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  1. George2615

    Want to change from grass tyres to more agricultural pattern.

    Welcome to TBN.. 0n Tractordata site it shows you have the choice to use R1 (Ag) or R4 (Industrial). However, You will also need to change the wheels as well.
  2. George2615

    Replacement Trailer Type & Sizing

    Yes, the tilt beds do add a premium to the cost. But, I don't have to lift or raise heavy ramps anymore. My back appreciates that. The extra length lets me adjust the load for more or less tongue weight. Its not usually a problem as the rear of my 2500 barely drops an inch or two with loaded...
  3. George2615

    LD 266 stops when brake pedal released.

    Were you sitting on the seat when you released the brake after starting? My mower will only stay running if the brake is on or if I'm sitting on the seat. Same with engaging mower deck, only will engage and keep running if on the seat. I'd suspect you have a bad seat switch. Also check your...
  4. George2615

    Replacement Trailer Type & Sizing

    I upgraded from a 20' 7K tilt bed to a 22' 14K tilt bed trailer 9 years ago. I went with a PJ model TF (full tilt). Its listed as a 22' but actual deck length incl. tail is 23'9". Gives me plenty of room to adjust a load. Mainly use for hauling vehicles, implements, and tractors. I like that the...
  5. George2615

    XR 3037 radio

    Put a Sony in mine Wiring info
  6. George2615

    Hydraulic scissor lift won't go down.

    In the middle, between the 2 cylinders is a safety lock. It must be released to let it come down. The directions should show you how to release the safety lock. You may have to raise it a bit more to release the latch.
  7. George2615

    3 point hitch won't go down

    Welcome to TBN........... Have you checked the control valve below your seat? Usually there is a knob the controls how fast the 3 pt will drop. If the knob is fully clockwise the valve is closed and won't let the 3pt. go down.
  8. George2615

    Trailer question - skid steer

    It tilts about 11 degrees before the tail touches the ground so not much would dump off it.
  9. George2615

    Grab hooks for LL1102 loader bucket

    I wasn't sure of the metal thickness on top of the bucket so I added a piece of 3/16" angle all the way across and welded my hooks to that.
  10. George2615

    Trailer question - skid steer

    I have a PJ 14K tilt bed model TF 22' (actual just under 24' including tail). I added a winch and made D-rings that drop into the stake pockets. The axles are placed back further than most other brands so its not real long behind them. Weighs just under 4K. Tow with a Chevy 2500HD crew cab 4x4...
  11. George2615

    Mark Forums read feature not working today.

    It's working for me. Has been since Ibrahim fixed it this morning.
  12. George2615

    Mark Forums read feature not working today.

    Can't mark forums read today. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. George2615

    I'm brand new and have a question

    You can run hoses from the rear remotes to the front. I did it and use them to operate a hydraulic thumb on my forks and to angle a snow plow in winter. Bought hose and fittings at tractor supply. Ran them under the tractor and zip tied in place. I posted a thread listing all materials used but...
  14. George2615

    Removing speakers on MT342HC

    Sorry, no photos but when I raised my roof I only lifted it high enough for the support rod to hold it. Was less than a 45 degree angle which still gave plenty of room to access anything in there. I think the front of the roof was up maybe 2' so pretty sure 10'6" will be high enough. If I recall...
  15. George2615

    Removing speakers on MT342HC

    The roof is hinged at the rear. one nut on each side and two nuts in front and the roof lifts up. There is a rod inside the roof to support it when lifted.
  16. George2615

    trying to price a trailer before the auction

    When I was looking for a trailer back in 2012-14 I went to several auctions that included different trailers. I was very disappointed to find trailer plugs cut off, tires shot, non functional lighting, brakes, decking that needed replacing etc. I hoped they would go for cheap knowing the amount...
  17. George2615

    LS XR4145HC starting problem....

    The ground cable may be corroded internally where you cant see it. Try connecting a jumper cable from battery to frame and try to start again. Could also be the positive cable with internal breakdown.
  18. George2615

    new (to me) email scam

    I get emails about my amazon, email and paypal accounts being frozen. I never open them. I suspect it is a scam and just delete them. I do log into each of those secured accounts (but not from the emails someone sent) to check if there are any notifications but there never is any problem.
  19. George2615

    Radiator protection ideas

    Here's mine. At the top of this page click on search then type in grill guard and click search. There are many threads that will come up for others guards.
  20. George2615

    Anybody get Shocked After ordering?

