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  1. CloverKnollFarms

    Beat the Choke A Matic

    Last week my son had an unfortunate incident where the trail mower I have him run, threw a rod through the side of the crank case. We found a new replacement with the correct shaft and alternator size... But it came with the choke a matic that starts the engine wide open, as the choke is just...
  2. CloverKnollFarms

    Packer Maxx

    Anyone used one? Apparently used by folks making food plots for deer. I'm going to use it to create a seed bed and pack broadcast seed into it. 4' and 450lbs. Easy to store in the shop too.
  3. CloverKnollFarms

    First use of the 4820! Tilling.

    So I was able to break ground on my 1 acre buckwheat stand today. The IronCraft 72" tiller worked well. I used the auto PTO function and cruise control as well. I set the three point speed slow enough that I can set the lever all the way down, as it drops the PTO automatically starts, and...
  4. CloverKnollFarms

    Dual hydraulic remotes

    So, refresh me! My experience with tractors prior to this new 4820, were 1960s Farmalls. I have two spools, one lever has a very light touch, detents at both ends, snaps back to center with a light touch. The other has no detent, stays where you place it, and it is quite tight to actuate...
  5. CloverKnollFarms

    It’s here!

    I drove it around for fun… and it was fun!
  6. CloverKnollFarms

    Dealer changed the price 2 hours prior to delivery!

    My local TYM dealer messaged me today to nail down a delivery time for the new tractor today… Then he tells me, by the way, it will be $1000 less than quoted… I was able to secure another discount for you. I suppose I should ask what sort of doughnuts his guys like. What a blessing!
  7. CloverKnollFarms

    Draft Control 4820

    Draft control. I was looking over my manual for my 4820 and it states that there is some sort of draft control based upon where you have the top link mounted. They state the upper hole is the most sensitive position, the center is best for filling… and presumably the bottom offers little to no...
  8. CloverKnollFarms

    6’ or 7’ box blade on TYM 4820H?

    Unit weighs #5000 and with 48Hp, would a 7’ be possible?
  9. CloverKnollFarms

    Have You Replaced Your Water Pump?

    Two issues I’ve seen in my research have been, early water pump replacements on the 35hp and larger Bransons. Usually 2017-2020 models. It seems quite common over on one forum. There was a run of about 5 of them over the course of 12 months. Most tractors just out of warranty. The other was...
  10. CloverKnollFarms

    Planting/growing Buckwheat

    I’m buying a tractor this spring, 40-45 PTO hp. We are planning to plant 2-3 acres of buckwheat and clover for the bees. (better forage than orchard grass). Anyone grown buckwheat? I plan to plant mid May… which means it should flower by mid June, mature around August 1 and I plan to lightly...
  11. CloverKnollFarms

    I see Deere is following the others with a DOC

    Just saw they followed the “bargain brands“ and now have a no DPF engine in the 5 series tractor. I’ve read folks say, if it worked so well, why aren’t the big brands using it? Well, now they are. Sort if interested in seeing the 5050E
  12. CloverKnollFarms

    Did they fix the NX tractor HST issue?

    I saw that the NX series tractors had an HST surging issue. I also saw a MANDATORY update that was published in 2021. Did this fix the issue? It states it’s two new grounding straps and software, and could be accomplished at the owners property. Anyone have experience with the issue and the...
  13. CloverKnollFarms

    TractorHouse auctions

    I’m intrigued by these auctions. It started with a local tractor that just went up on auction, and so I started browsing what they have available. Obviously some garbage, but also some decent low hour tractors. What I do is a hobby. I need to till about 8 acres, and play around…. I’m not a...
  14. CloverKnollFarms

    Have you built a pole building with Graber Post?

    Just curious. We are anticipating the build beginning in 6 weeks or so… Communication has been very poor since we settled on the building requirements. If you’ve built with them, was this your experience? The dispatcher calls with questions about the site… I callback, I leave messages, send...
  15. CloverKnollFarms

    Pole Barn Lighting Options

    Looking for advice. The new 40x56x12 shop will be erected this summer. It will be used for equipment repair and woodworking for the apiary. I like lots of light when doing these tasks. I had thought about installing (2) 8’ LED lights per truss, at 12,000 lumens each. This would be 144,000...
  16. CloverKnollFarms

    Small Apiary Barn Build

    We finally broke ground on the new insulated pole barn! We are still a couple months out from setting posts, but the driveway is cut, foundation excavated, the base layer of rock is coming in tomorrow! 40x56x12 Graber Post
  17. CloverKnollFarms

    Branson brand to be discontinued?

    On another forum, someone leaked a document, like a Q&A for dealers regarding the end of the Branson brand, to be replaced by TYM in full. Now, I know how the internet is... but a dealer on that same forum would not dispute it as truth, and said only that they contractually cannot discuss this...
  18. CloverKnollFarms

    MT3 reliability

    So I admit I’m really on the fence between LS and Branson. The Branson I like due to the mechanical, non ECM Kukje diesel. I admit I’m a member of a couple LS groups on FB and see post after post about error codes, limp mode, DPF issues etc. I know many join such groups because they have...
  19. CloverKnollFarms

    New question. 4815Ch or 4820Ch

    Price is not a factor... they are similar enough. We own 8 acres. 6 of it will be tillable for gardening (pto tiller) and pasture for small animals. I have a 1/4 mile gravel road to maintain, and rarely remove snow from. I want to use it around the property for installing fences, box...
  20. CloverKnollFarms

    TYM 494 or Branson 4820

    They are quite similar, both share a power plant... my TYM dealers are further away, but seem much more established. I have not been able to look over either tractor, so build quality is an enigma. Does the TYM have the same plastic hood as the RK?
  21. CloverKnollFarms

    Between the LS MT352 and Branson 5520C/H

    I’m sure many of you found yourself in this position when tractor shopping. Our purchase date is about 6mos out as we await the pole barn build. Anyhow, I have researched all of the major brands, and for the $$ I cannot fathom buying Red, Green or Orange. I could almost buy another 20hp SCUT...