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  1. JoelD

    Long shot and sorry for off topic need help with f250 manual locking hub

    Hi all, certain someone here has dealt with this on a tow vehicle or can help regardless. Sorry again for posting to this forum. Manual locking hub plastic broke as I tried to replace the locking hub. Any idea how to get the gears out? I’m planning on drilling and trying to get out that way...
  2. JoelD

    Happy and safe new year all

    Enjoy some seat time and wrenching. Joel
  3. JoelD

    Grading Source for box blade ripper replacement teeth

    3/4inch shanked woods box blade Bought replacement teeth on amazon, super light duty. Looking for source for heavy duty teeth Much appreciated Joel
  4. JoelD

    Security & Theft What size tarp

    Looking to cover my lk3054xs with backhoe Thanks Joel
  5. JoelD

    Fixing Stabilizer Cylinder Leak

    Hi all, had a scratch in rod and ruined seal. I'm looking to replace the Dust seal and the other two seals within the head that the scratch likely mucked up. The manual has the seals as 35x43x5/6.5 for the dust seal, which I think I found on Alibaba. I'm now looking for the Rubber and...
  6. JoelD

    Backhoe Happy New Years All

    Wishing all a happy, healthy and safe 2020. Here’s to a year full of digging holes, cutting stuff and moving stuff around! Enjoy, Joel
  7. JoelD

    Leaking front driveshaft

    Hi all, I've got a slow leak where my front driveshaft goes into the front axle assembly (pumpkin), looking for thoughts / advice on replacing the seal. I think I ordered the seal a while back, need to go through my parts box. Big Job / small job? How much do I need to tear down, etc.? I've go...
  8. JoelD

    Price Check B6000 and b6000e parts

    Hi all I’ve got some b6000 parts for sale would like to sell entire lot together if possible Looking for good home Not sure where to post? I’m on my phone and can’t find a for sale forum although I thought there is one? Drop me a note if interested Engine block (crank sheared) Oil pump...
  9. JoelD

    lk3054xs Replaced fuel filter and can't start tractor

    Hi all, Turned petcock to off, removed bowl, filter and spring. Cleaned the bowl, replaced filter and spring. Put bowl back on tractor. Turned petcock to air, started tractor, let run for 20-30 seconds, fuel was filling bowl very slowly. Tractor stalled before fuel bowl filled. Let tractor sit...
  10. JoelD

    Help Me!! Electrical question - 2004 LK3054XS

    Hi all, First, hello, been a long time. OK, here we go. Started tractor no problem 2 nights ago, ran for an hour as I dropped hoe and hooked up snowblower. Shut her down. Next night, after 2 feet of snow, I turn key back and glow plugs, turn key and not even a click, nothing, then no glow plugs...
  11. JoelD

    Backhoe o-rings kb2376 and likely others nimco valve body

    the white o-rings that seal the spool valves turn to jelly. I致e replaced them all and more than once for some. replacements cost ridiculous money. i just replaced today on dipper stick and used a 15.54x2.62x20.78 stock is 15.95x2.25x20.45 i've not been able to find stock size anywhere and the...
  12. JoelD

    Backhoe dipper stick lifting on its own

    I all I posted similar on Kioti forum My dipper stick is rising on its own The joystick, concurrently moves on its own. It will get to the point where it is fully engaged and motor lugs and loader looses power as dipper ram has hit stop but joystick is in full up position and I'm hitting relief...
  13. JoelD

    Cross Referencing O-Rings

    I need some o-rings for my backhoe (Kioti 2376), is there a way to figure out the size of an o-ring so I can find generic o-rings? In some cases Kioti does not sell or list part number for some of the O-rings I need, rather an entire "sub assembly" totaling hundreds of dollars, when all I need...
  14. JoelD

    LK3054xs Backhoe KB2376 valve body problem looking for thoughts

    Moving snow last night. After about 20 minutes or so my loader loses power and will not lift. I get off machine thinking my pump gave up the ghost. Then looked for leaks. Then tried the backhoe. Realized the dipper stick, joystick was stuck forward wedged up under the backhoe seat. I pushed it...
  15. JoelD

    KB 2376 Leaking control valve

    Hi all, Been a while. I have a leak in the control valve on my backhoe. I can see oil dripping off the spool cap on the bottom of the work section body for the left stabilizer. I can't tell if the leak is in between the sections or the cap itself? Any experience with leaks in that area? I've...
  16. JoelD

    Backhoe Control Valve Assembly leak on backhoe

    HI guys, I've got the KB2376, first use of the spring and she sprung a leak. I've attached pictures, the leak is coming straight up from the control pin on the left side of the pictures. Must be some shaft seals down in there. Ill pull top plate off today and see what I find. Any advice? Does...
  17. JoelD

