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  1. Paystar

    Protectant for seat

    Just looking for some opinions. What is the best protectant product to put on the vinyl seat on my Ford 3000 to protect it from the sun and fading before I take it out to the shows this summer where it will be sitting outside all day.
  2. Paystar

    Got my new to me 3000 home!

    Made the 15 hour round trip yesterday and got my new to me Ford 3000 home! Runs awesome. No smoke or noises. Has couple marks but it was a working tractor. The seller showed me videos of it pulling 8 or 10 foot discs on his farm field before he rebuilt it. Just need to get manuals and a...
  3. Paystar

    1940 Ford 9N

    Hello. So, I don't know a lot about the Ford tractors. I have an Allis and a couple Massey's. But I found this 1940 9N for sale. He wants $6500 CANADIAN. Is it worth it? I just use them for shows and parades. No real work. But anything to look out for? I see it has an alternator and 12 volt...
  4. Paystar

    CHN Compacts With CVT Transmission

    I know the Farmall C CVT seems to be discontinued now, but since there were a few owners of these and their blue NH cousins on this forum I'm curious.......have any of them been reliable? I've read so many bad reviews on them. Just wondering if they were ALL bad or if any are still in service...
  5. Paystar

    Sales Tax in Illinois

    What is the sales tax in Illinois? I was just looking at all the fees to register for the Mecum Gone Farming auction starting tomorrow.
  6. Paystar

    Bike Ride

    Couldn't wait for spring. Still can't get off road so went for a road ride yesterday since roads are now bare. In retrospect should have thought to close my helmet vents and wear warmer gloves, LOL
  7. Paystar

    New Kioti HX
  8. Paystar

    US versus Canadian Pricing

    So curious what people know about this. What other fees are involved other than the exchange rate on the dollar? We'll use the new L2502 for an example. In the USA it's MSRP is $15, 700. Convert that to Canadian dollars and it's $21,348. Sow how does Kubota Canada come up with $27,751??? These...
  9. Paystar

    New L2502

    Just looked. Kubota has the new L2502 up on the Canadian site. $27,751 before you even add a loader. Bahahaha The new LX's are as much as you could have bought a Grand L for two years ago.
  10. Paystar

    Kubota New Pricing

    Anyone see the newly posted pricing on the Kubota Canada web site? May as well buy John Deere now. My RTV-X1100C is now $32,000 before any options (or the same I paid for mine last year fully loaded with a Boss vee plow) My bare B2620 before loader or options was 16 grand. Then it went to 18...
  11. Paystar

    New Case IH's Going To Antarctica

    Saw this yesterday. Case IH is sending a bunch of Quad Tracks to Antarctica. Over a million dollars each they say. Notice they don't have SCR or DPF's. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  12. Paystar

    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    Just wanted to share this. I thought it was pretty cool...
  13. Paystar

    Kubota B/JD2R gearing?

    Question for those that have owned or operated both the Kubota B2620/B01 series and the JD2R's. I'm curious how the 3 range Kubota and Deere 2 range hydro's compare and how they overlap. For example, my bushroads have some pretty good hills. With my B2620 I can carry full loads of gravel in...
  14. Paystar

    RTV Mirrors

    Coobie has a nice setup with his HeliMod extensions, but for those that already have the Kubota rear view mirrors on their RTV-X1100C, here is a cheap solution to make them better. My son hit one of our buildings getting too close while plowing and shattered the glass in one of the plastic...
  15. Paystar

    Organizing an Ontario, Canada RTV Ride

    So came up with an idea. I do all kinds of atv/utv rides with my friends. But they all have turbo 1000's and we end up doing lots of 50 to 60 MPH riding. Well, I'm ready to do something different. A SLOW RIDE, LOL I'm thinking of trying to get any fellow RTV riders (or any other atv's/utv's...
  16. Paystar

    RTV Plowing

    Been a pretty easy winter here so far. Every time we get snow and minus 40, a couple days later it rains and melts. So I decided to plow some of my bush road to take the dog for runs.
  17. Paystar

    1835M Questions

    Just wondering a couple things about the new 1835M as I don't have any MF dealers close by. anyone have any pics or info on the front mount snow blowers and what they have for the hitch part of it? Just wondering if they are simpler and more reasonably priced than the Kubota setup? And for the...
  18. Paystar

    It's About Time Deere

    You would have thought this would be a no-brainer for a company that makes farm equipment to support the corn growers that buy their equipment...
  19. Paystar

    How's This For An ATV?

