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    OBD2 code reader for tractors

    I have a cheap OBD2 reader for my diy projects. It works great on my normal vehicles and even reads several items on my Mahindra 1538 rpm,temps, load percentage ect. My question is has anyone found a decently price code reader for off road engines. I’ve done my normal research and found several...
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    Mahindra 1538 Hard to start

    My wife has a 1538 Mahindra which has been getting hard to start, as in starter running for long time before engine runs. I first thought it was preheat but ruled that out with test meter. I saw a diesel drip and the fuel gauge graph was flashing. I tried the primer pump one morning on a cold...
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    Stump Removal

    Dug out large tallow tree stump today. My old Towable backhoe surprised me, chaining it off to my 254 international with 6 foot straight blade increased it’s holding power. The 1538 Mahindra was just barely able to pickup and carry the stump and only after rolling it around a few times to get...
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    I built this canopy mainly for sun protection but as the project grew my materials got heavier. 2 inch angle iron 1/8 inch top plate. I clamped it to the rops as not to drill any holes and bolted it to the FEL uprights. There is a one foot pop open area in the very front to be able to see...
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    Newton County Texas declared disaster area

    The United States Department of Agriculture has declared Newton County and six other Texas counties as a natural disaster due to drought conditions. According to the USDA, Newton County along with DeWitt, Freestone, Guadalupe, Falls, Gonzales, and Limestone Counties all fall directly under the...
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    Mid mount mowers.

    I currently have a 25 horse International bare bones tractor and a Mahindra 1538 with FEL and aux hydraulics front and rear. I had considered buy a sub compact tractor with fel and mid mount mower. FEL to clean out barn and mower for mowing. How many people with this setup like their midmount...
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    Added Grapple to bucket

    Added grapple and tooth bar to bucket. Love it for small clean-up, still put full size grapple on for brush piles. Grapple from Green Machine The Thumb They call it the Thumb. Tooth bar from titan implements.
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    Added Ramp Springs

    We have a 24 ft 14K lowboy trailer with 6 ft heavy ramps. Bought 2 2k springs from Etrailer and installed them. Wow the difference it makes.
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    Reflash 1538

    1538 Mahindra At 130 hours the Check engine light started flashing. I put my OBD Reader on it and it showed Alarm P1801, called my dealer and they could not give Me any information except the standard bring it in. So I loaded it up and carried it to the dealer. Basically it needed to be...