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  1. bmaverick

    Headlamps flickering then quit working, finally solved.

    Most of the YM series, both domestically sold and gray market have the Stanley headlamps and Yushin-Seiki switch. I had spend about 2-hours debugging the failed light. The bulbs are the halogen type Wagner HM202 that are the direct replacements of the Stanley P15D25 incandescent. The...
  2. bmaverick

    SCORE - Quick Hitch H-F

    Yes, Harbor-Freight had a 20% OFF coupon for the 4th sale. I waited a while for this. I got the Quick-Hitch for $111.00 I've watched 3 YT vid reviews on multiple quick hitches under various brands. The H-F holds up to the big name brands just the same. Why pay another $100 or $200 more...
  3. bmaverick

    Ym2020 head gasket for 3T82B engine. Will a 3T84 gasket work. Or an engine swap?

    An owner of a YM2020 is in great need for a 3T82B head gasket p/n 129351-01330. The supply chain in the EU has no inventory. I'm reaching out here as he need to have his machine ready for Spring planting. Is there information of a 3T84 gasket working on a 3T82? I've notice a 3T75 gasket has...
  4. bmaverick

    A Yanmar EU forum site, is it gone or offline

    Anyone having issues getting on today??? I tried a few things and still can't get the site to load. It would be sad if the site is lost for good. Lots of great Yanmar info over there.
  5. bmaverick

    YM1700 on the bottle

  6. bmaverick

    Can not edit post starting the message thread.

    The trhead is here, I've successfully updated this post a handful of times over the past 3 years with no problems, today, there is no edit ability. What happened and how can the updated document be placed in the post...
  7. bmaverick

    Headlamps from P15D-25 incandescent to HALOGENS.

    My goal was to keep the OE look to the YM machine. I've seen the LED headlamps and it took away the natural era look. Yet, finding the P15D-25 bulbs at a good price is a pain. And typically what you do find is the 25W/25W vs the OE 25W/35W (low/high beam). After consulting a few vehicle...
  8. bmaverick

    Hydraulic Suction line - where did the fluid all go - oh no!

    Here's a blunder not to get stuck doing. Last fall, I changed the hydraulic fluid. I'm good for a few years, so I thought. On the throttle side of the YM2610, under the floor foot rest is the suction line for the hydraulics. At the location where the tractor can be split for clutch access...
  9. bmaverick

    Yanmar Gray Market Policy for Q2 2022

    The policy can be found here as of this posting. Gray Market | YANMAR Tractor This updated policy goes into greater details of what a Yanmar Gray Market machine is defined. The policy is strong suited to state the SAFETY differences of US/Canada domesticated machines vs. those not intended to...
  10. bmaverick

    Tires and tubes - - 5.00-15

    Other than that cheap Carlisle brand that rots out too soon, what other 2WD front tire and tube makes are reliable, durable and long lasting? From word-of-mouth, the Alliance 303 has an awesome following. But, for my size, it's sold-out everywhere or it's now 3X the price. I can find 6.00-14...
  11. bmaverick

    Tires and tubes JD850, JD870, JD950, JD970 - - 5.00-15

    Other than that cheap Carlisle brand that rots out too soon, what other 2WD front tire and tube makes are reliable, durable and long lasting? From word-of-mouth, the Alliance 303 has an awesome following. But, for my size, it's sold-out everywhere or it's now 3X the price. I can find 6.00-14...
  12. bmaverick

    Yanmar - Just Toys Only

    After finishing off with the YM3110 recently in the other thread, I went looking to see if there are more Yanmar TOYS. Indeed there are. There are several to show and display. Some of interest and others as oh, wow.
  13. bmaverick

    How many are ENERGY Farming

    Seems that farmers who can't get crops to turn a good yield or the market isn't paying like it should or weather conditions are difficult to grow hay grasses or droughts, and nobody has the cash to buy all that land, what do you do? Seems ENERGY farming is taking off. Not just a mere acre or...
  14. bmaverick


