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  1. Bavarian

    New tractor.

    You may experience a difference in the length of the Pto shaft. Make sure you have enough overlap in the shaft parts. As long as it's a 6 spline, they are all the same from the smallest to biggest tractor.
  2. Bavarian

    Hydraulic pressure testing

    The E model has no quick couplers, the loader isn't quick disconnect. That's why the OP sent the pictures. I bet the 2 and 3 series tractors have the same size hydraulic lines for the loader. Using a T and installed permanently, the gauge can also be used as a scale. Just need to associate the...
  3. Bavarian

    4700 Massey ferguson

    I assume you're talking about electronic hitch control. If it's anywhere close to the JD controls, raise and lower the 3 pt from the cab control. At some point it will "catch" the position and will work as usual.
  4. Bavarian

    Ever see a tractor crack in half?

    Simply put, using a backhoe as counterweight for a loader puts too much stress on the equipment. Something needs to let go. Take smaller bites or buy a bigger machine.
  5. Bavarian

    2017 Mahindra 2545 dash warning light

    Do you mean this? I don't own a Mahindra, but I would interprete it as water in fuel indicator. Drain your primary fuel filter. It only takes a drop of water for those to react. They are sensitive and so is your fuel system to water.
  6. Bavarian

    Kubota D1105 Engine - Slow RPM Response to Throttle

    That sounds gutless. To me it seems it has some ticking in the engine. Did you check the valves? Next step after that is a compression test.
  7. Bavarian

    B6200 fueled with gasoline instead of diesel... How screwed am I?

    There is quite a bit of difference between 1977 and now. Different technology so to speak. Yes, that 10% sounds about right. In Germany, the winter diesel standard is set at -22C. If it gets colder than that, manufacturers recommended to add gasoline. It doesn't get that cold anymore.
  8. Bavarian

    I see Deere is following the others with a DOC

    Deutz engines are the same up to about 80 Hp. Wherever they are used, whether in their own tractors or TYM. There might be others too.
  9. Bavarian

    Mahindra 8560 vs Deutz Fahr 4080.4e - both with cabs

    In Canada, a 5080D has DOC only as aftertreatment. No DPF or DEF. I'm still contemplating whether to sell the JD 6430 Premium or not. It's just too big for me. To replace it, 5080D would be the first choice.
  10. Bavarian

    Starting a new Massey Ferguson 1840M

    The block heater could be the problem. If the temp sensor and the block heater are too close to each other, the sensor is reading too warm and doesn't keep the glow plugs on long enough. Try starting it without the heater or not plugged in as long as usual.
  11. Bavarian

    Case IH 485

    Yes. It's normal. The clutch packs are activated by hydraulic pressure which doesn't exist when the engine is off.
  12. Bavarian

    Dirt Moving Kubota M7060 clutch functionality

    Copy above comment. If it's a electric power reverser (every manufacturer uses different names), other than a mechanical lever, the clutch is activated the same way. No matter what you use. Your clutch pedal has no mechanical connection to the clutch itself. It has an electric position meter...
  13. Bavarian

    Kubota BX2670 Fuel Filter Freezing up in Cold Weather

    Change your filters and get rid of that fuel that you have in your tank. Go on YouTube and enter the following: "what is the best anti gel for diesel." Howes is the worst you can do to your tractor. I observed some frost on my tank lid. I've use CleenFlo. It removes moisture from the tank.
  14. Bavarian

    Block heater

    I agree on the amps. The experience we made with some timers, the clock stops when too cold.
  15. Bavarian

    To do and not to do with Kubota DEF system.

    Cleanliness of the fluid and the area around the filler neck has to be a priority. Don't forget to top it up every now and then. Otherwise enjoy the clean air.
  16. Bavarian

    Menzi Muck Interesting piece of excavating equipment.

    They are in business for a long time. Developed to work on extreme slopes. If you plan to work in the flats, there are better options.
  17. Bavarian

    Accessory to convert AG tire to Turf?

    You may want to look into the newer style R14 tires. They are a mix of both worlds. As far as I know, they go on the same rims like the R1. For turf tires, you need different rims.
  18. Bavarian

    7060 hdc kubota hydraulic shuttle operation...again

    I don't see any unusual behavior of either you or the tractor. I experience the same on JD 6430. As higher the Rpms, as rougher the shuttle. I grew up on standard transmission vehicles. I use the clutch pedal all the time when changing directions or getting going.
  19. Bavarian

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    To add a bit to this confusion, Fendt is using Deutz engines in some models.
  20. Bavarian

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    Deutz is not Agco. Deutz was aquired by Same. Thus the name SDF, Same-Deutz-Fahr.
  21. Bavarian

    Kubota L35 - Looking for engine oil recommendation

    One more reason to support local busyness.
  22. Bavarian

    L2501 3pt at full height uses power, won't allow loader to move up and down well

    Your rock shaft assembly is out of alignment. There are some procedures to get it back to working again. Your best bet is to Google "rock shaft adjustment". At this point, I can't help any further.
  23. Bavarian

    Oil & Fuel JD 4100 has milky hydraulic fluid...why?

