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  1. Torvy

    Offers I can't refuse?

    Today in the mail I got not 1, but 2 cash offers to buy my property. I'm so lucky. One offered me 55% of what we paid for the land 2 years ago. The other offered 73%. The house that I will likely finally move into this week cost 3x the land price. I think I'm going to pass on their...
  2. Torvy

    How would you build this?

    I've been thinking about how I want to store my 3pt and FEL attachments/implements. What I envision is a stand-alone covered lean-to with room for 6 items. 3 up, 3 down. For my purposes, the implements would be 72"(6ft) or less (+/- a few inches). The plan is to use pallets. How much...
  3. Torvy

    MIL is in her last hours

    Wife got a call on Wednesday. Her mom's neighbor (in LV) said she had apparently collapsed and was there for days in the heat with no water. Emergency crews broke in and took her to the hospital. Wife flew out that night. In the process, doctors discovered she had a lesion that indicated...
  4. Torvy

    TYM Grill Guards

    So, I was watching a Hank Hamilton video and he had Homestead make a grill guard for his T574. I took a look online and sure enough, they have them to order for 474, 494 and 574 models. $249 as of this moment. (13g). I decided...
  5. Torvy

    Acres TV

    I stumbled across some Ag related info. This one had apparently been around for over 10 years: These guys are from a very small town in SD.
  6. Torvy

    Flail Mower TMG Industrial

    These guys are out of Canada. Anyone have any experience with them and their products? I am looking for a light to medium duty ditch flail (articulating) flail. Not looking for top end, as this is for personal use only. I don't want to buy junk either, though. Most work will be along...
  7. Torvy

    Quick connect identification

    I couldn't find anything that clearly shows how to identify what connections are installed. I 'think' from some research that these are iso 5675 AG poppet couplers. Is the size inscribed on the side, or do I need to measure. If I measure, where? Inside? Those who know this stuff, please...
  8. Torvy

    Fluids and Filters

    I don't see a thread that covers the consumables for the TYM models. We seem to have some info for some of them, but I thought maybe I could get info and start a thread to hold some common info. My T574H arrives on Saturday. I would like to pick up spare parts/consumables so I have them in...
  9. Torvy

    T574H is ready

    I paid for my new T574H today. Now I just need to get it delivered. The view from the seat:
  10. Torvy

    Name that tree

    Here's a picture of a leaf from a tree (or cluster of trees) in my private 'forest'. I am pretty sure it is an oak (but I'm no expert). What kind of oak is it? Or is it something else?
  11. Torvy

    Thank You!

    I appreciate all of the advice, suggestions and thoughts on buying a tractor. I put a down payment on a TYM T574H with box blade, forks, and 3rd function. All of that for just under $32k. It should be here in a couple of weeks. Maybe by Easter. Things that changed due to advice...
  12. Torvy

    Metal buildings and Cell signals

    So we 'discovered' that despite having decent cell signals on our property, in the new house, not so much. So, I've been looking into cell boosters for the house. Anyone use one and have any recommendations on makes/models or features. Like most people, we want to get the most for the least.
  13. Torvy

    Buying Advice on Hydraulic links

    I suppose these are technically parts, but they attach to the tractor, so apologies if this is poorly placed. I am about to pull the trigger on a T494H (maybe a 4820H or T574H). I want to get a hydraulic top and side link. My primary use will be box blade work on driveway (200-300 ft) and...
  14. Torvy

    Educate me

    Sadly, my only welding 'experience' is running and fetching for welders at my dad's shop when I was a lad. I know you cannot look directly at it without eye protection, and not much else. I am wondering if it is worth learning a bit about welding (thinking a community college class or 2) so...
  15. Torvy

    Error correction

    I figured since there is not a logging or timber section on TBN, this would be the best place for advice on how to fix my mistake. I had a 12 year old+/- loblolly pine die in my little forest. I missed a bit on where it would drop and it got hung up. It is not close to any building, roads...
  16. Torvy

    New (to me) Tundra

    Tomorrow we trade the Prius for a 2017 Tundra SR5 Double Cab. 6 1/2 foot bed. 5.7l V8. Our mileage will drop from 65 to 15. (haha). Once we get moved in, the truck will rarely go more than a few miles. The truck is step will be the trailer.
  17. Torvy

