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  1. scoutcub

    1782 FS

    Selling my 1782 in great shape
  2. scoutcub

    359 parts

    Any leads on locating a 359 being parted out? Need several parts and don't really want to order new....
  3. scoutcub

    Cleaning engine panels

    Ok ive tried most everything.....wet sanding....rubbing compound....polishing can i make the yellow panels white again?
  4. scoutcub

    Cub 5234 with 60 & 54" decks 4 sale

    I got this as a project but not going to have time to work on it. Tractor starts and runs good but transmission grinds. Can sell for parts or rebuild. Around 800 hrs on meter.
  5. scoutcub

    424 drive over mower deck

    WTB.....424 drive over deck and mounting kit. Prefer used or a takeoff or left over still trembling at the quote from my dealer...lolol
  6. scoutcub

    Sa424 mower deck

    Anyone selling a drive over deck?
  7. scoutcub

    Cub cadet 5000 series blower and hitch

    New leftover 48" 818 blower with hitch and accessories for sale. 3132825421 1350.00 cash
  8. scoutcub

    Protecting hydraulic lines while mulching

    Hello all- Running a diamond mulcher and cat 415c and have already changed several lines from material punching thru the lines. I have tried locating the lines out of the way with rubber bungies but they dont stay in place. The canvas sheaths are being punched right thru. Ive seen the spiral...
  9. scoutcub

    F350 to F450 suspensions

    Gents; Contemplating an upgrade to a F450 from my 06 F350. I have added a rear leaf to the pack and added airbags for heavy loads on my 350 it has worked well. With the extra capability of the new 450's do i even need to add airbags....TIA!
  10. scoutcub

    Where have all the LX's gone?

    Been trying to find a good used LX 4100/4500/4900 for several months with no luck. Searching for a buddy.....i have a 4900 and love it. I know theyre great machines and they didnt make very many....but everyone holding onto them?
  11. scoutcub

    Price Check M125X value

    I realize this is a compact board, but the question lingers within....and I thought I'd turn it over to more knowledgable folks. My BIL asked me to assist him in listing his large kubota tractor for sale.....2008 m125x with full cab loader 4wd and 2700 hours. He's asking 36k. Isn't that...
  12. scoutcub

    JD 455 value

    Jd guru's- I picked up a 1999 jd 455 in good condition with jd loader, 60" deck, 3 pt hitch and 22 hp yanmar diesel with 1000 hrs. Machine starts and runs great, diff lock works great, I just moved a bunch of snow with it. Needs a few things, front grill is loose,and needs rear lights. New ag...
  13. scoutcub

    Cub cadet 5000 6000 7000 series front blades/hitches for sale

    I've got a few new old stock front hitches and plows for 5000 6000 and 7000 series compact tractors for sale. The 590 817 100 fits the 5264, 5252, 5254, 5234 The 590 611 100 fits the 6284, 7284, 7252, 7264, 7304, and 7254. Pm me for details.
  14. scoutcub

    Yanmar LX4500 tractor loader cab +++ implements for sale

    If anyone is interested or knows someone who is looking; I'm selling my 2015 lx4500 with 215 hours with loader, loaded tires, auto throttle, cruise control, front aux hydraulics, full hard Curtis cab with extra lights heater radio door locks and wiper. Great package deal includes extra HD FFC...
  15. scoutcub

    Best way to deal with rust/corrosion

    Recently purchased a "project" dozier, that was owned by a municipality on the ocean. Spent most of its life pushing sand dunes. Mechanicals are good, got a few bad lines and radiator to deal with, but otherwise runs great. Lower half of the machine steel is pan caking/flaking off. I'm slowly...
  16. scoutcub

    Opinion of volvo excavators

    Looking for feedback on newer Volvo excavators, for quality/resale value. I am only familiar with CAT, so any comparisons would also be helpful. TIA
  17. scoutcub

    Comparison Comparison between skid steer and compact

    Hello all - Been playing with some larger Cat multi terrain loaders......(289s and 299s) and am loving them.been moving dirt, and opening trails, moving trees and some large items my 49 hp compact can't handle. My question is this; who can talk me out of selling one of my compacts and keeping...
  18. scoutcub

    Skid steer stump grinders

    Greetings all- Considering purchasing a stump grinder for a cat 289/299. Looking for opinions on buying new/used, brand pros/cons, hi flow/standard flow pros/cons, etc, also what size would be appropriate. Have numerous stumps on my property and considering making a side business of it. TIA
  19. scoutcub

    KIOTI & TYM filters 4 sale

    Gents - Got a bunch of new filters for sale. Not sure what they're worth, but thought I'd give TBN members first crack at em. PM me if interested.
  20. scoutcub

    Great new Yanmar Forums!

