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    Bad boy tractors any experience

    Does anyone have any inputs or experience with bad boy tractors?
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    Tire Size

    Can anyone tell me the R4 tire sizes for Massey 1431. Thanks
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    Hydraulic valve sizing

    Why would the manufacturer put a control valve on the loader that is rated 3x the flow rate in GPM that my pump can put out? I ask becasue I have to replace my control valve and I need to make sure that I get the right specs. Thanks.
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    DK45s FEL

    Which FEL is the best choice for this model tractor? Thanks
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    MF 1431 Air in the Hydraulics.

    I replaced the hydraulic filter on my tractor and now I have air in the hydraulic system. I attempted to bleed the air per the owners manual but this failed to get the air out. I have tried with the FEL hoses disconnected and connected. Nothing works. I tried running the FEL up and down several...