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  1. prometheus303

    Stump Buckets

    Was wondering is a stump bucket worth getting for a tractor? I have a root grapple. Even when I tried to pick up small stumps out of the ground like 2" to 3" Diameter. I still lift my rear end off the ground. My rear tire have liquid ballast (water) and 300 LBS Boxblade. Would stump bucket do...
  2. prometheus303

    Kioti cx2510 vs tym264 vs Branson 2610 h

    I'm considering one of the following tractor and was wondering have experienced with these tractors. Cx2510 is around 2200 weight Tym t264 is around 1880 weight Branson 2610h is around 2000 I know weight of a tractor is real important for things like grading and stability. I'm also concern...
  3. prometheus303

    Kioti ck3510 backhoe or comparable tractor

    It been a while since my last post. Realistically is backhoe on tract like ck3510 capable of digging out large stump like a 36"? If not what could it take out realistically? Let's say in 6 hours or less in time I have use for backhoe for other projects. I'm not concern at the moment the fact...
  4. prometheus303

    2008 Kioti DK45S

    I'm considering buy this used tractor. In had 1129 engine hours. Was wondering if this is a good model? Since its 2008 would it lack the computer electronic for the engine? The dealer says it has been serviced and all the cylinders have been repacked. Here is some info. DK45S w/ KL451 Loader...
  5. prometheus303

    MT240E – 40HP

    I'm Looking At MT240E – 40HP. Does anybody have one or similar model and how they like. Is it good on fuel?
  6. prometheus303

    The Tractor Scam 2018 Kubota Grand L4760

    If you have followed my other posts you know I'm searching for a tractor. I clicked a facebook ad for a 2018 Kubota Grand L4760. $16,000. I clicked on contact seller and sent email. Right of the bat, The price is to good to be true. Red flag is going off. I already heard the husband died...
  7. prometheus303

    Branson Alterative. and I'm I going over Board?

    I have been looking for Branson 3515H or 4815H. The dealer here Ocala does both Branson & Kioti. The don't have 3515 or 4815 Right now, but they have 2022 Kioti dk4510m unit. Kioti website. I would have to deal with Regen and more electronic control engine. It is also shuttle shift. The plus for...
  8. prometheus303

    Branson 2515H tractor

    I'm considering purchasing this Branson 2515H tractor? Wondering if anyone has one and what they think about it? Also what type of fuel consumption I would expect? The operation rpms is 2100. It 24hp engine. It nearly 3000lbs in weight.
  9. prometheus303

    Insurance for tractors.

    Want to find out if anybody has experience getting insurance tractor? One dealer says it'll be about $25 a month to ensure the tractor. But the tractor I'm interested the dealer does not provide insurance. So I'm looking for independent insurance agent that can insure my tractor. So I was...
  10. prometheus303

    First Time Tractor Purchase TYM? or something else?

    I'm looking to buy a tractor for the first time. I have been looking around. I have consider Badboy 4025, RK37, RK25. I think I want either T474 or T494. It has the Kukje engine which is mechanical fuel injection. The engine it self does not require all of the computer electronics for it to run...