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  1. J

    Propane tractor

    Any gasoline engine will run on propane and most can be switched back and forth with a couple on twists of valves. I have a propane 800 Ford we bought new in 1959. In addition to desirable features you mentioned propane engines can set unused for months then start and run like they had been...
  2. J

    Can lawnmower blades be sharpened with the bevel on the bottom?

    I bet you would lose. :(
  3. J

    Can lawnmower blades be sharpened with the bevel on the bottom?

    :ROFLMAO: That's a goodun , ROFLMAO
  4. J

    Fly control for cattle

    No and can't say as I'd want to, sounds like rabbit hunting with a Bazooka. I try to handle my cattle with as little stress and risk of injury as possible. 75% have flop ears and if agitated will kick,fight,charge into and climb fences but I can put them in the corral by myself with a feed...
  5. J


    You my friend are part of the problem in thinking it should be every man for himself and allowing those we pay to enforce the law set on their butt doing nothing. Law enforcement has become an agency to be weaponized against political foes instead of serving all citizens. Everyone whether old...
  6. J


    There is a limit to size chores that can be explained in 25 words. It would be wise spending a few dollars on a work shop manual. The money saved surfing the net isn't worth the hassle plus you have pictures and can re-read steps as needed.
  7. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    Things can't be so bad you can't afford a mechanic. I have to hire professionals to do several things for me and I wouldn't dream of cutting my own hair using instructions from people here.
  8. J

    What is enough HP?

    I'll take a different approach and leave it to others to post links. As for advertised horsepower,make sure tests are by same people using same standards. Operator experience plays a huge role in how much work gets done,how much fuel is burnt and most importantly for how many hours per $ spent...
  9. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    11 "something" volts to coil tells us there is no resistor UNLESS you are keeping it secret that coil has 2 wires connected to incoming side. Charge battery,use a piece of cardboard such as from a cereal box to clean points then see how much spark you have.
  10. J

    S650g ignition coil questions

    There isn't a silver bullet answer covering not start situations. Did you use starting fluid? How many volts coming into coil? Have you checked point gap? Have you cleaned contacts? What is max distance spark will jump? If an engine with less than perfect psi compression sits for years...
  11. J

    Litter whisk?

    Not that particular brand but I've had a couple that were handy for pool deck and patio. Due to limited capacity they are not much help with Fall leaves. I use mower with bagger in open areas and blower-vac-shredder in beds for Fall clean-up. Up to a certain quantity of leaves it's beneficial...
  12. J

    L3560 with cab. How would I know if I'm close to rolling over?

    It isn't necessary to have sat on a tractor much less operate one to know there's a fair amount of hogwash and poor advice being passed around here. Espouse less danger operating small tractors on hills compared to larger tractors because there's less distance to fall isn't what I call...
  13. J

    Wiring - Power, from the battery on...

    You say you are an old hand then say this and this? Surly you jest by saying you can't follow the red cable from battery to termination point and/or don't know what the part red cable connects to is called. I don't intend to come across hateful but this smells like laser cat toy.
  14. J

    Roof leak

    If your reason for having multiple roofers look at is to accumulate free advice how will you know good advice from poor advice? Have the most reputable roofer you can find inspect it and stop asking for bids you have no intention buying and surfing the net.
  15. J

    Small trailer deck suggestions

    There are no long lasting treatments available on plywood nor deck wood these days. If you anticipate future needs for treated lumber and are willing to put in some labor I have a suggestion. Watch Craigslist ,FB Marketplace,Nextdoor ect for someone offering a deck free for removal. If the...
  16. J

    Used Tractors!

    The owner may have set it on fire in a fit of anger after learning Kubota no longer offers parts for it.
  17. J

    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    Unless you have ideas about improving the design it isn't important. What is important is keeping engines in their power band as much as possible. One reason diesel engines have a reputation for longevity is because a high percentage has traditionally been operated by professionals and...
  18. J

    Safe to pull trailer???

    Try it,that's how we found out.
  19. J

    Paint source/brand/type

    Evidently LittleBittyBigJohn and Wrangler. :giggle:
  20. J

    L3560 with cab. How would I know if I'm close to rolling over?

    Take baby steps while learning your tractor rather than pushing the envelope based on what you pick up on the web.
  21. J

    Belarus 250AS won't shift into gear when running.

    That tractor was submerged in water before or while parked,split it and replace everything.
  22. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Right you are. Here and other places people ask what tractor they should buy. My opinion is 4 cylinder 2000 or 4000 Ford for 40 to 60 horse and 4020 Deere for 100 horses. Bought at fair market price according to condition then restaored to like new costs 75% less than new,will last the rest...
  23. J

    Kubota L2050 Wiring Harness

    Most diesels,including 12 valve 5.9 Cummins are about the same way. I honestly believe Kubota hung all those wires and plugs on tractors to generate income off harnesses. Ever plug and connector is another place for potential voltage drop or total disconnect and there's a bunch. When is the...
  24. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    This thing is turning out more educational than originally thought. A new chapter in the saga opened yesterday. I ordered a few parts and was informed parts have been declared obsolete. Parts for a 25 year old tractor built from 1988 through 1996 already obsolete? IMO that speaks volumes...
  25. J

    Kubota L2050 Wiring Harness

    If I needed to rewire any Kubota prior to those with a computer I would not go to expense of buying a harness. Reason being Kubota hung 3x as many wires and connectors on their tractors than it requires to run everything on tractor. Stated differently 75% of wire is decoy and/or redundant that...
  26. J

