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  1. diesel_nut

    GT2554 update

    Bought it new. Really can't remember which year it is. Anyway I just replaced the engine main seals. Not a particularity hard job. The driveshaft 'barrels' threw me for a loop for a bit but figured all that out. If someone could show mea pic of the throttle linkage, especially the two main...
  2. diesel_nut

    2007/8? GT2554

    Bought it new. Really can't remember which year it is. Anyway I just replaced the engine main seals. Not a particularity hard job. The driveshaft 'barrels' threw me for a loop for a bit but figured all that out. If someone could show mea pic of the throttle linkage, especially the two main...
  3. diesel_nut

    GT2554 deck lift bracket broken

    Anyone know where to find this part (L-shaped bracket the lift handle attaches to). On back order from the factory. Guess they're breaking left and right about now.
  4. diesel_nut

    GT2554 dipstick cap problem

    GT2554 oil cap problem Tabs broken on engine side. Cap won't stay in place. Anyone have a fix for this yet?
  5. diesel_nut

    Anyone else using the android app?

    Posting via android phone isuing the app. Pretty slick
  6. diesel_nut

    Tiller for Cub 2554?

    Anyone have any good ideas for a tiller for a Cub 2554? Cub makes one for it but it costs as much as the tractor. Not going to pay all that $$ for a small garden. I could get by with a walk-behind tiller but I'd rather let the tractor 'do all the work'.
  7. diesel_nut

    Cub 2500 Series anyone?

    GT2554 here
  8. diesel_nut

    2554 anything new?

    Anything new about the 2554 in the last 6 months?
  9. diesel_nut

    I'm back

    Just a note to say hi. Will be following the forum a little closer now.
  10. diesel_nut

    Bermuda going dormant

    Thought this might be interesting to some. Growing up in the North I really did not know about how Bermuda acts. Even after being down South for many years I am still intrigued by it. Summer: lush and green Starting to go dormant: still as thick. just doesn't look lik eit "Tiger striping"...
  11. diesel_nut

    Mowing Engaging mower PTO

    Well after nearly 50 hours of engaging the deck at 1/2-3/4 throttle I now have little/no squeal when engaging the mower PTO. Seems to have worn in quite well. I highly recommend it. Oh and shutting the key off with the idle all the way down then opening up the throttle immediately after turning...
  12. diesel_nut

    2554 deck. Awesome cut!

    OK, we've had 20 straight days of rain. My neighbor's yards look like crap(tons of clumps). My yard looks awesome! This deck clears grass out phenomenally!
  13. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel 2554 oil drain leaking

    Changed the oil 2 weeks ago and I have noticed a leak under the tractor. Initially I thought it was residual oil dripping off frame rail. But it's the oil drain leaking(the twist and turn drain). Dealer said to bring it in and they have a new updated plug for that. Will let you know what that is...
  14. diesel_nut

    Hey what's shakin?

    Just wanted to say what a nice site THIS is :)
  15. diesel_nut

    Sick post about Billy Mays' death

    Deleted by Diesel nut.
  16. diesel_nut

    Man it's hot here!

    This is the time all you northerners can get back at us for posting how nice the weather is here in the spring, fall and winter. Whew!! 94 but the 'humiditure' is 100. We live off the humiditure like you guys talk 'wind chill'. I think they use the term 'heat index now, where it was...
  17. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel First oil change 2554

    All went well. Pretty easy. Didn't have a hose to connect to the drain so I let it run out. It drained to the rear and fell down cleanly enough into my drain pan. Filter needed a little persuasion to come off (filter tool). New oil filter(filled like they suggest) went on with no drips at all...
  18. diesel_nut

    Tried new shut off procedure

    1) Turn throttle to idle for 30-60 secs (longer the hotter the engine is). 2) Turn key off AND push throttle up to ~ 3/4 at same time. The key here is the engine rpms were low to start with (at idle). It shut down very quickly and no hint of backfire. I think I like this better than shutting...
  19. diesel_nut

    Cub numbering.....any rhyme or reason?

