeWalt when the 14.4v system came out and have stayed with them for battery/charger consistencies sake. DeWalt isn’t the most powerful ( in many cases) or the most...
  7. GSVette

    Case 580C back tires stopped spinning.

    Is it a power shift transmission? I don’t recall what Case specifically calls it but you shift from F/R without the need to clutch. If so check the fluid level- my 580D/E will stop moving F/R if the hydro level gets low.
  8. GSVette

    Help Me Design/ Build a Shop

    I ran a 400 (320)A service at my shop- installed a dual lug base and a 200A commercial panel in the shop. Am in process of trenching to the house build site from the shop- will pull another 200A set from the dual lug meter base to the homesite for its breaker panel. 1 meter for both house and shop.
  9. GSVette

    LOUD in the cab. Can you hear the radio??

    The cab of my LS XR4155 is not exactly quiet ( but quieter than an open station by far) so hearing the radio without turning the volume up to a level that over-drove the crap, inefficient OEM speakers was not possible. Installed a pair of reasonable quality speakers and can now hear the radio...
  10. GSVette

    Ford M1C137-A Equivalent

    Need to drain and refill the gearbox on my Ford 917 flail. M1C137-A is what is called out- what is the closest equivalent?
  11. GSVette

    Concrete sealer recommendations

    I used Dayton J20 on my floor back when the shop was built. Acrylic system, easy to apply and reapply ( if necessary). Durable for most liquids ( got to clean up hydraulic fluid as it will deteriorate the acrylic).
  12. GSVette

    New Home Build

    Where I’m at in E. WA build costs for a ‘custom’ build range from around $250/sf to well over $300/sf. My last rough build cost estimate ( a month ago) came in right around $290/sf
  13. GSVette

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    I have exactly the same size building- I went with a 12x16 single door on the gable end of the building. I did provision for another door adjacent to it should I decide to install another garage type door.
  14. GSVette

    Cost to connect to the grid?

    In my case I had to grant an easement, pay for the transformer, base and primary ( as well as the meter base, etc) but not the co-op labor to run primary, set the transformer and hook up the meter. I did the trenching and backfill. Once installed the co-op is responsible for everything up to the...
  15. GSVette

    What Better Speakers Are You Putting In?

    I replaced mine (XR4155HC) using the same speakers described above- well worth it as the LS speakers are unbelievably bad. Not a horrible job but the OEM speaker/grill mounting arrangement leaves a bit to be desired from an accessibility and re-installation perspective.
  16. GSVette

    R.O.W. Problem

    Luckily we all get along in our 6 20+ acre/parcel ‘ development’. Our properties have a set of covenants that laid out the option of a road maintenance association and/or an HOA. We opted for the RMA ( with Quarterly Dues for plowing, gravel, sand, weed treatment, etc). When the ‘developers’...
  17. GSVette

    UTV's and ATV's at work picture thread

    Pulling 1 1/2” HDPE water line from shop to well a couple of years back
  18. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    Mine does not leak water in operation ( at least I’ve never seen any on the floor)- you can see the install in the photo I attached
  19. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    CSV is not a foot valve-completely different animal
  20. GSVette

    How difficult to pull well pump to install a Cycle Stop Valve?

    I installed mine in my shop some 150’ from the well.
  21. GSVette

    need suggestion on wood chipper

    I shopped the heck out of chippers 2 years back and ended up with the Victory 8H mostly due to lead time ( got mine delivered less than 3 weeks after order), free shipping and price. It is, for all intents and purposes, a Woodmax or Woodland Mills 8H clone. My only really dislike is the lack of...
  22. GSVette

    1.00 or 1.25 PEX line from Well

    I run 1 1/4” hdpe from the pitless to the pressure tank/CycleStop valve (reduces to 1” at the tank/valve). 3/4” PEX to a Viega Manabloc. 1/2” PEX runs to fixtures. Well flows about 11gpm. 2 hp pump with about 50’ of head to the shop. No flow or pressure issues. I’m not a fan of PVC for water...
  23. GSVette

    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    Thanks, I was aware of that as a solution. I still would prefer the option of a ‘switchable generator’ neutral as it eliminates altering the ‘as delivered’ generator wiring and would not occupy one of my 110v generator outlets. I have a ‘bonding’ plug that I bought after the main power panel...
  24. GSVette

    Bonded or Floating Neutral for generator?

    What I really wish I’d somebody selling a generator with a switchable ( from bonded to floating ) neutral. I have the breaker interlock type install with a inlet plug so that I can hookup my cheapie Predator 8500w generator ( which is a bonded neutral generator)-I really don’t want to pull the...
  25. GSVette

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Avenger, Interesting that we live in the same state ( and I think, in the same county) and got different answers (interesting but not surprising). I reached at to The Washington State Patrol Commercial Enforcement division with the same question and was told that it didn’t matter if it was not...
  26. GSVette

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    Eddie, Have you checked into the CDL agricultural exemption applicable in your state? I have a Ford LN7000 dump truck at a GVR of 28,500# normally requiring a CDL however with a WA. State AG exemption I can operate without a CDL within a 25 mile radius of my farm ( 25 is the WA limit- the Fed...
  27. GSVette


    I’d certainly like to know more about the ‘auto heat’ algorithm as well as what are the limits to the function. My internet connection went down a couple of weeks back when we had a couple of feet of snow and a week of below freezing temperatures. Haven’t been able to get over to check antenna...
  28. GSVette

    SO READY to spring on a UTV - Trying to decide gas or diesel, HELP!!

