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    Question for Wagtail

    I watch u tube videos of huge hoe drills working around singular trees in the middle of thousands of acres , why ?
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    Just chaps my *** .

    We went to Bloomington Il grocery shopping today . While there very dense fog came in . Amazes me the number of morons running up and down the road with not any lights on . My wife hates the interstate but I told her get on , I am not riding home on 2 lane 150 . Is that how bad people reason...
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    A question for you builders .

    Would like a carport on the east end of garage . Free standing pole type structure . North side poles will sit on cc drive . South side will be posthole , augered in . Going 26 ft east from garage with posts , 6x6 . M y concern is a 33 ft span where we enter .Do not want any pillars in the...
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    Time to powerwash the vinyl siding .

    North side is green again . What is a good presoak before blasting ?
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    The site is a little out of whack today ?
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    Anybody been crappie fishing ?

    Grandson and myself caught 8 nice 10" fish yesterday . I do not have pics .
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    We had a message on our home phone from the IRS telling us we owed 4965$ from last year . Obviously not well speaking and rude . I ignored it . 20 minutes later my cell rings , same people . Then the house phone rings again and I picked it up . After hearing the same line of **** I informed her...
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    I have a question .

    I am a union operator . I dig 20 ft deep , pull 2 boxes ,got a man in the hole and one on top . I might make 70 80 k yearly . Where do these coaches , players , criminals get off making MILLIONS . Just a question .
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    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    Boss sent me out to pick up a rental telehandler in JAN of last year . No glass, door etc . Drove 4.5 miles into 30 MPH. wind . By the time I arrived I was so ffing cold , feet were froze , ice on my face . Iwent with the wind on the way back , but I was an icecube for 2 days .
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    I have a RANT .

    Boss called about 7:00 this morning and said get in here , watermain leak . Very foggy , raining , **** near dark . I met at least 10 vehicles with no lights on . Preferably gray , white , black , stealth colors . This is 2 lane roads with many intersections .Just chaps my arse . What are these...
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    Propane heater

    Anyone used the 5000 btu. cupholder propane heaters in a cab tractor ? I have a snowplow tractor with a Curtis cab and thought it might help on those really cold mornings . They screw onto a 16.4 oz bottle and pushbutton ignite . Appreciate any input . Thanks , Kevin .
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    What ten topics create the most controversy ? Oil , Tires , Weights , Chains , fuel additives , snow removal , food , trucks , tractors , neighbors , life in general .
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    My wife witnessed something today and is very frustrated. My wife and daughter were at a drive thru window picking up lunch and she noticed a woman walking down the sidewalk carrying crutches on her shoulder walking just fine. As the lady got closer to the corner she started limping like she...
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    Carl ?

    Carl Bert where are you ? Always enjoyed your posts .
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    Got a question for OVERSZD ,

    I help the township in the winter , machine 2 years older than yours . We run chains on the back drivers and has saved my *** a couple or 12 times . Do you use them ? I read all this chain no chain thang . We have a 12' plow on the scarifier with angle . Sweet rig until you hit an iceberg and in...
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    Blue snow

    I have been pushing snow 4 days . What makes the pretty blue ribbon in the windrow ?
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    How do fish get started in a pond ?

    We have several borrow pits from the interstate and a couple of abandoned sand quarries we like to crappie fish . They have no inlet or outlet of water , just rain or drought . They have not been stocked that we know of . One pond will have crappie and bass , but no bluegill . Another has...
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    There ought to be a law .

    These custom cutters or anyone else mowing with the chute deflector pulled back , or off should go to jail .Jackass that mows the church across the street sent a projectile through my garagedoor window. That window is exactly eye level . What if a grandson or the wife had been standing there ...
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    I see numerous posts on what machine do I need . Tractor ,rough cut , finishcut mowers , skidsteer , mini ex , and 90% of the replies are rent it and see if you like it . WTF do you people have for rental yards , they must be very flexible . You will rent nothing from a dealer without commercial...
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    Just noticed this .

    I have noticed on the boom cylinders on these compact loaders , the barrel of the cylinder goes with the boom instead of the rod . That means alot of flex in the plumbing . Why ?
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    A quick question .

    I am an operator ,union, my wife a dispatcher at a large pit . At the moment I am not working . Why does it take 8,000,000,000,0000,00000000000000000000 , $ to keep life on a level plane . What will it take to trim this mess up ?