    Very nice job by the TBN Powers, on creating the new & old Yanmar forums. Kudos!
  21. scoutcub

    Cub zfs54

    Anyone have one of these? Thinking bout getting one, looking for some reviews....
  22. scoutcub

    GT 3100 for sale

    I have a 2006 Cub Cadet GT 3100 for sale, comes with front hydraulic blade, snowblower, and 54" deck. Have it in the tbn marketplace and on EBay. Thanks!
  23. scoutcub

    Request for 2 new forums

    Unsure to post here or direct to a moderator? I'm assuming the powers that be check this regularly. Some suggestions for 2 new forums: 1. A farm/equipment show forum....members can post locations/dates for other members benefit. Perhaps one in each locale? 2. "New" Yanmar forum. Yanmar...
  24. scoutcub

    Can you please check your equipment before posting??

    Not to be nitpicky, but there are 6 threads in the Cub/Yanmar compact forum dealing with Lawn and Garden. Hopefully future posters can distinguish what they have and post in the proper section! Sorry, pet peeve.....Thanks!
  25. scoutcub

    Dual remotes installed!!

    Well, I'm not a very smart guy but somehow successfully installed my dual remotes by myself. I was a bit hesitant at first....the first steps of the instructions were to remove the mount.....fender assembly.....fuel tank....(of course I had just filled it up:laughing:) etc. etc. I...
  26. scoutcub

    Any big equipment dealers around NE Ohio?

    Need some help! Does anyone know of a LARGE equipment dealer within 150 miles of Canton, Ohio.....I am looking to purchase several different implements, and can't find any dealers in my immediate area with any good inventory to pick thru. I have already talked with my buddies at Rosseels in MI...
  27. scoutcub

    Good deals gone at RB auction...?

    I just attended a RB auction online, on friday. I thought I'd check in a bit early to see what kind of good deals were out there. I have to sadly say.....a very very few! I watched numerous excavators go for what you would expect to pay on an equipment yard, sometimes more. Add the auction fees...
  28. scoutcub

    WTB: 84" Box Blade/Stump Bucket/pallet forks/tiller

    Looking for a HD box blade, around 1000 lbs. (or more) Q/A stump bucket, and 48" or 60" pallet forks with at least 4000lb capacity. Also looking for a KK2 72" tiller. Prefer as close to new as possible:). Will pay with cash. Located in NE Ohio, willing to travel a bit for the right deal.
  29. scoutcub

    Building a home versus buying?

    Case in point.....we have 62 acres in NE Ohio we were planning on building our retirement home in a few more years. Speaking with a wise older friend of ours, he asked why would we build when we can buy a place these days for much cheaper per sq ft than building, and I do think he has a point...
  30. scoutcub

    Disney tips? Travel tips?

    Looks like it's about time to visit Disney world, July trip for the kids. Wife and I are long overdue for a vacation, haven't had a proper one in several years. Anyone have any tips on Disney? How about good travel sites? All inclusive better? We will be flying down....I have lots of miles...
  31. scoutcub

    Fire sale on Cub Yanmars

    Anyone notice all the new Cub Yanmars for sale on Ebay? Must be the dealer closeouts, where other dealers are buying them some awesome prices! Not helping me out at all, I've got 2 new ones I'm selling and now I'm afraid to list them on Ebay.....:mad::laughing:
  32. scoutcub

    New Grapple pics!

    Finally got around to adding my front aux valve and hooking up the grapple. With all the grapple talk here lately, thought I'd jump into the mix....:D
  33. scoutcub

    Stump Wars

    Thinking I should start a new reality show. I bought a 62 acre parcel that I call my "stump farm". The seller had it logged right before selling, stumps and tops all over the property. I should sue him, he's costing me all kinds of money....I've had to buy a dozer, excavator, and now a tractor...
  34. scoutcub

    Got my rear remotes and front aux valve in!!

    Been waiting for awhile now, took several weeks to get them in. looking forward to mounting the kits and being a bit more versatile!
  35. scoutcub

    How warm is your shop/garage?

    I (finally) finished insulating the attic floor in my 30X32 garage/shop right before the cold weather hit. The side and back walls have foam insulation against the concrete. The garage is built into a bank, so perhaps a bit more insulation there. Insulated garage door as well. The garage...
  36. scoutcub

    Crazy weather?!

