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  1. Bavarian

    Wider tire options

    I just found this picture on FB from a dealer in Germany. There are wider tires available for the compacts. For me it's a puzzle why pretty much all the manufacturers put those ugly cutting wheel on on the North American market. And I bet wider tires will not void any warranty.
  2. Bavarian

    Problem with pictures

    For quite some time, I have issues to see pictures that other members posted. I always use the same device and I didn't change any settings. Has anybody else the same problem? The attached screenshot is an example for what I see. Maybe an Admin can chime in. Thanks
  3. Bavarian

    6430 Premium engine code 1347.07

    This is going to be a long one. Pictures are attached. It's a 2012 with the 4045HL481 engine. About a week ago, our tractor started to throw code 1347.07 very insistent. That code came on occasionally in the past, but went away again. But not this time. The message also says to change fuel...
  4. Bavarian

    Fordson seat

    I'm posting this for a friend. He's got a Fordson Major with that seat in the picture. He gave that seat a name that I can't remember exactly. It was like " ride-o-......" He said that type of seat was also used on other tractors of that time. He's looking for those rubber dampener bushings...
  5. Bavarian

    2016 5085e. What's your experience?

    I'm in the process of buying a 2016 5085e. The tractor has just under 1000 hours on it. Is there anybody out there that has put some hours on one of those units? How is the general performance? Issues with aftertreatment including DEF? My main task will be feeding and handling bales and then...
  6. Bavarian

    Manitoba JD 6430 Premium with loader for sale

    2012 6430 Premium with 2016 H340 MSL for sale. Clean low hour unit. 2520 hours but changing since we still use it. 120 Hp engine, 95 at PTO. 540/1000 reversible shaft. 24 spd Auto Quad transmission R&P rear axle, cast iron centers and filled rear tires. Front 420/85R24, rear 460/85R38, approx...
  7. Bavarian

    It's getting cod again

    It's getting cold again and every year, tractor owners seem to struggle to keep their rigs running. On another forum, I found this interesting video. I hope the link works. Which Diesel Anti-Gel Additive is Best? Let's find out! - YouTube
  8. Bavarian

    M4 Series in Canada

    I'm at Kubota's distribution center in Markham, Ontario right now. My load isn't ready yet. This gave me the chance to walk through the rows. There are a few 4M071 and a 4M071Narrow sitting, wating to get shipped out to the dealers. Our closest dealer did not expect the 4M series to show up...
  9. Bavarian

    New PX Series with Doosan engines

    Are there any members out there who have put some time on one of those machines? Seems to be interesting without a DPF. Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Bavarian

    Nx series

    I'm not new here on this forum but I still have some questions about the general performance of the NX series. The tractor should be a all-rounder. From yard maintainance, snow blowing, feeding bales, cutting and baling hay inclusive hauling for a short distance to clipping some grass and light...
  11. Bavarian

    New to the forum

    Like my name reveals, I came across the lake about 8 years ago. Started as truck driver and I own my own truck, bought some land and we want to get started in farming as a second source of income and maybe getting off the road entirely somewhen in the future. The area where I came from was deep...