    I’ve Bobcat 3400D- basically the same as the Polaris Diesel but badged for Bobcat. It is a bit noisier than a gas model and certainly is speed limited. I bought a diesel for one simply reason- most of my equipment is diesel and it cuts down on fuel storage. My biggest gripe with the 3400D was...
  29. GSVette

    Do These Actually Work...

    So, I bought one on a lark- it works, barely and is certainly not an improvement over either a file with a guide or my Dremel chainsaw sharpening attachment. Minor correction- the “ratcheting” feature is an improvement over either of my other sharpening tools.
  30. GSVette


    Finally got a chance to hook it up. Connected fine- don’t have any codes so nothing to read or clear. Will try to get some live data tomorrow to confirm it is reading engine data.
  31. GSVette


    I view my Swann cameras remotely via my Starlink. The cameras and associated DVR are hardwired to my Starlink router via an Ethernet switch and the Starlink Ethernet dongle. Have no problems viewing live video ( or playing recorded video) or making system setting modifications remotely.
  32. GSVette

    Drain or Pump out the old oil?

    I did my cruising boat that way for years ( had to of course). Never liked the vacuum oil sucker-waaay to slow ( even with pre-warmed oil). The small size of the suction tube that will fit down a dipstick greatly limits the flow. Even a powered oil extractor is going to suffer from the size of...
  33. GSVette

    1.5 inch flexible aluminum conduit

    My shop was done in 3/4 EMT and 12/2 for most circuits (less W/D, water heater, mini split, welder and RV). I’ve added some additional circuits using the combination of 3/4 EMT and flexible armored wire- wish my bends looked anywhere near as good as the pro who did my original installs.
  34. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I was really interested in them after we saw a house nearby that had one ( apparently installed before all the west side regulations were either written ( or enforced)). Still think they are a terrific idea ( particularly when you’ve 30 acres of potential fuel available!)
  35. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Avenger, They seem like a great idea however there aren’t any that are currently ‘legal’ in our state. Have to be EPA certified and then be on the WA approved list-weren’t any last time I checked.
  36. GSVette

    ct445 oil change synthetic or regular oil

    I’ve always used the T6 in my LS and in my Yanmar powered SxS. Still do my oil changed yearly just because oil/filters are cheap (relatively) and engines are not. Really not experiencing the life benefit of synthetic but get all the others.
  37. GSVette

    TMG chipper

    Just an additional manufacturer to consider-Victory. I shopped the usual suspects and was pretty much set on the 8H before stumbling on Victory- their 8” hydraulic indeed model is a virtual clone of the 8H at a lower price point (and free shipping as well). Final decider for me was lead time...
  38. GSVette


    I still haven’t had an opportunity to hook it to my XR4155-I’ll try to remember next time I’m at the ranch.
  39. GSVette


    Not hard at all- I moved mine 3 or 4 times before I finally mounted it to the roof of my shop, I also was using it ‘temporarily’ on the ground while I waited for the roof mount from Starlink. I would stow the dish and bring it in to the shop when we’d head back home at the end of the weekend...
  40. GSVette

    New concrete floor coating advice needed.

    I debated epoxy vs acrylic when my shop floor was poured. After much consideration ( and discussion with the flatwork contractor)I decided to use Dayton J 25 sealant. If would be considered ‘less durable’ than a properly applied (key word here is ‘properly’) quality epoxy. In my opinion ‘less...
  41. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Got the chipper hooked up and started on reducing my limb pile ( again )-one of these days I’m going to figure out that mid-August is not the best time of year for limb chipping-gets darn hot picking and feeding the chipper! Piled the chips up near the developing orchard- going to compost...
  42. GSVette


    We’ve had our dishy up for about 3 months now- moved from temporary ground mount ( which had a very minor amount of obstruction) to shop roof mount ( with no obstruction). I’ve been watching our speeds somewhat closely- we seem to range from 40-140 mb/s depending on time of day. Without a...
  43. GSVette

    Reducing pollution is contributing to global warming?

    Or as it has been morphed “ the truth has been established, beat the facts in to submission “
  44. GSVette

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    My mini split outside unit specified the breaker size necessary on a data plate on the unit
  45. GSVette

    Pressure washer

    I bought a wall mount with retractable hose from Giraffe tools last year. Mounted it outside shop main door at the H/C bin I plumbed a couple years back- really convenient for washing equipment before I bring it into the shop. Like the ‘tidyness’ of the retractable hose.
  46. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture after I installed it but I intend to remedy that oversight when I get back to the ranch to complete my Dishy install.
  47. GSVette

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Well, it was actually last weekend but I installed my new grill brush guard-black powder coated from BrokeAnvil Metalworks. I’d always planned to fabricate my own but just never seemed to find the time. Now I can grapple my limb piles for chipping with less concern about punching through my...
  48. GSVette


    As have I-been waitlisted for one at Sportsmen’s for months-not going to pay a huge premium just to get my hands on one-I’ll wait until Ruger gets up to full production and shipping. Sure is a pretty rifle and getting great reviews