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  1. Massey convert

    Firewood pallet

    I saw pictures of someone's homemade pallet for storing wood but don't remember what thread it was in. I've gone through the last 400 pages of "Tractors and wood" without finding it. It may have been in a different thread. I don't remember. The design used one and two inch lumber, the side...
  2. Massey convert

    Chain storage

    I use my tractor in the woods to make firewood, I skid tree length pieces to a wagon running gear, then load them using the FEL. I like to hook more than one piece, so sometimes I use three or four chains, so i wanted somewhere to put them other than leave them drag, so I came up with this. It...
  3. Massey convert

    Tool box

    The tool box that Massey put on this tractor is ok for a screwdriver, crescent wrench and a pliers, but not much more, so I did this. The box is some kind of ammo box and the frame holding it is 1/8 X 1 " angle iron mounted to the radiator guard with 3/8" bolts. Just to prove a point, I put all...
  4. Massey convert

    Valve stem guard

    I use my tractor in the woods, and have torn a valve stem off in the past, I don't want it to happen again. I thought about welding a pipe nipple on the rim, but learned here that the tire should be de-mounted before any welding on the rim. I found some rusty angle iron and put these together...
  5. Massey convert

    Block heater

    Hi everybody, newbie here. I'm facing my first winter in Wisconsin with a new Massey Ferguson 2605 H, it has a Simpson SJV 326 engine, it's my first diesel, and I am concerned about COLD temperature starting, does anyone know what specific heater is recommended and where it needs to be...
  6. Massey convert


    Hello everyone! I am brand new to this forumn, I just bought a Massey Ferguson 2605 H, with a Massey 911 X loader, and 4-Wheel Drive. I am very happy with this tractor, it's built like a soviet tank, simple rugged and reliable. It's shinier than one of their's though. I also have owned an...