    From the Yanmar Tractor Owners Group and the lively discussions about the block heater, the attached document will help anyone choose and to install the optional kit for winter use.
  15. bmaverick

    Looking for spare parts for Yanmar AC18 (goose)

    Posting for a friend - - - Tell me where you can find the catalog numbers of spare parts for Yanmar AC 18 (goose). Can you find spare parts for this model at all?
  16. bmaverick

    MITSUBISHI TURBOCHARGERS - How to Service & Maintain

    Got a machine with the TD025, TD03, TD04, TD05 or TD06 turbocharger, then the attachment is for you. Came across this document in a really obscured way. Many of the K Engine Series and others use these turbos. In fact, these are also used in the autos too. MHI still makes them today both in...
  17. bmaverick

    Yanmar 2022 models are now in at -

    So, there's this TRACTOR SHORTAGE going on right now and out of no where, I find this Yanmar 2022 SA424 4WD with a Yanmar loader now at FREDRICKS. :love: How did they get this in stock? WOW. 2022 Yanmar SA Series SA424 | Fredricks Outdoor Wild Bidding Wars Erupt at Used-Tractor Auctions...
  18. bmaverick

    Yanmar Diesel Fuel Bowl

    Since late summer, I took apart the fuel bowl and filter. My what a clump of junk at the bottom of the fuel bowl (cup). The trouble is, I did order the correct filters, just that my machine came with the short fuel bowl and not the long size for my machine. Out on the web, there are places...
  19. bmaverick

    Requesting a sticky in a sub-forum

    Over in the Mitsubish-Satoh forum, one of the most valuable resource documents for the brands is the thread below. It would be a great help making it STICKY over there. Any MODS or ADMIN...
  20. bmaverick

    What model and engine is in your Mitsubishi or Satoh?

    There isn't too much info on the web nor in documents to cover the many many many machines made over the years. And TractorData isn't Bible on the subject matter either. So, the purpose of this thread is to help compile a better listing. What model and engine is in your Mitsubishi or Satoh...
  21. bmaverick


    The MITSUBISHI - SATOH TRACTOR INFORMATION, PARTS, AND SUPPORT.PDF has finally been updated. It's no longer in that difficult to read and no possible to search older PDF format. Edwin Krampitz wrote the first edition. He did a fine job at it. However, Ed Krampitz tractor historian passed...
  22. bmaverick

    Cruise Control

    There is another thread on TBN talking about how many people opted for cruise control on their new tractors. For the newbies The best creature comfort add-ons to your tractor To consider when buying I sat back thinking, would I ever need this on my Yanmar? Then it dawned on me ... Duh, our...
  23. bmaverick

    Hot hot hot

    The drought here is getting dangerous like the 1988 era when the grass not only went brown, it turn white. When the wind blows, the white grass disappears and only sand is left. I made an effort today to by installing a 55-gallon barrel up at the front garden. Got tired taking 2X 5-gallon...
  24. bmaverick

    Yanmar YM cabs

    I'm not at all versed in Japanese. On one of the sites, it makes mention that a Kubota CAB fits on the Zen-Noh YM series machines. This turned up in the YM2000 searches. So, I went looking for that cab model. I can not confirm this info. Just putting this out there to see if others have...
  25. bmaverick

    WEST KENTUCKY TRACTOR PARTS - Is no more ? ? ?