    Got to play with this today! I thought it was Kubota powered like the Sherp brand, but it has a Cat (which may likely still be a Kubota painted yellow like their mini-ex's and CTL's.
  20. Paystar

    Sporstman 500 H.O. Polaris Question

    So I have two Sportsman's left. One is a 570 that I have HATED from day one. The other is my 04-1/2 500 H.O. which I loved and has been absolutely bulletproof. I recently took it on a week long 500 mile ride and it was the only machine out of all of us (brand new ones included) that did not...
  21. Paystar

    RTV Boss Plow

    Finally got my Boss plow installed. Didn't have to adjust the front springs to a harder position, doesn't droop much when raised. I'm impressed with how high it lifts. Just have to remove it later to see if I am still going to be able to put my receiver hitch mounted winch back on without...
  22. Paystar

    Massey Ferguson 7's

    Well, I still want to add a full size classic Massey to my collection, but I just scored two 1971 MF 7's. The one with no hubcaps needs motor work and the one with hubcaps needs a seat. Both have mower decks. I'm just going to clean them up. I don't want to touch the paint as they are all...
  23. Paystar

    Kubota Backhoe Question

    I never even thought of this until now. Does Kubota use backhoe/Deere pattern? Because I only operate Cat pattern, so I'm probably going to be all screwed up? LOL
  24. Paystar

    Extendable lower lift arms for B2620 available?

    I know it's outdated, but didn't want to get rid of my B2620. So now that I have the 3 point arms all off to get it set up for the new backhoe I just bought for it I was I remembering correctly that there was another B series that had extendable lower arms for the 3 point...
  25. Paystar

    Land Pride blade to rake

    I emailed Land Pride today and as usual, great customer service and an answer right away. I have an RB1660 3pt rear angle blade with the hydraulic rotation. As I have mentioned before I don't use it very much because I can do almost anything with my box blade when I'm building and maintaining...
  26. Paystar

    LX Brochure

    The new LX series brochure is now up.
  27. Paystar

    B2601 mm mower deck question

    Anyone have a 60 inch mid mount mower deck for a B2601 they can take a few measurments off of? My dealer, nor Kubota Canada can answer my question. I want to know if the RCK60-29 from my 2013 B2620 will fit on a B2601. I know the deck model number and part number are different, and that they...
  28. Paystar

    Cat D3K2 Mulcher

    Did you all see these? My local Cat dealer has one on display but I couldn't get pics as I am working nights and only see it in the dark. Cat has a new mulching package for the D3. The mulcher can be angled and tilted same as the blade. Cat | D3K2 Mulcher Dozer | Bulldozer | Crawler Dozer |...
  29. Paystar

    Some Snow Removal

    Been a crappy winter this year. More freezing rain than snow. Big change from out annual 13.5 feet of snowfall. Got the plow truck but I rarely use it. I prefer the tractor. Better visibility, more maneuverable and easier on fuel. But once in a while I will fire up the truck just to run it. It...
  30. Paystar

    K-Haul Trailers

    Was looking at all the new Kubota offerings that are coming and was quite surprised to see these. Looks like Kubota is offering trailers now too! Kubota | K-Haul Trailers
  31. Paystar

    Kubota M8

    The new Canadian built M8 is up on the web site now. Not sure if this has been posted here yet. This is the result of the partnership with Versatile tractors built in Manitoba. Kubota gains a bigger tractor and Versatile will gain the Kubota KVT variable transmission for their tractors...
  32. Paystar

    Massey Ferguson 3625

    Anybody know anything about the 3625 models from 2006/2007? Were they a good tractor? Any known issues?
  33. Paystar

    New Non-Emission Tractors

    Lately I have been seeing all kinds of adds in magazines and the farming channels on TV and Sirius Radio for these tractors like Zetor and some other Russian brand advertising they are tier 3 with no emissions BS and no electronics. How are they allowed to sell NEW tractors with no emissions...
  34. Paystar

    Kubota/Buhler Partnership

    I heard rumors and it finally did happen! Canadian built Versatile tractor is going to be building orange versions of large agricultural tractors. Page not found – RealAgriculture This is one of the new models. Guess we will now have a Cummin's powered Kubota.
  35. Paystar

