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  1. George2615

    Mark Forums read feature not working today.

    Can't mark forums read today. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. George2615

    The Front Porch posts

    I've noticed that in the past few days that anything posted in Front Porch don't show up when I click on new posts. I have to manually switch to FP to see newest posts. Did something change? For example: I used to click on new posts to see if anything new was posted in Groan part quatre. Past...
  3. George2615

    XR4041HC service and parts manuals

    A while back someone posted a link (or a source to the cloud or dropbox) to download the pdf manuals. I can't find the post using the search function. At the time I did download them but my previous laptop died and the files were not recoverable. Does anyone have the link?
  4. George2615

    Trucksbynet site

    Has the trucksbynet site been shut down? I tried several times but get a 404-site not found msg. I know I haven't checked in for a while but got bored today and tried to get there to read some posts.
  5. George2615

    Log in problems for you computer gurus

    Hopefully one of you computer gurus can help. Is anyone besides me having problems logging in? For the past 2 days it has taken a long time to log in. I keep getting the name or password is incorrect window reply. Then I received 3 emails from TBN saying someone tried to log in to my acct. with...
  6. George2615

    MEME and Joke threads gone

    Besides the great tractor stuff posted here I feel an emptiness. Now that FP is gone so is one of my daily enjoyments which was checking for new jokes and memes mainly posted by CowboyRon, Myself, and others. They made my day. I did log in to the new TNT forum and have watched and read the posts...
  7. George2615

    Kubota Car

    Went to a local car show today. About 270 cars made the show but I saw one really RARE car. It is a street rod made with a Kubota diesel engine mated to a 5 spd. manual trans. The man that built it lives in FL. but the owner has residence in FL and NY and brought it to the show. Claims to get 50...
  8. George2615

    Messick's 2017 Christmas Light Show

    Haven't seen it posted yet but here's the link. Messick's 2017 Christmas Light Show | Lindsey Stirling - Celtic Carol - YouTube
  9. George2615

    Rear 3 pt linkage to raise and lower arms

    I made up some brackets and connecting rod to raise and lower my 3 pt arms from the back of the tractor. Just a few pieces of 1 1/2" x 1/8" x 13" flat steel, 1 1/2" x 1/8" x 8" angle, 3/8" x 6 1/2" rod with 2 washers welded on each end and misc. nuts, bolts, and washers. On the factory arm there...
  10. George2615

    Eating in the 50's

    THIS IS Really Pretty Accurate: EATING IN THE FIFTIES Pasta had not been invented. It was macaroni or spaghetti. Curry was a surname. A take-away was a mathematical problem. Pizza? Sounds like a leaning tower somewhere. Bananas and oranges only appeared at Christmas time. All chips were...
  11. George2615

    I just realized I've become a Seenager

    Seenager I am a Seenager. I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 50 years later I don't have to go to school or work. I get an allowance every month. I have my own pad. I don't have a curfew. I have a driver's license and my own car. The people I hang around with are...
  12. George2615

    Lorenz 730 Blower repaint

    Bought my used Lorenz 84" a few weeks ago. Cleaned it up, greased the bearings and joints, Freed up PTO shaft, fixed skid shoes, installed flow restrictors, sanded and primed scratches, Welded stop bars on the chute rotator gear, welded on an extension for the upper link so it fits my quick...
  13. George2615

    Lorenz 730 Blower

    Got a snow blower for my tractor. I wasn't really looking for one since my front QA snow plow is doing a great job plowing snow. While scanning the web the other day and I found a used older Lorenz 730 series double auger blower for sale at a price that was too good to be true. I know its an...
  14. George2615

    MF 1734E Filters

    Anyone have the part numbers or cross reference for filters for the MF 1734E with Shibaura 3 cyl? I have only been able to find the oil and fuel filter part numbers. Oil Filter - 7064608M91 Fuel Filter - 3608255M1 = Wix 33262 or NAPA 3262 Hydraulic Filter -...
  15. George2615

    TBN site running slow

    At around 7:30 PM (Eastern) today the TBN site slowed to a turtle pace. It takes several minutes to bring up the site, load a page or reply to posts. It took me 4 minutes to post this. I have no problems on any other sites.
  16. George2615

    Check your hose clamps with or without a cab

    Just an FYI. Usually, hose clamps are not on my list of things to check before running the tractor. Two weekends ago we had about 26" or so of snow. I used the tractor plowing the snow and noticed the cab wasn't getting warm. No heat and the temp gauge was climbing way above the normal range...
  17. George2615

    IHI 444 info needed

    I'm considering buying a 1988 International S1800 tractor (as in tractor trailer). It is no longer used as a tractor but instead has an 8 dump pickup bed on it (so its a big toy). I've been told it has the IDI 444 engine which is a 7.3L naturally aspirated engine. Website info says this engine...
  18. George2615