    What happen to them. Their Godaddy listing for both sites are GONE. And up for sale. or WEST KENTUCKY TRACTOR PARTS - Largest Japanese Compact Tractor Salvage Yard in the USA 6375 Joppa Landing Road Kevil, KY 42053 Office: 270-462-2191 Toll...
  26. bmaverick

    Yanmar - Model Cover Pages

    There are seldom seen Yanmar model cover pages from publications for the vintage machines. I'll post what I've found over the years. YM173 (This is the machine that later becomes the YM1300) Did a YM173 ever make it this side of the pond? In Canada, yes.
  27. bmaverick

    Yang Bow Mar Bow (Yanbo and Mabo) - The Mighty Midgets

    OK who are these two? Hint: letters on their shirts are . . .
  28. bmaverick

    It's now open YanDeere season

    Has anyone ever gone YanDeere hunting? It's a hunting sport that very few ever try. It takes skills to spot one, maybe two in a season. I had to call my best buddies, Lighten McQueen and Mater to hep last season. So, while tip towing thru the fields and pastures, I can across a YANDEERE ...
  29. bmaverick

    Yanmar YM Model Breakdown

    Over the years here, a few tidbits of how the model break down is mentioned. Is it possible to have a more polished listing here. Models ending in are really what? YMxx00 YMxx01 YMxx02 YMxx10 YMxx20 YMxxxxA YMxxxxB YMxxxxF YMxxxxM YMxxxxDGR = Grounds care machine (YM1610DGR &...
  30. bmaverick

    Do you own a Tree Frog?

    We as North American owners haven't too much of a clue as to why Yanmar lime green tractors suddenly went red. Well, I found out the story on a Japan bloggers website. On the blogger site there are 2 reasons why Yanmar tree frog green was abandoned. 1. People made jokes of the color and the...
  31. bmaverick

    TBN Yanmar Photo Gallery

    Seems after the refresh this weekend, the link I had to the Yanmar Photo Gallery now takes a person to the Caterpillar dozer section. Anyone have the new path location?
  32. bmaverick

    ISEKI Tractor Manuals all for FREE

    Long as the site over there remains up, there is a 1.57Gb index of ISEKI Tractor manuals for FREE. Iseki Manuals I'm over taxied with just Yanmar & Mitsubishi-Satoh documentation. BUT, someone who has or follows this tractor brand needs to snag all of this for safe keeping. Never know what...
  33. bmaverick


    It's taken a slew of time to compile many of the YM 3-digit electrical schematics. The Yanmar Tractor Owners Groups on GroupsIO would like to share with the TBN Yanmar community our Rev-3 reference manual. It's a little on the crude side for this version, however, the Yanmar community are...
  34. bmaverick

    YM2610 parked - no start - no power with key and clutch for light on gauges

    Well, I knew something had to go in time. I've been using the machine for much of the Summer and now Fall with the key to off while running it. The electrical will not charge the battery. The alternator puffed a tad bit of smoke. The CHG lamp sometimes glows a dim light and others times...
  35. bmaverick

    ROPS - Going Once, Going Twice, and - - - see link

    Did someone say ROPS? WOW what a deal, especially if you live in Northern CA! A ROPS normally costs almost $1,000. Get all these for $500 in the bundle. Mount the one that fits your machine and sell the rest off! :2cents: Tractor, ROPS, pallet - farm & garden - by owner - sale
  36. bmaverick

    DIY Pallet Forks to lift simple loads

    Had a need to move a 275gal IBC Tote and no tractor pallet tool with forks. This is my home brewed method as nobody was around to help move the tote but the tractor. Step 1 get an idea of what a rear 3PT pallet fork would look like. Step 2 mimic that setup with what you have. Step 3 Try...
  37. bmaverick

    YM2500 - YM2610 - YM4300 electrical info

    So, I was able to find a bit of help from our Yanmar siblings in green called Deere's. This is from the TM1192 Section 204 for JD850/900HC/950/1050. These are very close to the YM2500/YM2610/YM4300 machines. I've also included the YM2500/YM2610 as well for comparisons. There is very scant...
  38. bmaverick

    shhh - Gray Market tractors ARE being supported by

    OK, as I've been rebuilding the 4 Yahoo Groups over to GroupsIO, I just found an amazing discovery. This has been out there ALL THIS TIME. And per GoDaddy, it's been RENEWED too. There were group links that obviously went to suppliers today of Hoye, Fredricks, Sheaffers, and yet others who...
  39. bmaverick

    Comparison KOYKER 140 LOADER for YM2610? Maybe not, what else then?