    My B2620 Projects

    I had this posted on a Kubota forum, but now that we have a project thread here I'll post it up here too so people can see what can be done with a small tractor. I'll start with this......some of the one kilometre of bush road I made on my property for harvesting my firewood from up in the back...
  36. Paystar

    Allis Chalmers CA

    Been wanting an antique tractor for a long time and finally got one. 1955 Allis Chalmers CA. Motor was just rebuilt, new drive clutch, converted to 12 volt. I'm going to fully restore it now and get everything back to original.
  37. Paystar

    SUDT vs Premium

    There has been talk here about the difference between the US SUDT and the Canadian Premium UDT from Kubota. Well I have done two oil and filter changes on my B2620 with the Premium UDT, and at 520 hours I did the third changeout and tried the SUDT I bought in Michigan just to see if there is...
  38. Paystar


    If I get a chance this weekend I am going to go visit my dealer and try and find out more about these. Kubota | RTV-XG
  39. Paystar

    Polaris Sportsman

    Bought my first Sportsman 500 H.O. back in 2004. It's the 04.5 half year model with the updates. One of the best purchases I ever made. It plowed my yard for 8 years plus all my trail riding. Only ever changed the battery and tires. NOTHING else. Has been bulletproof. Only today just noticed it...
  40. Paystar

    New 5 Litre 200 h.p. Kubota Engines

    Kubota unveiling its first-ever diesel engine above 1HP, ready for Stage V regulations
  41. Paystar

    Need a Kioti Education on small cab model

    Need a quick Kioti education. My friend in another town is going to buy a bigger tractor and he has a Kioti dealer. He was looking at a brand new 35h.p. cab tractor.....but looking on the Kioti site it says the DK was discontinued and now the NX45 is the smallest cab tractor? Is this right? He...
  42. Paystar

    New Kubota Canada Site

    Anyone else notice Kubota Canada has a new web site. They are finally posting downloadable owners manuals too, like JD has been doing!!!!! Kubota | Home
  43. Paystar

    HST Pedal Damper

    Went to look at a friends B2620 this weekend. He bought it used and the hydro pedals do not neutral (center.) Everything moves freely. So I removed that HST damper, the thing that looks like a shock with the rubber boot over it. (part # 6C350-4335-0 Is this part supposed to center? When I push...
  44. Paystar

    New Oil Classes

    API CK-4 oils will replace current CJ-4 engine oils and will be backwards compatible with most applications in which CJ-4 is used today. They all offer improved shear stability, oxidation resistance and aeration control, the API claims. API FA-4 oils will provide similar improvements, but...
  45. Paystar

    Vehicles that require premium gas

    Curious about your opinions. I'm a diesel guy, but recently bought a VW Tiguan SUV. It has the 2.0 liter turbo engine. It says it requires premium gas. I rarely drive it as I am always using the trucks, and when I do, I'm not throttling on it. Nor does it get really hot here in the summers...
  46. Paystar

    New 2017 GMC/Chev HD's

    They are going to have a functional ram-air hood, with an air/water separator. Will be a nice feature with all the under hood heat these pickups make when towing heavy.
  47. Paystar

    Quick Hitch Help

    What do you think? I'm trying to set my snow blower up to work with my quick hitch and have the same problem as with the Wallenstien chipper/shredder. I can get the bottom pins to sit in tight but no matter what combinations I use the top pin does not sit down tight in the top hook. There is a...
  48. Paystar

    F-350 Superduty

    Here's a good one. A friend's new F-350 diesel started acting up. Limped it to dealer. Was throwing all kinds of codes and was stuck in fifth gear. Diagnosis: 6 modules in the transmission, all bad. Here's the best part. Ford has none in the parts supply. Told him it will be about a month. In...
  49. Paystar

    Black Cat

    Back in Black: The story behind the Caterpillar 420F2 that you can?t have (PHOTOS) | Equipment World | Construction Equipment, News and Information | Heavy Construction Equipment
  50. Paystar

    SVL CTL Improvements

    Kubota unveils SVL95-2s compact track loader with more powerful hydraulics, improved cab | Equipment World | Construction Equipment, News and Information | Heavy Construction Equipment They now use SCR and urea. Awesome hydraulic flow too.