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    does anyone recognize this engine?

    12v I6 with a curious (to me) valve arrangement might need a bit of elbow grease but was recently running (?50 years idk)
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    Fire extinguishers

    I've got an Amerex 2.5 gallon water fire extinguisher that I carry on my tractor when I mow the dry grass. I just ran across this: Indian Chief 5-Gallon Heavy-Duty Nylon Fire Pump (I haven't shopped prices on them yet, there may be cheaper) which looks pretty neat: while you have to hand-pump...
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    haying not hating

    which one of you guys is this
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    Ridiculous brand name

    I'm pretty sure that one of the major causes of fires in my general area is people mowing....
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    Work lights for welding?

    I feel like I'm an "ok" welder, but I definitely do my best work when I can actually see what I'm doing. Unfortunately, I do most of my welding at night and though my shop lights up plenty bright for most work, as soon as that arc strikes I realize I could definitely use twice as much light -...
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    Replacement backhoe teeth?

    Has anyone found a non-dealer source for the branson backhoe bucket teeth? I got overly aggressive a while back and busted a couple teeth and while I'm ok for the moment I'd like to have some extras on hand. (searched threads...
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    how to set up a road/path

    For a long time there's been a de facto path down this hill from the house through the new arbors (the path has been in use for 30 years, the arbors are new this summer). I take the tractor up or down a couple times a week; less often a lawn tractor, and there's some foot traffic. Currently...
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    Detaching hoses in the warm

    Occasionally a question comes up "how do I take this hydraulic coupling apart it's stuck!" and almost invariably it's because the temperature was cooler when it was coupled and due to the increase of temperature, fluid pressure inside the hoses has increased to the point that you can't undo the...
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    Looking for jeans similar to 501 shrink-to-fit

    I've worn Levi 501 shrink-to-fit for the last 35+ years... every once in a while I buy 5 pairs, wear them for years, gradually moving a pair into my "stained" and eventually "torn" pile, and when I run out of the "nice" pile, I buy a new stack. It's been at least 7 or 8 years now because since...
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    Just curious - hydraulically adjustable pallet forks?

    I'm curious if anyone has modified pallet forks to use the "3rd function" to make the fork width adjustable? This is pure curiosity as I don't find manual adjustment too bad (raise forks up a bit, tilt down to about 45°, shove them around). I did a brief search but likely failed to use the right...
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    need help identifying friction clutch

    The friction discs in the clutch for my tiller don't look like they're all there (they're fractured and missing chunks). I'm not surprised, as I bought it at auction ~5 years ago and while it was unused then, it had clearly been left in the weather, as I've done since I've had it. As of...
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    Bad pressure gauge?

    I set up a 5000psi pressure gauge with M&F connectors, stuck it on my backhoe loop, and operated a valve (briefly deadheading). The dial didn't budge. Fluid is definitely flowing through the line. Bad gauge, or is this not a good place to put a gauge?
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    Need to protect a small inverter & battery on an outdoor post

    I have a solar panel near a garden which is set up to charge a battery, which in turn powers an inverter; plugged into the inverter is a valve timer that handles the semi-automated irrigation for that garden space (didn't want to set up a zillion battery units, and this lets me also plug in a...
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    Picking up lots of big-ish rocks

    I have many many medium to large rocks, ranging from "I can pick this up possibly without getting a hernia" to "I can't possibly budge this", as in 100-500# (I did say "rocks" not "boulders", though some of these may be boulders depending on the definition), that I need to move, and then later...
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    Fireplace/woodstove gasket

    If you haven't replaced your wood stove's door gasket - typically some braided fiberglass thing - in a while, consider it. We didn't really realize ours needed replacing until our cat started having serious asthma attacks. Once we put 2+2 together we realized that there was more wood smoke...
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    G70 chain color

    I bought some grade 70 chain and I'm curious/concerned about the color. Basically, the yellow doesn't seem particularly consistent and some parts of the links are almost silver while other parts are super yellow. I've never had brand-new g70 chain - is this just how it is? Links are marked CM...
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    Burn piles

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    Pulling tree out with wheel & chain?