    T494 vs 4820

    I am getting very close to pulling the trigger on one of these two. I have spoken with the 3 dealers within a hour or so of my place. They can all get either model regardless of which brand they sold prior to the recent blending. Here's the tale of the tape for things that matter: Branson...
  18. Torvy

    Thanksgiving Songs

    We have lots of songs for Christmas, Halloween and even a few for Chanukah. There are a couple of Thanksgiving songs, but some may not believe them Over the River and Through the Woods and Jingle Bells (yes, it is actually a Thanksgiving song) Any others?
  19. Torvy

    UTV vs Bull

    Be safe out there. Bulls are big and your ATV is no match. Heartfelt condolences to the families.
  20. Torvy

    Branson expansion

    Saw a new video today from Mike at LSE in Nashville. They sell Kioti and added TYM about a year ago. Now he has Branson, too. I guess this gives us some indication of how TYM feels about Branson.
  21. Torvy

    Ironcraft Implements (formerly Titan Imp.)

    Apparently, the confusion should be over. The US company changed their dba to Ironcraft. The old titan implement web address is no longer working.
  22. Torvy

    Utility trailers - what should i know?

    I used to own a small single axle utility trailer I bought for $300 from a former co-worker. It was just for hauling stuff to the dump. I have, then, basic experience with trailering, but I need more knowledge to find the right one. I figured out I cannot afford a big trailer and the truck it...
  23. Torvy

    Replacing regular with GFCI. - Solved Thanks All

    I have two electric outlets near our Master Bathroom sinks. No power from either one, so I was going to replace them. Yes, I checked the breakers. :) I've done this before with regular outlets. I think those by the sinks should be upgraded to GFCI. Is this something I should be able to...
  24. Torvy

    New? Yanmar dealer in East Texas

    I was looking for some info on UTVs and ran across what I believe to be a new dealer for Yanmar in Longview. I checked about a year ago for tractor dealers in NE Texas. There wasn't one listed then or I would have gather data about Yanmar sooner. I was wondering if Yanmar MSRP was highly...
  25. Torvy

    2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 windshield?

    So along with figuring out what and when to buy a tractor, the missus has me doing research on UTVs as well. She has adjusted her requirements, so I have been going back over all of the manufacturers to see whether they have units that meet her demands and how much prices have changed, etc. I...
  26. Torvy


    The last couple of weeks I have heard quite a few radio ads by Bobcat of North Texas (DFW area) specifically about their tractor line. Got me wondering if they have inventory. For those outside north Texas, they have 9 dealerships from Longview (about an hour west of Shreveport,LA) to...
  27. Torvy

    Metal building with no gutters?

    We are finalizing the details on our shop building. It will be 14' at the shoulder and cleaning gutters as we get older will be difficult to say the least. I am considering extending the roof a foot or so beyond the walls and using a ground drain to channel the water away from the foundation...
  28. Torvy

    Upcoming Wedding - advice needed

    Not me, my older daughter, the nurse. Wedding is in late May. This is the first of our kids to get hitched. We are not really up on the expectations and protocols as the parents. In general, we figure they are adults and can do things however they want. Just tell us our role and we will do...
  29. Torvy

    Bragging on my baby...

    Too many sad threads here.. My baby (18) was recently named to the Texas All-State Choir. For those unfamiliar it is a long and tedious process with 4 rounds of competition. Training starts in June and the final round is in January. Only about 80 are selected at each voice part. These are...
  30. Torvy


    After 5 months trying to get tangible progress on improving our land we finally have progress... Before picture...
  31. Torvy

    Features best included at time of purchase

    Heading into my final phase before ordering a tractor...I have a list of features I think I want installed at or before purchase. In no particular order: 3 sets of rear remote, 1 w/detent. 3rd function valve in front for grapple. Telescoping lower links. Pin-style stabilizer arms. Position...
  32. Torvy


    I am seeing some conflicting information on Branson's website about which models come with the Hydro max transmission. The 20 series seems clear. It also looks like the 4815 has it. What about the others?
  33. Torvy

    Rear remote w/ or w/o draft control

    Kubota experts, in my search for clarity, I have run across something I find strange in the pricing of a 4701, not sure yet if it applies to other models... I want an apples to apples comparison, so I am equipping all of my potential tractors as closely as possible. Hence, 2 rear remotes...
  34. Torvy

    Comparison LS Ground Clearance

    Not sure why, but LS seems to avoid any mention of ground clearance in their tractor data. I found an old thread here where some owners measured some, but that was at least 7 years current models. Are there any independent sources of that type of info? Is the clearance on them so low...
  35. Torvy

    Yanmar or Kukje?