    When you agreed to the purchase and made your down payment did your receipt show the full agreed price. If so you should be able to get your tractor at that price. They can't add more to an agreed contract price. Contact an attorney.
  21. George2615

    Needed bigger FEL

    If your Kubota has the standard quick attach bucket you can buy a larger bucket (wider and taller). The problem may be that your loader hydraulics may not be able to lift it depending on the weight. Quickattach is one company that sells larger buckets. I'm sure there are many others too.
  22. George2615

    The Front Porch posts

    OK Thanks. I see that groan now comes up clicking on new posts again.
  23. George2615

    The Front Porch posts

    I check new posts daily and prior to 3-4 days ago the Groan Part Quatre did show up. I would then copy or download (save) the memes. I never had to go to front porch to find the groan thread new memes before. Was the Groan thread recently moved to front porch?
  24. George2615

    The Front Porch posts

    I've noticed that in the past few days that anything posted in Front Porch don't show up when I click on new posts. I have to manually switch to FP to see newest posts. Did something change? For example: I used to click on new posts to see if anything new was posted in Groan part quatre. Past...
  25. George2615

    3cyl Diesel Not 'Warming Up'

    In the first post you stated diesel got into the oil. Has that contaminated oil and filter been changed yet? I'm not sure if that would make a difference on running.
  26. George2615

    Why was my post deleted?

    I just went to the front porch and your post is still there
  27. George2615

    Do I have a bad battery?

    Fuel filter been replaced lately. If so, then have you checked your glow plugs to ensure they are working. Sounds like your battery is good if it cranks over easily just not enough heat in the cylinders to fire.
  28. George2615

    Let's see your knife.

    Yes, almost daily use for 40 plus years.
  29. George2615

    Let's see your knife.

    Here's a few of mine. CRKT, Small Craftsman, Small Case, Camillus electrician, and smaller Camillus. The Camillus electrician I bought from Camillus Cutlery in 1983, the small Camillus I found in my Dads toolbox back in 1990, Craftsman I bought at Sears in the 70's and the Case also in the 70's...
  30. George2615

    That darned strip at the bottom of the page is back! :-(

    No white strip here. All seems normal. Using a laptop, Win 11, Firefox with adblock.
  31. George2615

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    This thread is to tell us something we don't know.
  32. George2615

    Diagnostic port and diagnosis

    Here's the one I bought that does plug into the port. See this thread too. The plug is unkeyed.
  33. George2615

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    So the GCVWR of truck and trailer is 29,700. Its been many years since I took math in school but I think 29,700 is greater than 26,000. Many states go by GCVWR not actual weight and would require a CDL to operate your truck/trailer.
  34. George2615

    Truck & Trailer ideas to tow 14,000 and be under 26,000 pounds

    So your 1 ton has a GVWR of less than 8K?
  35. George2615

    Bobcat 843 door lock

    The chain & padlock will do for now. Unbolt the latch & lock assy. from inside and take to a locksmith. They can change the tumblers and make you a couple keys then bolt it back in.
  36. George2615

    Who's had cataract surgery? Feedback wanted.

    I'm 70 and had both eyes done about 3 years ago. Had distance vision corrected. (I wore glasses for almost 60 years to see distance). Now only need reading glasses which are cheap. Just had my annual checkup about 3 weeks ago. Vision is still 20/20 since surgery. No problems driving day or...
  37. George2615

    Strobe Light Kit

    I added these LED strobes to my tractor. Local highway dept. saw them flashing over 1/4 mile away as they were coming up the road.
  38. George2615

    Sometimes people in the south forget where they're living

    We did that one year on a trip to visit the inlaws in Florida. Inlaws took us to a flea market. It was 50 deg so we wore short sleeve shirts and shorts. Everyone else there had heavy clothes and jackets and looked at us like we were nuts.
  39. George2615

    Need advice on tie rod end removal

    Get one of these kits. Available on Amazon for under $22. I wouldn't heat anything. I've seen guys that broke the tie rod hole or steering knuckle from heating and hitting with a hammer.
  40. George2615


    Sounds like your differential lock is stuck. With both rear wheels locked they tend to push in a straight line forward reducing steering by the front wheels.
  41. George2615

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    No, the Corvair had a rear engine
  42. George2615

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    Not to be picky but shouldn't PJSprog be 9:01 - 72 minutes. Still 4th place. Congrats to all the winners and Muhhamad for this great forum.
  43. George2615

    need crosover chart or something to be able to cross my kioti cx to something else.

    Welcome to TBN....... Are you sure its a CX2510? Only Kioti tractors I see are for CK2510 or CS2510 which have Daedong 1.4L and Shibaura 1.1L engines respectively. Don't see any CX models.
  44. George2615

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

  45. George2615

    Bomb Cyclone!!!

    Was +5 F this morning @0500 Currently +10 F, 20 MPH wind, feels like -9 degrees @1058 Just came in from plowing and having coffee. Glad my tractor has a cab.
  46. George2615

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/26/2022 @ 1130AM
  47. George2615

    What was your first TBN post, ever?

    My first posts / replies seem to be missing. I joined in Feb 2005 yet the earliest of my posts I could find was 2 months later in April. I know I replied / posted right after joining but can't remember. I suffer from CRS. I do remember my early posts had to do with the tractor I had bought the...
  48. George2615

    Have any strange delivery experiences being rural?

    For us, UPS, FedEx, and USPS have been great for many years. Always gave a Xmas card with cash to regular drivers. Larger packages are left on front porch or by garage door. Being retired I usually meet the drivers outside to get my packages when I see the truck pull up. I think my regular USPS...
  49. George2615

    Roy Jackson has died.

    RIP Roy and condolences to the family.