    Is there any rhyme or reason for Cub numbering/lettering system for their tractors? I've had two, an 1872 and a 2554. I'm assuming the 18 part of the 1872 was the engine(18hp). The 72??? Now the 2554. I know the 25 is for 2500 Series. The 54 is the deck size. I'm sure there are plenty out...
  20. diesel_nut

    Cub flyer in local paper(from Cub Cadet)

    Some great deals: 2500 Series for ~$3400.
  21. diesel_nut

    Grading Greasing steering box on 2500 Series....clarified version

    Below shows where the fittings are and how to get to them. Accessing the area. Remove the wing nut (arrow) and bolt. This is in front of and below the left floor board and to the rear of the fuel filter: Remove left-half of cover(the one with the label on it) COMPLETELY. Just pull it from...
  22. diesel_nut

    Grading Greasing steering box 2500, Pics

    Greasing steering box on 2500 Series, Pics OK. I did the "dirty deed". Not all that bad and you don't really have to remove the steering box cover, but I did anyway to show what happens when you do it the way Cub spells out. Remove wing nut (red arrow). Then pull bolt out. This is located on...
  23. diesel_nut

    Mowing Engaging mower PTO

    GT2554 I guess it mentions this in the manual and I will look but this site has been dead lately so I will post this. Should the mower deck be down when engaging or does it make a difference? The reason I ask is, I went to engage it yesterday and the engine bogged down a lot(deck was fully...
  24. diesel_nut

    For sale..only 8:23 on tractor

    Great traction! YouTube - Lawn mower trail ride
  25. diesel_nut

    Plow days?

    Can someone explain to me what goes on at these things. Just curious as to why someone would put hours and wear and tear on their tractor just to till up someone else's land. Was going to ask this in a forum with plow days in it but thought I might incur some kind of rath ;)
  26. diesel_nut

    Murray paint?

    Anyone know of a good match for Murray tractor paint? Specifically the candy apple red. Prefer a spray paint can. Thanks.
  27. diesel_nut

    Didn't know my 2554 had this

    I bought the Cub and didn't know it had cruise control. I've set the %&#$^* parking brake it seems like a million times already and didn't notice the little cruise symbol on the lever. Gonna try it out next time I cut. Can you eliminate the parking brake switch and retain the cruise control...
  28. diesel_nut

    Picked up a Murray for resale

    Acquired this Murray. Cleaned it up and started it in one evening of work. Should be a nice little profit. Now this is my kind of 'restoration' project. Got another in the works.
  29. diesel_nut

    Rubbermaid trailer I doubt I paid that much for it 8 years ago and probably wouldn't have. Bought one of these about 8 years ago. It's been sitting outside for the past 6 years without use. Since I got the new...
  30. diesel_nut

    GT2554.... more observations

    Took it to our property near the Tn River and mowed on very irregular ground. Slightly hill with ditches and such. I am amazed at the traction this tractor has on irregular ground and it's ability not to scalp the grass even when on odd angles. Traction going up steep banks was amazing. Backing...
  31. diesel_nut

    Rural King?

    Anyone have one near them? We have one fairly close and we went to it today. All i have to say is this is the closest thing to heaven imaginable :)
  32. diesel_nut

    Sold the 1872

    Sad day but it was the right time to sell.
  33. diesel_nut

    Adjusting reverse lever throw

    Very easy fix. See pics below. Pic #1 shows the adjustment hold bolts. They are located directly under the floorboard under reverse lever. Loosen both bolts with a 3/8" socket. Reverse lever can now easily be pushed upward. Set at roughly 2-3/4 inches above metal on floorboard(measured from...
  34. diesel_nut

    Found: 5/8"-shank hitch ball

    Tractor Supply. Where else! I had called there and they said they didn't carry it. So what's a guy to do? I went over there and looked for one. It was a little high, at $19.95! Regular ones are like $7-10. My tilt-bed trailer is now on the other side of the house and I am a happy camper :)
  35. diesel_nut

    Water under foot covers

    This is what I want to avoid.........ouch! Gonna blow it off and wash every now and then....and completely dry under the covers!!
  36. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel Who makes Kohler oil?