    I've got a number of scrub oak that I need to clear out of an area, and I'd prefer to yank them out rather than just cut them short as they sprout suckers madly and I prefer to avoid poisons. I've managed to pull out smaller specimens with my tractor using a chain - up to a few inches in...
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    Sort-of-sticking backhoe boom valve

    My backhoe (Branson/Ansung BH76) boom valve seemed to be sticking; in operation the valve joystick and operation felt funky. I searched around and found some ugly pics of rusted springs under the valve, so I took off the cover and briefly considered removing hoses so I could access the valve...
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    ~15yo riding mower/tractor tranny likely dying

    My ~15 year old riding mower/tractor - Sears DYS4500 54" (917.28690) - has been having a harder and harder time getting moving lately. I likely overwhelmed it pulling a dethatcher with too much weight on it, but regardless, it's had a pretty long life so far so I'm not too surprised. Last time I...
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    Add clutch to rotary mower

    I've got a Land Pride RCR1260 ("light duty" 60 inch) rotary recently busted a few shear bolts when mowing the edge of my pond (lowered it and stopped the blade suddenly... multiple times...). Bolts are a pain and there's probably less shock with a clutch, I'd imagine. What's a reasonable...
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    Questions about building a gateway entry arch thing

    Our driveway has a couple ugly concrete pillars flanking the entry gate, and as part of a larger fencing job that I'm doing, I'd like to relocate our gate down the drive a bit to get more yard space, get a wider entry, and eliminate the ugly pillars. In addition, I'd like to set up some sort of...
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    Mushroom ID?

    Looking for mushroom ID - my guess is scaly rustgill / fir flamecap (ie don't even think about eating it). The specimen I picked is about 2" across. The others range from 1¼" - 3½". They're growing under pines with chip mulch. Smells good, but I won't be tempted. Yet.
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    Anyone insured?

    I saw another thread about ktac in the Kubota forum, and I was curious if any tractor owners have insurance on their tractor (ie non-ktac)? If so would you mind telling: - why do you have it - what does it cover - about how much does it cost - for what tractor Reason I ask is probably obvious...
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    Suddenly have a "signature" and unable to modify

    Android 12, latest TBN app When I post now a "signature" is automatically added ("posted on my $phone via Tapatalk" or something similar, you'll see it below). I'm unable to find how to turn this off. The 3dots at upper right don't let me affect settings: And the 3 bars top left have...
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    Good work shirt for warmer weather?

    I've been doing a bunch of land clearing the hard way - I use the tractor when I can to rip stuff out of the ground (chain large brush and small trees) but there's a lot of effort still (I prefer to pull blackberries out root and all instead of using toxins) that I end up looking like cat got to...
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    Aluminum decking

    [I was going to reply to this thread but decided not to hijack... ] I've been considering aluminum decking to replace ours. Our deck currently is about 3" of exposed aggregate over what should've been a layer of bituthene, and thus theoretically watertight, because part of the deck is over an...
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    IBC totes in Nevada County

    I've started doing the firewood totes thing recently, and totes around here (Nevada County) are few and far between and expensive to boot. I just talked to a fellow who's making a delivery in the GV/NC area next Sunday and it sounds like he's got room for 12 more - something around $50 a piece...
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    considering this trailer...

    I've been thinking of building a fire tank/pump/hose trailer for firefighting for a while and I just ran across this trailer for sale somewhat locally. The question is, how to determine a likely capacity of this trailer's axles? I see 6 lugs, but from the pic (the ad says nothing) I can't see...
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    How to remove this fuel filter?

    I'm guessing the textured ring is unscrewed - is there a tool for this or do I just grab it with some channel-lock pliers?
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    Cone wood splitters

    I first ran across these probably a few years when watching movies of really sketchy (probably eastern European) wood cutters. I already have a typical stand-alone 25-ton hydraulic log splitter which works well for me (bought surprisingly cheaply second-hand, starts on the second pull after not...
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    So about this tiller

    I bought this tiller a few years ago at an auction. It's an absolute monster and the few times I've used it, I got more done in half an hour (including 3ph hookup time) than I used to get done in four hours with my rear-tine walk-behind. Love it! So part of this post is "3ph tillers rock!"...
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    (FYI) Kub L6060D on auction this Friday near Portland Or

    (Note: I have no interest in this tractor myself as seller or buyer - I watch this auction site as I'm occasionally in Portland and have someone there that could buy for me and I saw this and thought it may be of interest to others) Auction is near Portland Oregon Friday 8/27 Kubota L6060D w/...
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    Robotic farm units

    Interesting robotic weed killing thing: ‘Ten years ago this was science fiction’: the rise of weedkilling robots
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    Buying things on-line - decision strategies