    I had a 4200 with milky trans fluid. I ran it for quite some time until it literally froze in cold temperatures. Changed the fluid and flushed the lines and cylinders to steering and on loader. Quite a process but worth it. It prevents you from dumping the oil a second time. Even with flushing...
  24. Bavarian

    customer services frustration

    This a good example when people assume, if multiple machines are built by the same manufacturer that they are the same. For example, LS/New Holland or Kukjie/Cummins engines. The same applies for filter manufacturers.
  25. Bavarian

    customer services frustration

    I didn't read all the comments. I just recently talked to a person who worked once at our JD dealer. He said: "the first machine is sold by the sales person. The second machine will be sold by the parts and service department". The way your dealer acts is unreasonable. I'd like to talk to...
  26. Bavarian

    Front axle seal leak JD 4700

    Because you only need two types of oil. Motor oil and transmisdion/gear oil.
  27. Bavarian

    M-7060 rpm limited to 1800

    Any update?
  28. Bavarian

    M-7060 rpm limited to 1800

    Do you possibly have your PTO on, set at 540e? Or just partially? Play around with levers and switches related to the PTO.
  29. Bavarian

    Loaded tires or air for a better/smoother ride?

    Filled tires keep the tractor more planted. It's not that bouncing. Radial tires is the way to go.
  30. Bavarian

    Greasing John Deere 5085E

    I've got a 6430 and surprisingly, there are barely any grease points. The knuckles and the pivot pin at the front axle, a few at the three point hitch, the axle seals and one on the drive shaft between motor and transmission. The one on the 4wd shaft towards the front axle is shown in my manual...
  31. Bavarian

    Tier 2 emissions fuel injector operation on JD5065e

    Electronic controlled injection does not mean automatically common rail. As far as i know it's called pump-nozzle system. The injectors get their fuel supplied under a pressure of about 100 PSI. Like the name suggests, the pump section is part of the injector nozzle. A injector lobe on the cam...
  32. Bavarian

    H240 loader, leveling indicator issue

    On a H340, I had a sqeal for years that I couldn't figure out. Only on the curl function. I greased the hell out of the pins. Till I figured out it was that spring making that noise.
  33. Bavarian

    Towing 6 ton dump trailer with 6065

    Then take the advice to use a controller.
  34. Bavarian

    Comparison Case IH Farmall 75A or Deutz 5080D?

    Any update on a possible new ownership?
  35. Bavarian

    Tractor Won't Start TYM T503

    To me, the wire seems not related to your problem. It might be the wire for a third function. Once you say it's cranking, then you say it's not. What does it? You may have at least one or more shorted out glow plugs. That's why it throws the fuse. Did you repeated glow plug cycling with your...
  36. Bavarian

    Can a propane tank be repurposed?

    Why would you play with a propane tank? Go to a wrecker and get an air tank off a semi truck. All kind of shapes and sizes are available with standard connections for air lines present. They run on higher pressures than your domestic shop compressor will provide. And no, they do not explode...
  37. Bavarian

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    3 hours would be too much. In less than an hour I could get to any major dealer. And I thought we live in a remote area.
  38. Bavarian

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    No option for the shuttle. Except you go up to a bigger series. It has the turn buckle style stabilizers. I personally prefer that style over a pin system. I'm not changing attachments every day or multiple times a day. The non extendable links should not be a problem for me. To the previous...
  39. Bavarian

    Why isn't anyone talking about the Deutz Fahr 5080d?

    I had a chance to look at a 5080D. At some point, it's a budget tractor. But in many points they are different from other budget tractors. No other tractor that I searched had real 4 wheel brakes. The front axle itself is immense. Radial tires at a decent size and no cutting wheels at the...
  40. Bavarian

    Comparison Case IH Farmall 75A or Deutz 5080D?

    Did the Deutz have a loader installed when you looked at it? Where was the loader joystick mounted? I found some pictures where the joystick was mounted on the side of the dash. I found out Deutz has manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia. Would be interesting what's on the ID plate.
  41. Bavarian

    What tractor do you think is the quietest ever?

    Buy some horses. They eat all the grass. No need for cutting grass anymore.
  42. Bavarian

    What tractor do you think is the quietest ever?

    You can do that on older diesels. I would not recommend this in a newer engine with DPF.
  43. Bavarian

    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    Just make sure you're not getting a hood from a Tesla. Might not work. When the last VW Beatles got retired, many roofs got cut off and used as sleds.
  44. Bavarian

    Comparison Case IH Farmall 75A or Deutz 5080D?

    That's it's habitat. 3 bottom plow all day long. Could possibly even handle 4 but you need weight the front down.
  45. Bavarian

    3 point log splitter for tractor.

    I'm perfect in French. Just not in public. Private only.
  46. Bavarian

    Can't get a Kubota M5-111 so, what now?

    To the OP, first, stay away from SSQA in that Hp/weight range. It will not hold up. Some dealers don't even provide that option over 70 Hp. Look into Global Carrier. You are on the right path. JD 5 series and Kubota M4 are a tad too small. I am fortunate enough that my wife forced me to buy a...
  47. Bavarian

    Comparison Case IH Farmall 75A or Deutz 5080D?

    You need to understand one significant difference between farming in the US compared to Europe. At least where I came from, a 75 HP tractor was the main tractor on the farm, doing all the heavy work. In North America, it's called a utility tractor, doing lighter jobs. The Deutz will last you a...
  48. Bavarian

    3 point log splitter for tractor.

    And don't be surprised by the pronunciation. Even after 14 years in Canada, my kids still give me some looks sometimes. "Dad, you sound weird". I just live with it.