    1994 Ford F600 Dump Truck - Engine Light help

    Hi Guys, Finally got a new (old) Kioti Hauler. A 1994 Ford F600 Dump with a 7.0 gas V-8. Just drove her home and the engine light came on and off intermitently. Can you help me? I'm trying to first figure out how to determine what was setting the light off? Looked under the dash and could not...
  18. JoelD

    Boy Killed by Dad Driving Snow Plow

    Boy killed by dad's plow: Kevin Capponi acidentally killed his young son with a snow plow Read more: Boy killed by dad's plow: Kevin Capponi acidentally killed his young son with a snow plow Tragic stuff. Heart breaking. We all need to be allert all the time when operating any sort of...
  19. JoelD

    Looking for source for seals

    Hi all, I find myself looking for various seals for various applications. Other than the manufacturer of the item being fixed (sometime item is so old they don't carry parts anymore), do you have any suggestions as to where I can find seals? Typically shaft seals, for things like gearboxes with...
  20. JoelD

    This must have been a large tractor

    Vt. police: Man angry about arrest used tractor like monster truck to crush 7 cop vehicles - Yahoo! News Crushed police cars.
  21. JoelD

    Schulte 21 spline pto shaft

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a used schulte blower Does not have pto shaft, chute rotation set up nor three point frame Can anyone tell me if the shaft is 1-3/8 21 spline? I counted 21 but did not have caliper with me to measure Can I use an adapter to standard 6 spline an then use my tiller...
  22. JoelD

    Carbon Monoxide - Don't Loose respect for It

    I've been on generator since saturday 10/29/2011 early evening. Woken up Sunday 10/30 at 4:00am by the soud of first floor CO detector going off, we sleep on second floor. I jump up and wake up the boss and mini-boss. They are OK. I run downstairs, open all windows (30 degrees F out)...
  23. JoelD

    Some Somber Seat Time

    Well, Rose the Hamster went to the big running wheel in the sky yesterday (or there abouts). Did call for some Kioti seat time though. Thank goodness she wasn't an elephant or bigger. Joel
  24. JoelD

    Advice on Foundation Excavation

    Hi all, I need to excavate a foundation for a modular home. Will be 4 foot frost wall, going down 4 foot, with footing and then foundation wall up to 2 or so feet above grade, center will not be dug as will be a crawl space filled with crushed stone (maybe poor, not sure). There are a number...
  25. JoelD

    Work horse 700 back to life

    I pulled the Tecumseh which had weak spark replaced points condenser still weak spark I have engine on bench and will get around to sorting out someday In the meantime I dropped in a new hf 6.5 ohv motor Starts easy and runs strong I really like this little tractor and I've got the deck and...
  26. JoelD

    Harbor freight milling machine

    This machine gets great reviews and price seems good Multipurpose Machine My brother and I have no experience with milling or tooling but would like learn Does this look like a good first machine? Also what sort of bits or tooling would we need to do some basic processes like boring and...
  27. JoelD

    lk3054 moving snow

    Video from today, gives a feel for all the snow we've got. warning, it is 5 minutes long. Good seat time. Joel YouTube - Kioti Snow Removal.wmv
  28. JoelD

    Guess What This Is Gonna Be

    OK, looking forward to your guesses, I'm very close to done. Been thinking about this for a while, finaly thought of a way to get it done. Joel
  29. JoelD

    My loader is strong

    Handled bucket after bucket of saturated snow like it was popcorn Nice to have a machine with such a strong loader I've found few things that fit in the bucket that I can't lift Really like my machine Joel
  30. JoelD

    Is Snail Sliding Safe???

    Maybe a tad off topic, but I'm sure there'll be some serious safety analysis as this new sport grows. YouTube - European Snail Sliding Finaly here in the US
  31. JoelD

    Jon's Shafts and Stuff in Manchester NH

    I highly recommend Jon, he did an excellent job repairing my drive-shaft. Welded on a new yoke and spun balanced and installed new U-Joints, as good as new. Saved me big money over a new shaft. If needed, he could've fabricated me a new one for likely less than I'd have to pay at a bone yard...
  32. JoelD

    replacing ford ranger driveshaft

    Hi all While replacing my ujoint I bent the yoke on my axle I hate self inflicted wounds Used my shop press to remove the u joint bearing caps and applied to much pressure which bent the yoke even the hole for he bearing cap is no longer round I'll never get it bent back correctly I plan to...
  33. JoelD

    What size tire tube for my trailer?

