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    Buying Advice L3240D

    Hi guys. Looking at buying a L3240. 2007 model. 850 hours. 6 foot hog. $10k. I drove it yesterday and everything is good and strong. Paint faded from the sun. The serial plate says L3240D. What does the “D” mean? I posted this in the general forum too but thought it’d be better here. Dunno how...
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    Price Check Kubota L3240 Price Check Please

    Hello, We are in Tulsa, OK area. Just bought 5 acres. Need to maintain 500 foot driveway, move dirt and brush hog. My neighbor has a Kubota l3240 4x4 shuttle shift, 650 hours, front end loader, 6 ft. brush hog and he said he would sell it to me for 10K because he wants a 50 HP kubota. From what...
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    Price Check John deere 790 package deal

    I've found a 2002 John deere 790 with 460 hours. 4x4 FEL, BOX BLADE, ANGLE BLADE, BRUSH HOG, SMALL DOSC, AND 16 FOOT TRAILER FOR 11k!! Good deal or no? Would be my first tractor
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    New member from Tulsa, OK

    Hi team, looking to gain knowledge about tractors and ways to maintain my new 5 acres where my house is built, link below to my help question.
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    Buying Advice New Member Help! Massey 1030 & 1431

    Hi gents, I have been using the search forums and decided to sign up yesterday. I just bought 5 acres and need a tractor. A member of my family has a massey 1030 4x4 w/FEL. They are willing to sell it to me for $3,500. I am only worried because of the amount of dirt work that needs to be done...