    As I sit here and type the end of January.....11:25 is 56 degrees outside, and raining cats and dogs. A week ago I was plowing 7 inches of snow, and sledding with the kids. The next day, it was 60 degrees and all the snow melted. :confused: We are now under a flood watch. I...
  37. scoutcub

    HD Box Blade?

    Trying to figure out attachments for my new 49 HP compact. Read a great thread on counterweight, so will be filling rears, and want to get a stout Box blade to carry around while "loadering" & "grappling" My question - obviously not all box blades are created equally....what are the "good" or...
  38. scoutcub

    New Cub Yanmar!

    Got a great deal on a new LX490 with dual rear remotes and front aux valve. Great running machine, this thing is huge! Loads of power, more than twice the capacity of my other tractor. Posted the full story in "buying" section. Dealer I bought it from just bought 13 tractors at a good discount...
  39. scoutcub

    New Tractor!!!

    Well, I was saving money for the right deal later in the year but it fell into my lap a bit early so I jumped on it. A friend owns a Cub Yanmar dealership in MI, and he bought out 13 tractors from a dealer in we worked out a deal for me hauling them up to him. (thread in...
  40. scoutcub

    Haulin some Yanmars

    Moved some machines from OH to MI in the last several weeks. These were from a dealer that decided not to carry the Yanmar line. They have 3 other name brands at the dealership, so perhaps that's why. Moved 9 machines to MI, and 4 more to my house. :D Didn't buy all four, though...:( 350+...
  41. scoutcub

    Check your trailer lug nuts!!

    Or this could happen........ I've always done the cursory walkaround, visual inspection.....feeling rims, etc. But failed to put a wrench on the lug nuts on my 2010 30' gooseneck tandem dually trailer. This was after 2 recent 750 mile trips, and several others in the past. Shame on me...
  42. scoutcub

    Got 1, missed 2 at RB auction....

    Attended my first RB aucton (online) on Tuesday, I was a bit worried due to a typically poor internet signal where I live. Surprisingly, it held the auction for the entirety. Maybe RB had something to do with that??:laughing: Anyways, ended up with a good deal on a 66" brush grapple, and missed...
  43. scoutcub

    Cub Yanmars on the move.....

    Hauled a few machines from OH to MI to a dealer......long day, but a great trip. Nice machines, and some free seat time!
  44. scoutcub

    Weight distributing hitch worth?

    Wondering if anyone knows what this hitch might be worth. Can't remember what I paid for it a few years ago....think it was around 400?? but not sure. Been sitting in storage ever since. I might as well cash it in... TIA!
  45. scoutcub

    Hey an idea......

    Gentlemen - Just brainstorming welcoming new members. Would it be possible to require they list their location? Perhaps sounds a bit biased, but I find myself welcoming more folks if they're in my general area. Might make them feel more welcome as well. I notice more are doing it, but still...
  46. scoutcub

    Thievery with a twist

    I hate thiefs. And trespassers. Unfortunately, my wife recently informed me that my BIL's nice moultrie game camera was stolen a few days ago. BIL and FIL have a few food plots and hunt on my acreage in Ohio. It was set up in the woods almost in the middle of 62 acres....with only 1 primary...
  47. scoutcub

    Backhoe for sale

    Gents - I've got a new backhoe for sale that was designed for the Cub 8454 which I understand is the same machine as the DK45. New on the pallet with 2' bucket, 8.5' depth and subframe as well. Have it listed in the classifieds. thanks!
  48. scoutcub

    Kioti DK45/Cub 8454/anything else??

    Doing some research and understand these 2 tractors are nearly identical? Any other makes have a similar/identical machine? Reason I'm asking, I'm selling a brand new 8.5 backhoe with subframe that was designed to fit the 8454, assuming it will fit the others? I'll be listing it in the...
  49. scoutcub

    9/11....10 years later. Reflections?

    Hard to believe it's been 10 years. Unfortunately many of those memories are seared into our minds. I was out flying a check ride (still in the military) in MI, and got a call to "return to base" with no explanation. I thought I was in trouble for something....even after I asked for a reason...
  50. scoutcub

    Cub compact package deal 4 sale

    Looks like I'm going to sell my compact to upgrade to an LX series. What I have is a 2007 6284, 28 HP CAT diesel, 4wd, hydrostatic, diff rear lock, Hi/lo range, with only 25 hours. It comes with a quick attach loader, 60" mid mount mower deck, 3-pt weight box, front hitch, 54" 2 stage...