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    Counter weight for 1025R

    My SIL got his hands on some weights from a fork lift his company was scraping out and thought they would make good weights for the 1025R since I had mentioned how squirrelly it got on slopes. I think it turned out alright, using 4 of the 5 he got for a total of 580 lbs. so with the added metal...
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    1025R Air Cleaner

    It has come to my attention that John Deere had a repair/update for the air cleaner mounting on the 1025R. Seems the air cleaner mount was breaking the valve cover allowing dirt and debris to get into the engine. This has apparently been know for sometime and John Deere was replacing the mounts...
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    Public Service announcement... of a sort

    Hooked up to my new trailer, purchased in May, to take care of some property about 15 miles away. Got everything I thought I would need and immediately noted the brakes on the trailer were not working, had been fine the last time I used it about 2 weeks ago. Could not put off the work I had...
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    John Deere 1025 Fuel Filter

    I am sure others have talked about this before BUT, John Deere designers have to really have their collective heads up their back side to put a fuel filter right against the outlet of the fuel tank and NOT put in a shutoff valve. I had the misfortune of somehow getting moisture and the...
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    Flail Mower New Holland 918H question

    First of all I like the forum, gained quite a lot of info before deciding to join. Second it y'alls fault that I bought this flail mower after reading every page of the mega thread about them. I finally found and picked up this 1996 model New Holland/Ford 918H from an estate sale, was used to...