    Ct445 starting problems

    If removing starter is that unappealing I'd suggest using HEAVY jumper cables from a fully charged battery to starter lug and chassis ground. Make certain pto,lifts and such are not active and tractor is in neutral plus wheels blocked to avoid being run over. If that causes it to start you'll...
  27. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    One of the worst cars ever was Chevrolet Vegas sold in the early 70s. Many Vega engines were beyond repair before car was paid off. Bad doesn't commence to describe it's reputation. I took interest in a Vega at an impound auction in mid 80s. I was on pins and needles as I watched to see if...
  28. J

    New member tractor advice

    If there's a local landowener,farmer or retired farmer that will help you choose that's your best resource. Otherwise you sould find a dealer you trust. As you can see in my profile I'm an old iron fan. All my old tractors are in lite use by me and family and seldom need anything other than...
  29. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Thanks pms ,I may as well add some 223 xc rods to the assortment from Stoody. I plan experimenting with some for this project and others later on. I guess I'm trying to disprove what I said earlier about diyers only needing a few choices.:)
  30. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Yea the ability to buy specialty rods in small quaintly is the reason I acted like a kid at the candy counter. I believe you are correct about moisture in rods. Popular believe is that 7018 is the only (or at least primary) rod requiring oven storage. Not that I'm in a position to demonstrate...
  31. J

    Cutting power use to the bone.

    I don't know how the remainder of country handles energy but there's countless rips (retail energy providers) basically brokers in Texas. You are allowed to change rip once per year or pay a fee for breaking contract. Choosing a rip is a minefield. If you use less one month than agreed on...
  32. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    WHAT! Your dad could be prosecuted for exposing a minor to hazardous materials. Do you remember how to use plasti-guage?
  33. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    I'm sure you did a fine job of making sure batteries were good by doing that,what were you checking out while moving the 69 Boss 429 to a different parking spot? ;)
  34. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Holy crap Runner not many people are old enough to have ever seen a 70 Buick,much less worked on them. :unsure:
  35. J

    Soft cab enclosure for winter.

    If you need something to keep you warm long enough to plow and blow or set out a couple bales and don't care what it looks like I have it. Use 2' x 6' 100% cotton material like denim or other flame resistant cloth for skirts covering engine to rear fenders so engine heat is directed onto...
  36. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    Thanks gentlemen for the encouragements and suggested procedures. It's too hot for torches and such so I'll be in the land of midnight sun for several days. They didn't have Stoody products locally so I went online. Some pretty interesting products I'd never heard of so I bought some I...
  37. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Only the size of one's wallet and shop limit number of tools they could own. Very seldom do batteries pass tests using a multimeter and still fail a load test. Stated another way I often see battery testers recommended to people who don't know how to use a multimeter. I can only recall once...
  38. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    I must agree Kubota isn't much but I bought this with eyes open. I sold some mickey mouse implements that came with it for almost as much as I paid for the lot and still have tractor,fel and 3 point mower. Quit? Give up? Not unless I can't find a way to fix it for less than $500 and 10 or 12...
  39. J

    Won't start after recharging battery

    Check,charge,clean,tighten,test and jump. Might as well have the battery load tested. 🦜
  40. J

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    There's a saying about putting a silver studded parade saddle on a jackass. Are you saying this would be like draping draft horse harness on a Shetland pony ? 🐎
  41. J

    Rotary Cutter 60" or 72" for 27 PTO HP?

    ^^Words of wisdom, I recommend you heed them and add years to the usable life of your tractor. I'll make it so you can use common sense and your judgement in making this decision instead of letting strangers make important decisions for you. Beg,borrow,rent or steal a flail mower to mow your...
  42. J

    What's your favorite Air Fryer Recipe?

    Hot wings,more accurately hot legs because we buy drumsticks instead of wings. Fried fish isn't as good as pan fried but ease of set up and clean up more than makes up for the difference. We are shopping for a convection oven to allow larger dishes.
  43. J

    Need quality trailer wiring kit.

    Present day consumers wouldn't recognize quality if it jumped up and bit their a$$. Present company is no exception as witnessed by their fondness for Harbor Freight. It's all about price so only a fool would use high quility components to make a kit just to have it sit on shelves collecting...
  44. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    That's helpful,thanks. I tried wrangling information about metal alloy out of Kubota but their AI wasn't any help and dealer said "a good welder knows how it should be welded". Yea and reputable mfgrs know what alloys are used in their products.
  45. J

    If you were in Alaska for the first time, where would you go and what would you do?

    Funny you should ask,we are flying to Vancouver in two weeks for our second trip since 1999. First trip we took a 74 Bronco on the Marine Hi-way and was spending alot getting it off of and back on boats so we wound up storing it and hiring locals for ground transportation as needed most of...
  46. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    It is cast iron and yes those are a couple short nickel welds so someone tried fixing in the past, ,very wel might have caused additional cracking. Pre and post heat is a last resort due to size of housing and additional disassembly required. Housing is 10 gauge,as a % , how do you think...
  47. J

    Busted bellhousing on Kubota B series

    I bought a Kubota B series with bad rattle when clutch is used and here's what I found. Propeller shaft worn in slight taper. I haven't removed pressure plate and clutch disk for a better look but I expect piolet bushing is gone and end of crankshaft where bushing was likly worn to match...
  48. J

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    Every passing day society becomes more and more like frightened cats up trees with barking lawyers on the ground. If you think it's bad in your neighborhood ,go to NYC to see how bad it will be soon.
  49. J

    Kubota offering online parts

    Si-fi predicted decades ago that robots will rule the universe. I've til yet been able to talk to anything besides AI at Kubota.
  50. J

    Air-conditioner is running forever?? check the capacitor first before spending a lot of money.

    Gawd I hope none of those people I charged for coil cleaning don't see this and get upset because I overlooked to install a fresh capacitor.