    HI all, I've got a boat trailer (sorry not tractor related) with P205/75-14 tires, they are basically new,but must have picked something up in one of them and totally flat now. I'm pulling today and depending on what is wrong I'd like to put a tube in. Can someone tell me the tube size for the...
  34. JoelD

    gas cap stripped

    Actually it is the tank neck that is stripped. it is plastic and was iffy when I bought the tractor a few years ago, now, I can not tighten the cap. Any ideas on how to keep the cap tight? Obviously trying to avoid replacing the entire tank, seems silly. Thanks, Joel
  35. JoelD

    Backhoe More than one way to get rid of Piano

    The boss told me to get rid of the piano today before we have new floors put in (original linoleum and carpet is 10 years old) so I figured this would be a good job for the backhoe. I could no believe how thick the cast iron framing was. Was touch and go for a while, but in the end the Kioti...
  36. JoelD

    Saying Goodby to the Kioti Hauler Tomorrow AM

    I've sold my 1986 F250 Kioti Hauler. Not totally happy about it, but just don't want to be driving to lake, towing boat, with the mini-boss in such an old vehicle, no AC does not help and no room for the boss is another negative. Will be sad to see it go mostly because it is a the one and only...
  37. JoelD

    Great Day for Some Seat Time

    It is sunny and will be in the 50's today. I've got a nice new tiller and can't wait to hook her up and try her out. Great day to own a tractor. Joel
  38. JoelD

    OK I've been Patient - Cookout at Rick's

    Geeze I need to schedule my vacation time and the tax return check should be hitting soon. This time I vote for a tailgate type cookout, where you cook what you brung. Bring your best fixins and we grill up a storm. I can do the pulled pork!!! Joel
  39. JoelD

    Tecumseh h70 hard start weak spark

    Hi all I've got a wheel horse workhorse 700 I've got the mowing deck and snowblower she's got very weak spark and is terrible hard to start I've pulled the flywheel and replaced points and condensor and timed the motor still weak spark any advice is appreciated I can replace the coil next...
  40. JoelD

    Jumping Glow Plugs

    Is it possible to jump a glow plug? Can you use jump pack and hook negative to engine block and postive to the glow plug to get them hot? Thanks, Joel
  41. JoelD

    BIG BOAT little van

    I had to post this one, I'd not seen before. This guy is crazier than even some of us. And I worry about my 3/4 ton F250, pulling tri-axle with two axles of brakes and 6000lb tractor. Not even gonna start listing what could go wrong with this one, not to mention mirrors not wide enough to see...
  42. JoelD

    Child on Motorcycle or Tractor which is more dangerous

    I passed a guy today at a stop light, he's driving a harley, smoking a cigarette with a little girl on the back, she was between 8 and 10 years old. Always shocked when I see little children on the back of motorcycles. I just shake my head. Joel
  43. JoelD

    Northern Tool Cordless Impact Wrench

    FYI, been looking for a gift and found Northern Tool's 24v cordless impact wrench on sale for 99 bucks. It's 1/2 inch and includes 2 batteries and gets terrific reviews. Thought I'd call it out. The others I've looked at are about 3x's as much. The torque is not huge but should do the trick...
  44. JoelD

    It is snowing this morning

    October 16th and it is snowing, this is crazy, this is about the earliest I can recall if it sticks to the ground at all. I was just out in the boat two weeks ago. Hey Deputy, I still haven't installed my coolant heater from last summer. :) I bet you haven't either..... Joel
  45. JoelD

    Kioti Hauler

    Here's a picture of the Kioti Hauler back in action. She worked like a charm yesterday, went to a budies house to help with a walkway. I'll be using her next Saturday to bring the Kioti to the town's fall festival where I give tractor rides. Is this brand loyalty or what??? :) Joel
  46. JoelD

    My Kioti Hauler is Back

    Here's a picture of my Kioti Hauler and tri-axle trailer. The trailer is an oldie but goodie, I can plop anything I want onto it (tilting Dove tail). Would'nt want to go 100's of miles with this rig, but works great for around town and back and forth to family and friends. Got brakes on two...
  47. JoelD

    Hay Rides 10/17 in Windham NH

    The 17th is our annual fall festival. Will be my third consecutive year of giving hay rides with my tractor and little trailer. The kids have a great time. We have a costume parade, a pet costume contest, pies, live entertainment and all. The park is huge with a playground, plumbing and plenty...
  48. JoelD

    Installing Chair and Three point seat belts

    This is a little (ok a lot) off topic but you guys will know the answer. Want to get a camper, really like the 1 ton conversion vans with toilet and sink and AC and all. Problem is they only have two seats with belts, driver and passenger. Is it possible to mount a third seat, with three point...
  49. JoelD

    How to attach ripper teeth

    HI all, I've got replacement teeth for my box blade rippers, as the originals either broke or ripped off. The originals were crimp on and the replacement look to be pegged on. How should I go about attaching the new teeth? Thank you, Joel
  50. JoelD

    Tiller Countyline Tiller is this a King Kutter?

    I've been looking around at tillers, I've got rocky soil, therefore something strong with slip clutch is mandatory. Does anyone know if this tiller is a king kutter? I'm not planning on using a bunch, but need for it to work when I do use it. Any other suggestions at reasonably priced...