    Discussions about buying stuff on-line (especially from Amazon) come up here and there and rather than put this in a thread that just mentioned amazon reviews, I figured I'd put it in its own message... My advice to family is to mostly disregard 1* and 5* reviews: 5*: too many paid shills, or...
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    Removing calcium scale from "plaster"/cement

    This isn't really a "rural living" thing, but in lieu of finding some other forum site, I figured I'd ask the DIY geniuses here first! There's an in-ground pool at our house that hasn't been used in a long time (like, more than 15 years), and there was some pretty disgusting water (with a...
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    PTO shaft guard for rototiller

    I got a rototiller a few years ago at auction, and it obviously had been in the sun at least a couple years. The tiller works great, but the shaft guard pretty much disintegrated. Considering that the distance between the tractor and the tiller is pretty minimal and you'd be in mortal danger...
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    Solar for sprinkler irrigation controller

    I've got a new site on my land that we're setting up for gardens and we want to put the watering on automatic valves with a multizone timer controller. There's a ton of rock and other plantings between the garden site and the nearest power, plus it's about 150', so I'm considering using a solar...
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    curious about brush hog attachment

    I see this brush hog on CL (in Coloma, CA area if you're interested - I've already got a 5' one and was just curious) and I don't recognize the linkage at the top: Is that typical or at least "one of the normal ways" they're set up? It's quite a bit different than mine, and I was wondering if...
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    BXpanded backhoe quick-on connector for "B"

    Does anyone here have BXpanded's "quick-on back hoe bucket connector" (for BH65/70/75/76/77/4672/4690B/750/751)? Since at least the BH76 was made by Ansung, and my BH76 with a not-kubota brand was made by Ansung, there's hope that this attachment could fit my backhoe. I'd like to use a ripper...
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    Reroute exhaust exit 3520?

    Hi all - curious if anyone's looked at rerouting the exhaust exit on a non-cab like the Branson 3520? I've seen this thread and I'm definitely interested because my exhaust blows a ton of dust everywhere I go... I'm sure the radiator fan is doing its part too but there's more dust billowing out...
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    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    The water well at my property has a very small concrete slab around it - about 2' x 4', 3"ish thick - with the well casing, electrical conduit, and pipe going to the house being encased in it (there's a T in the pipe which provides water to chickens & garden between the well and the...
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    Wildland fire fighting equipment

    I live in fire country in California - tbh, where isn't it fire country in this state? but seriously, we've had substantial fires in the general region every year, Paradise burned down a brief ways off that way, and another fire singed my neighbor's barn and strongly threatened our property as...
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    check under the hood...

    check under the hood before starting your tractor. tbd if the chicken survives, she's lost at least a toe and possibly has a &$#@! leg... if she doesn't die from shock
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    Mangled my subsoiler pulling rocks

    I had my subsoiler on from using it to bury some radio fence wire, and so I decided to have it *ahem* "assist" me in removing some rocks from a newly reclaimed area, making a "road" more passable for my tractor to get through. Kinda mangled it; didn't realize the main frame was bent until I...
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    what to do with an old car?

    We've got an older car - a 60s muscle car, convertible, definitely wasn't a show car when we got it 20 years ago (numbers match? whaaaaa? hahaha no) but we enjoyed driving it around for a few years. It's history with us was, my wife wanted a convertible, I found this and she liked it and we...
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    Trying to determine quick connect coupling type on 3520H

    I'm setting up a hydraulic pressure gauge to test my Branson 3520H; I'm figuring to get connectors to be able to test at any connection point - or is it sufficient to just choose one? I'm trying to figure out what the connectors are called so I can get the right ones for the tester. The dealer...
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    subsoiler for running wire

    I've had a section of "radio fence" for my cats that cuts across an open part of the yard (the rest of the wire is run at the base of fences; we didn't want them going *everywhere*) and for years the wire has just been laid over the ground - watch your step, and move the wire to the side when...
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    Wondering what to do with this land

    We've got a couple acres which some 40 years ago were part of a larger area cleared and for a landing strip (grass, unpaved); apparently the fellow landed the plane once and never tried it again. I'm not sure about the whole landing story (did he crash? get freaked out? just didn't fly any more...
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    3520h belt

    I'm told that the repair department here requires a new belt for my 3520h (technicians pictured). Unsurprisingly, the oem belt doesn't show up in Google searches. Does anyone have an equivalent known that I may be able to find at napa?