    Anyone know? Was thinking if it was just(eg: Valvoline xxxxxxx), why not just use it. Would have to be less not being repackaged for Kohler(sorry Kohler ;) ) I did a Google search and NOTHING comes up for that....down to about 5 pages deep.
  37. diesel_nut

    2554 thoughts after first few uses

    Bad: -Water gets trapped under foot rest covers. May cause rust if(when) paint gets rubbed off. -Reverse pedal needs to be rethought. Works Ok but could be better. -Hood catches slightly when opening. Nothing horrible. -Tranny dipstick a pain to get out. Screw-on type would be better IMHO...
  38. diesel_nut

    Air/fuel mixture

    I have noticed some members state the new Cubs use a bit more fuel than maybe they should. I have also noticed the inside of the exhaust pipe on my 2554 being a bit black with what seems to be an overly rich air/fuel mixture. Anyone lean their settings out? I know the penalties for messing with...
  39. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel What oil?

    Disclaimer: If you are an Amsoil Distributor do not reply or send me a PM. Been there/ done that and already killed a few for bugging the CRAP out of me :) What oil do you use in your newer Cub? They say to use 10W30 for warm conditions. Can you use Rotella in these as I seem to always have...
  40. diesel_nut

    Does your hood catch on dash?

    The rear of my hood catches on the front of the 'dash board' when I try to lift the hood. I tried a remedy with some success but I think it's gonna take a few treatments before it is fixed for good. If I have to say: "watch the heat gun as it may melt your hood..............." A hair dryer...
  41. diesel_nut

    Price Check Got good price on Cub GT2554

    Found a left-over 'new' '08 at local dealer. I went before the rush of people and they were ready to sell: $2995! Thought I'd post to let folks know what is possible out there. Oh and I have a used 1872 for sale($1000 to folks on this board). Hurry before I change my mind(regain my senses) ;)
  42. diesel_nut

    Drain line in lawn won't grow in

    1) This is Bermuda grass. Lived here for 6 years and there is a noticeable line thru the lawn where there is a drain line under the lawn going to a culvert. For whatever reason the Bermuda hasn't taken over that line(about 100 ft long and maybe a foot wide) and going across the middle of my...
  43. diesel_nut

    One last picture

    Old and new. Taking the 1872 to the dealer to be sold. A sad day.
  44. diesel_nut

    2554 front 'bumper'

    right side has plugs in it and left side does not. Is this supposed to be this way?
  45. diesel_nut

    tow ball....small shank....where?

    Where do you find a tow ball with a small enough sahnk to fit in that small hole on the new lawn tractors? Need a 2" ball.
  46. diesel_nut

    Comparison: model 1872 to GT2554

    Just bought a new GT2554 to replace my 20 year old model 1872. Some comparisons. - 1872 is clearly much more heavy-duty and was built to be. They may not be in the same level of tractors but they are relatively close. The 1872 may be one level up from the 2500 series. - 2554 is much smoother as...
  47. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel Oil changes made easy

    Google "Pella oil extractor". Had one for about 3 years now and love it, expecially for the lawn tractor!. Cars, motorcycles, etc. Just changed the oil in my old Cub 1872 which is a major PIA to get to the oil 'drain'.
  48. diesel_nut

    Any regrets ......2500 Series?

    Let it fly :)
  49. diesel_nut

    Oil & Fuel International/ Cub diesel

    Got my eye on a used 3-cylider older Cub diesel. Anyone have any helpful info?
  50. diesel_nut

    !872 with new drive shaft

    OMG! this thing is like new now. No more vibration! Guess I'll keep it another 20 years :)