    Looking at TYM and in the sizes I need, they have essentially the same tractors but with different engines. The Yanmar is common rail, the Kukje is indirect injection. What do I need to know?
  36. Torvy

    TYM test drive

    I found a dealer within an hour of my place with a few TYM tractors on the lot. He had a few 494 and a 574. I drove the 574c with SS and a 494 ROPS with HST. I was immediately impressed by the turning radius. These are not tiny tractors, but the steering mechanism allows a much tighter...
  37. Torvy

    What causes this pine tree problem?

    Out marking trees for removal and saw this. Anyone know what it is?
  38. Torvy

    Loaders overload

    I am trying to figure out the differences in the loader options on Kiotis. Most of the manufacturers seem to pair one loader with each tractor...maybe 2. Kioti seems to have at least 2, often 3 options. Has anyone found a good way to tell what is different? For instance... KL4010, KL4030...
  39. Torvy

    Shipping problem to improve?

    Apparently there was a rule at one or more ports that limited stacking to 2 containers...empties were back logging the ports. We will need more solutions, but this is a start...
  40. Torvy

    MT345E vs MT347

    I am looking for tractors in this size range and I am puzzled by these models. Here is what I see on their site. HP - advantage 347 by 2 HP PTO HP - advantage 347 by 1.7 HP Weight - advantage 347 by 145 lbs 3pt capacity - advantage 345e by 155 lbs Fuel tank - 345e by 3.1 gallons Wheelbase -...
  41. Torvy

    Nice features

    I went to a TYM dealer today in Tyler. There was a feature that I really liked. There is a lever in the back that lifts the 3pt Hitch. Seems like a good feature to hitch things up by yourself. What other unique features do y'all know about?
  42. Torvy

    Tractor House offline?

    Anyone else having trouble getting to TH website? I've been getting DNS errors. Only there though. Using different devices and different ISPs...
  43. Torvy

    Mufflers on small CUTs

    I was at a dealership looking at some LS 2s. The exhaust on them runs forward on the left side of the engine and terminates right at the front near the bottom of the engine cowling. It seems like this is a potential problem. I found this picture of the Case version. You can see it if you zoom...
  44. Torvy

    Branson dealers?

    I am trying to cast a wide net in terms of buying a tractor, but one of my deal breakers is distance to a dealership. My cutoff is about 60 miles (or an hour by car). According to Branson's dealer locator, the nearest dealer is about 100 miles away. Here's the tricky part for me...Branson has...
  45. Torvy

    Loader specs

    So I am researching to buy my tractor and I came across some puzzling information regarding FEL. This is on the brochure for NH. I expect to see 2 capacity figures, one for at the pivot pin and one at the bucket (or thereabouts). What is puzzling me is that for a couple of the NH options the...
  46. Torvy

    Free loader deal

    So the website says this deal ends Sept. 30. Does anyone know if this is a recurring deal they will renew or more of a unicorn? I am looking at tractors from the 2025 to 4055. Thanks.
  47. Torvy

    Comparison Seating

    So my wife has made it very clear that she expects to drive the tractor and not just once. Not a problem except she has never, so training will be very important. But for now, I need to figure out how difficult it is going to be to find a CUT that will fit both of us. Ultimately, I will need...
  48. Torvy

    Rototillers for beginners

    So I have a lot of time behind a self-propelled tiller. I am looking into a PTO tiller for my future tractor. Tractor will be in the 30-50 HP range. Tiller will be 4-6 ft, I think. Chain drive or gear drive? Reverse action or regular? Anything else I need to consider? Brands? Thanks in...
  49. Torvy

    Hisun/Massimo/Bennche UTV

    So doing research on UTV options. Discovered this brand and was interested. I prefer to not buy from China, but the prices for what you get seem to be worth a look. The biggest difference between them and the others in my spreadsheet...JD, Polaris, Artic Cat, Kubota, CanAm, Honda, Yamaha...
  50. Torvy

    UTV Tires

    So I have waded through some long threads and they touch on topics I'd like to dig deeper on... I have a UTV in my future no brand yet, not the point of this thread. I'd like to know more about tire options and the pros/cons. It will be used for transit on our property and sometimes on our...