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  1. Mr Scrith

    Touchup paint for 66 Case 580CK

    I have an old Case 580CK backhoe that I've recently acquired, it's been beat up over the years and needs some work. Right now I'm building a cover for the battery box so I'm not stepping on the battery every time I get into the thing. Does anyone know some close rattle-can paints for it? There...
  2. Mr Scrith

    Bobcat 7753 aftermarket 2-button aux control?

    I have a 7753 that is a bit old and worn out, been working on fixing various issues while making use of it (love it, quite capable little beast). I just picked up a grapple bucket and making great use of it, until the controls died. I pulled the sticks and on both sides the switches are bad...
  3. Mr Scrith

    Got a backhoe (Case 580CK) and a skidsteer (Bobcat 7753), now to build a homestead! :D

    Hey all! Just introducing myself to the forum. I recently purchased a 580 CK Backhoe, I think it's a 66' going by the serial (8299991). After replacing the choke cable this thing is starting like a champ even in below freezing weather. It has a few issues to figure out though: Power steering...