    Chain, storage boxes for trailers

    Went to a car show / flea market yesterday. Picked up a couple old Coast Guard large ammo boxes cheap minus the ammo. $10. each and they will hold a lot of chain, straps, or whatever. They are 17 1'2"L x 7 1/2"W x 14" deep. Very little rust. Sandblasted the rust off, primed and painted and will...
  19. George2615

    4WD indicator and Dash Volt Meter for XR3037HC

    I've been wanting a 4WD indicator and a Voltmeter for my tractor so I ordered the parts last week. Today I received the rest of my parts and got everything installed. Started with the 4WD indicator. Made a bracket out of angle steel to mount the long lever micro switch. Test fitted everything...
  20. George2615

    Seat Cover for LS tractor

    Any LS owners bought a seat cover for their tractor seat? I am looking for one to fit my seat to keep it clean. I'm still using the original plastic but it won't last forever. I did a search a few days ago and found this site but they don't list seat sizes or prices. COVERALLs Mid Back Seat...
  21. George2615

    Drop in Stake Pocket D Rings

    I've seen a few posts on drop in stake pocket D Rings and priced a few. Cheapest I found was $22 each (incl. S&H) by R&P on Ebay but only rated for 5K max (1600 working load) $30 each plus S&H through Kaufmann, $20 each (for 6 or more) plus S&H through Johnson Trailers $30 each plus S&H...
  22. George2615

    2016 Chevy 2500HD

    Amazing how things snowball. In Feb. 2014 I purchased my LS XR3037HC. With loaded tires and attachments it was slightly over the weight limit of my H&H 7K tilt bed trailer so a few months later (Sept. 2014) I replaced the trailer with a new PJ TF22' 14K full tilt bed trailer. The new trailer...
  23. George2615

    Larin TGL-500 Receiver Lift

    Anyone own one or know of something similar. I occasionally need to take my 100 gallon propane tanks to the store for a refill. I also need to load other heavy items from time to time. It is a bit overkill to strap the tank(s) upright on my 22' tilt bed trailer so I'm looking for a simpler...
  24. George2615

    LS Bucket flop

    Posted in Hyd thread but here's a link to a brief video of the bucket flop condition I believe many of us have.
  25. George2615

    LS tractor bucket flop

    Here's a brief video showing the bucket flop when put in dump mode. In dump mode I can lift the bucket a few inches like there is no pressure. When dropping the loader arms to back drag the bucket will curl up a few inches requiring further dump action with the joystick to get the desired back...
  26. George2615

    LS tractor bucket flop problem

    I've noticed a lot of LS tractor owners have a bucket flop problem. Raise, lower, and curl functions all seem to work fine. But when you go to dump mode in order to back drag you have to bump the joystick to get pressure to keep the bucket where you want it. If you just go to dump mode and lower...
  27. George2615

    Snow Tonight

    Looks like I'll be getting some seat time the next couple of days. Lake effect is supposed to hit us tonight. I'm in the 12-20" band.
  28. George2615

    No 3pt or No loader function but HST does work?????

    Trying to help my neighbor diagnose his tractor. He has a GC2300 with loader. According to him, He was using it when the loader and 3 pt. just stopped working. The strange thing to me is the HST still works, tractor is able to move forward and backward with no problem. Steering whines a little...
  29. George2615

    Radio wiring for XR3037HC cab models

    OK guys, for those of you installing aftermarket radios in your cabs here is the wiring for the factory plug. This will be correct for all 3000 series cabs and I suspect the 4000 series cabs will be the same. Picture 1 shows the 6 pin radio harness from tractor Pink wire separate from the...
  30. George2615

    Some things are NOT so much fun to watch

    Safety reminder to all. With warmer weather coming everyday don't forget to be careful around your equipment. Farming Accidents
  31. George2615

    Loader Joystick handle loose

    For those of you with cab models my loader joystick handle loosened up while I was out plowing snow today. I don't know if open station joysticks have the plastic shroud cover but tightening the lock nut should be the same. It was an easy 5 minute fix. 1) Remove small round plastic front screw...
  32. George2615

    February 1-2 snowstorm

    Just a couple pics of today's plowing. Had 12" in the driveway when I left for work at 5AM today. Found another 5" when I got home. 17" so far in 2 days and still snowing a little. Outside temp right now at 5:30 PM is 2* with a wind chill of -10*. Nice to get some seat time. Punxatawny Phil says...
  33. George2615

    Grill Guard

    Since I finished up the BH sub frame I decided to add some expanded mesh to the brush guard. Here's a few pics. Paint is drying now so will install back on tractor tomorrow and post an installed pic then.
  34. George2615

    Woods BH 750-3 Backhoe

    Picked up a new to me BH750-3 backhoe today with a sub frame. Over the next few weekends I have to adapt the sub frame to fit (bolt up) to my tractor. Once fitted and tested I'll have the rest of the winter to clean it up and repaint it. It is PTO pump driven and works very smooth. Previous...
  35. George2615

    Cab mirrors relocation

    I posted a reply to another thread that the mirrors are very close to the door (less than an inch) when opening. Also, numerous times upon entering the cab I hit the mirrors knocking them out of adjustment. So I made up a couple brackets that move the mirrors forward 4" and out 1". Also noted...
  36. George2615