    Well, I thought when buying the YM2610, the KOYKER 140 LOADER priced at $3,500 was alright to snag later. Well, I've been getting quotes in and it seems to be more than our budget can manage. So, what else is out there than what I've seen below? - Rear FEL on 3pt - Westendorf Auto-Dump...
  40. bmaverick

    Compression Release Cable broke on Christmas Day

    Oh how merry I was when it happened. :rolleyes: So, I didn't have any extra bike cables that I could have easily cobbled together to make a really robust one, but I did have loctite and several shrink tubes. :p Plus, I added some 3-in-1 oil to ensure this isn't going to bind in the sleeve...
  41. bmaverick

    Yanmar - Hats, mugs, jackets, more

    Back in 2014 just after getting my YM2610, I noticed other farmers in my town had John Deere, IH, Ford and other ball caps, signs in the shed/barn, and even coffee mugs. I looked and looked and could not find anything in the USA. Mainly, the Yanmar Ag stuff was all in the EU. Sure, I could have...
  42. bmaverick

    Yahoo Groups going DARK in hours - Struck Group

    As nobody right now can even post on Yahoo Groups at this time, this was the only other place referenced by the Struck Company website. Struck Corp - Compact Crawler Tractors Struck Group and Mr. Russell Courtenay, Are you moving the group? Maybe to GroupsIO? Did you request the...
  43. bmaverick

    DIY PTO driven wood chipper.

    I've seen 2 or 3 gas powered wood chippers in the 8hp range or better converted with the motor removed and a PTO interface added on youtube. Howbeit, those were done in eastern Europe where things are like a wild bizarre type of a zombie looking machine. Then there was the guy in NC who did...
  44. bmaverick

    Yanmar - Keep Calm

    I've seen the Deere version and wanted one in my tractor shed for the Yanmar in a simple 8.5x11 frame. So, a quick PDF was made. Hope others can find this handy as well.
  45. bmaverick

    Another type of BIG lift for the Yanmar

    Well, this isn't so much of an attachment, but how to use one in a totally different way. Again, I used my box-blade for this easy feat. How to lift a 261-lbs 330-foot horse fence roll without breaking your back while moving it across the pasture. So far, for lifting and moving things...
  46. bmaverick

    Yanmar with a BIG lift

    I'm poor, but not without rich ideas. I turned my box-blade into a BIG carry all tool.
  47. bmaverick

    Glad to own an older Yanmar now

    Well, as technology increases, so does the cost to repair or even own a tractor. If the tractor breaks, your dealer is the only one to fix the modern machine. I'm happy to own a restored gray Yanmar now. :cool: I can not afford dealer repairs. Farmers lobby for the right to fix their own...
  48. bmaverick

    JD850 totally restored - WOW

    A John Deere 850 is really a Yanmar YM2500. Or the Yanmar YM2610 if it's an automatic. Well, I had my John Deere 850 restored by Fredricks OutDoors and Imports out of Alabama. All I can say is WOW. Show room new and with ROPS, PTO shield, and many new parts not found on the original to...
  49. bmaverick

    Barbed Wire Fence Unroller

    This is tooooo good not to share. I hang out on - Encyclopedia of Homemade Tools and Imabass just made a DIY Barbed Wire Fence Unroller that is by far better than the Co-op or Tractor Supply offers! Yet it's very simple to make from welding or wood or thick PVC. I'll be...
  50. bmaverick

    Rear Finish Mower John Deere 261 Finish Mower Idler Pulley replacements

    It seems that the previous owner neglected this heavy duty mower for about 7-years outside in the rain, frost and lite snow. It was a home to rabbits under the deck and squirrels living under the pulley deck cover. Now it's mine. :D In the past year, I've done a complete power washing...