    TBN very slow today

    Have been trying to do my daily check in on TBN and find it very slow today. All other sites I went to are quick and working fine. Took me 5 minutes to post this thread. Hope it speeds up soon. It's very frustrating. Got this message trying to submit thread. Service Temporarily Unavailable...
  37. George2615

    LS cab model mirrors for those who live in cold areas

    NOTICE TO ALL CAB TRACTOR OWNERS For those who leave their tractors outside or use them when raining. Water can get in through the opening on top and fill the void behind the mirror with water. I just noticed today that my mirrors were half full of water. I rotated the mirror 90* and heard water...
  38. George2615

    50 hr. Service

    Did my 50 hour service this weekend. Did the service a little early (41.5 hrs.). Used factory LS filters. All went smooth. I went with Delo Synthetic 5-40 for the engine. Changed the Hydraulic and HST filters also then topped off. Went thru everything on the 50 hr. checklist and didn't find...
  39. George2615

    2006 F250 Truck for sale

    Found a local 2006 F250 Lariat Supercab 4x4 truck for sale. Haven't looked at truck yet but considering. Truck has 112k miles, 6.0 PS turbo diesel, 6 spd manual, leather heated seats, 3.73 ratio, new tires for $11k GCWR is 23,000, Conventional trlr. rating 12,500 What problems should I look for...
  40. George2615

    Snow Plow Build

    Started my snow plow build today. Had an old 7'6" Diamond snow plow just hanging around taking up space so figured I'd put it to use on the tractor. Received a Quick Attach plate today ordered from Titan Attachments. I got the heavy duty plate 1/2" thick. Started tacking it to the plow A-frame...
  41. George2615

    Upgraded Trailer

    Bought a new to me trailer today. It's a 2013 new leftover PJ Model TF222 tilt bed. 83" between the fenders, Removable fenders, Sealed wiring harness, LED lighting, Overall length of deck is 23' 2" including the 30" knife edge tail, Dexter EZ lube 7000# torsion axles, powder coated paint...
  42. George2615

    Solar AC/DC Welder

    Anyone heard of this welder? I haven't found anything online. I believe it was built in 1995 from a tag on it. It's a model 2234, has Hi and Low plugs for AC and DC. Has the hand crank on top for setting the amps. Came with 40' lead with clamp for ground and a 48' lead with stinger. I saw it at...
  43. George2615

    Cannot post in Private Party Ads

    I logged in (actually the classified section recognized me) Entered all description info required where I could. Wanted to list a trailer for sale. There is no section for equipment trailers so I chose construction equipment other. Added all my pictures. Clicked on submit and TBN kicks it back...
  44. George2615

    Filled my rear tires today

    Finally got around to filling my rear tires. I put 39 gallons of -20 degree windshield washer fluid in each. At 7 lbs per gallon that added about 546 lbs. more ballast. I filled each tire until fluid came out with the stem in the 11 O'clock position. That should be 75-80 percent. The tire...
  45. George2615

    Trailer Upgrade

    I am considering replacing my 7K 20' tilt bed trailer with a 10-15K 20-22' tilt bed. The 7K always has done a great job. Just replaced all 4 rims, tires, brakes, bearings last fall. Since I bought a new tractor in Feb. I am now at the 7K trailers maximum capacity. Actually I am probably a little...
  46. George2615

    New trailer hitch law in NY?

    I just found out today it is against the law to have your trailer hitch in the receiver when not towing a trailer. Local and State PD are issuing tickets if they see your truck on the road with a hitch in the receiver. There is also a big push this month for pulling over all trucks towing...
  47. George2615

    PHD Hydraulics on XR3037HC Rear Remotes - GPM flow

    I'll post this here instead of the hydraulics forum because it pertains to my LSXR3037HC. Anyone know what the flow rate is for the rear remotes? It's probably the same as the R series. I can't find anything in the owners or service manual other than the relief valve setting pressure. I already...
  48. George2615

    New Post Hole Digger

    Well, new to me. Found a good deal on CL for a PHD. Went to look at it. Gearbox felt nice and tight, no slop. But frame has seen some abuse. Auger is the heavy duty 9" double flight but shear bolts are wrong size and bent. Boom adjust holes are all oblong. Lift pins are loose. PTO shaft yokes...
  49. George2615

    New to me attachments

    I posted this in the Attachments forum but figured I'd post here too since they'll be used on my LS. Picked up a 6' King Kutter box blade and a Ford 917A Flail mower today. A couple had them for sale about 15 miles from me. I had stopped last week to look and made an offer. Today, after removing...
  50. George2615

    Look what followed me home today

    Removed a dead tree this morning. Didn't want it to fall in the road during a storm. We had 60 MPH winds during a storm the other day. Pulled it down with a cable hooked to the tractor. After the mess was cleaned up I got a call from a couple selling a 6' box blade and a Ford Flail mower that I...